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A Refillable Vape to Set the Standard

Are you looking to break your smoking habit? Are you simply looking for an option to help you get away from your nicotine habit? Maybe this doesn’t apply to you - perhaps you simply are tired of the cost of Juuls and want a more user-friendly refillable vape that is easier to use and better in some ways - or many.

Whatever applies to you, perhaps each of these in some part, you’re in just the right place to make the change today. Whether you want a “better” Juul or need to learn more about outlets for breaking a nicotine habit, Cyclone Pods can furnish you with the answer.

Specifically, if you happen to be looking for a refillable vape that is simply made to please, you’ll be happy with what you can find in our Thunder Device, which takes convenient, affordable, user-friendly pods in a number of delicious flavors - and they’re nicotine-free!

More Juice

Our Thunder Device is built to please, whatever the reason you’re looking for it. For those who are aiming to find a better alternative to their power-sucking, short-lived Juuls, they’ll be pleased to learn that our Thunder Device takes Thunder Pods that are significantly larger than comparable Juul pods.

They’re not just marginally larger, either. We’re not aiming to make saucy marketing claims like “longer-lasting!” and “more for less!” without meaning something by it. We put our money where our mouth is; our Thunder Device and pre-filled pods don’t just hold more vape juice - they hold twice as much vape juice.

Finally, a legitimate quantifiable claim surrounding a vape kit that actually means something. We don’t just claim that our Thunder Pods, and consequently, our Thunder Devices, last for longer sessions. We tell you just how much - it’s to the tune of twice the volume of a Juul’s pod. Just to keep things in perspective, each Thunder Pod comes with 1.5ml of vape juice - which, as explained, is twice as much as a Juul!

If you’ve experienced the annoyance, in the past, of running out of e-liquid at the most inopportune of times, then it might be time for you to make the switch over to something that’s just better. No one appreciates a session that expires before its time - try out the Cyclone Pods Thunder Device and see the difference that can be made by an inherently better design!

Longer Battery Life!

With the Thunder Device, the simple fact that it takes pods that hold twice as much as a comparable Juul is just the beginning of the deal. Guess what - it gets better, and it will keep getting better as long as you keep on reading!

In this particular instance, the battery that comes with our Thunder Device as part of a starter kit will also last much longer than a Juul. It’s just as annoying when the battery on a vape device goes dry, even if the tank is still full. Truth be told, it wouldn’t be much good at all if there was twice the e-liquid capacity in our refillable vape if the battery was no good, so we went ahead and made it as good as we possibly could.

These are just two of the ways we made the vaping experience all that it could be. Now you not only don’t need to worry about the tank going dry - you don’t need to plan ahead with a charger or spare batteries (depending on how your vape mod or vape pen works) because ours just lasts longer!

Unrivaled Convenience - Comes with All You Need!

Again, we aimed to make the vaping experience as good as it could be with the Thunder Device - although we could say the same for all of our vape devices. The Thunder Device could not be easier to use or more compatible, and when you get a kit from our  website it comes with absolutely all you could possibly need to be on your way to better, stronger flavors and bigger clouds, right from the start.

Whatever flavor you choose to experience the Thunder Device in, it will come ready to roll with a pod and a device included, along with a USB to micro USB charging cable, so you can charge your Thunder anywhere you can hook up to a USB. Have an adapter and a wall unit? No problem. Only have access to a laptop or a car charger converter? Still no problem. The Thunder is built with convenience in mind and leaves little if anything on the table.

Plus, it’s sized perfectly for convenience as well and is built for an on-the-go lifestyle. Here at Cyclone Pods, we realize that sessions more often arise than plans themselves, so you need to be ready where and when the mood strikes.

At four inches long and less than an inch by an inch in the other dimensions, the Thunder is ideally sized for convenience. Keep it in a pocket or in your glove box, wherever you think you need it most - or keep spares. That’s one more thing we should mention - keep it where you need it, because unlike some other pod systems, the Thunder Device and associated pods are leak-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about untimely spills.

A Variety of Flavors

Another thing you’ll love about our Thunder Pods is that they are available in such a wide range of delicious and original flavors. It would be one thing if we claimed to be so superior to Juuls and other mods and vape pens, especially if we only offered one flavor like plain-jane-vanilla.

Speaking of that, we do offer vanilla, but it is far from plain jane. Our vanilla, like all of our flavors, is unctuous, rich, full, and show-stopping. For reasons that we will explain further on in this article, our vape juices are simply exemplary for flavor, power, and overall quality.

So, what’s your poison? Is it a rich, smooth, creamy vanilla hit that stops you in your tracks? Do you love the lush, refreshing scents and flavors of blueberries, strawberries, and other tropical fruits? Are you one for the calming, soothing, sharp chill of a mint vape pod? Perhaps your weakness is in the potent flavor of tobacco, but you wish to be free of that vice otherwise.

In each of these cases, we can fix you with your favorite - and we offer many more flavors besides. Check out our collection of Thunder Pods where you can see these flavors and many others - they’re stronger, bolder, and better all around - and you’ll see just why shortly!

No Nicotine!

You see, the thing about our e-liquids that we produce here at Cyclone Pods is that they are made without nicotine (with the exception of our Taper Kit, which we will feature below.) You might be wondering why we would take such a beloved hobby and remove what appears to be the central enjoyment from it. But if you have wondered that, it’s simply because you haven’t ever had a well-formulated e-liquid that is free of nicotine.

For one thing, it’s well known that a lot of vapers take up the hobby simply because they want to free themselves from tobacco use in specific and nicotine use in general. However, as nicotine is the primary addictive substance in tobacco, many vape juices contain nicotine to make the process of quitting smoking more approachable.

The thing about this is that nicotine use, while not conclusively as harmful as tobacco use, is not particularly good either. Nicotine use and addiction have been linked to localized irritation, high blood pressure, and even hardening of the arteries. For these reasons and others, there are plenty of other vapers - perhaps just like you - who want to pull the plug not only on tobacco use but also on nicotine dependence.

Now, we told you that the news would just keep getting better and better the more you kept reading, and it will - it turns out that removing nicotine from vape liquids makes them superior in every way, and not only because it frees you from the risk of addition. Read on to learn more.

Stronger Flavor

Here’s one of the best two catches that come along with a nicotine-free vape liquid - the fact that the flavors will be better.

You might be thinking “how is that possible?” but we have news for you. It is not only possible, it is true and it is also replicable, and here’s how.

When you add nicotine into a vape liquid, that nicotine, being a real substance, understandably, takes up space. The more nicotine you pack into an e-liquid, the more “other things” you need to get rid of or diminish in order to make space for it.

One of the first things on the chopping clock is the flavor that makes the e-liquid pleasant in the first place, but if you need more room for nicotine, something has to go, and often it’s the flavor.

For those who vape for the nicotine hit, this often doesn’t matter too much since the flavor is little more than a little pleasantry thrown into the blend as an afterthought.

However, when you vape with a purpose and sample e-liquids like fine teas or spirits, flavor is what makes it what it is. Without powerful flavor, you might as well move onto something else.

Luckily, since our e-liquids contain no nicotine whatsoever, that means, among other things, there is so much more room in the blend for more important things like flavors. It’s what makes our blueberry blend the “blueberriest”, our vanilla the realest, and even our tobacco the most powerful.

Extra VG and PG: Bigger, Bolder Clouds

As we promised, things will keep getting better the more you read and they are about to get better by leaps and bounds. When you remove the nicotine from a blend, as we mentioned, you will have more room for flavorings. But there’s something just as important to many vapers that get pushed by the wayside with the inclusion of nicotine but can be reintroduced in force when it is removed. It is the kingpin of the experience for some vapers.

These things in question are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, respectively, also known as PG and VG, respectively. These two additives to most vaping blends are the media that give the mix its ability to produce huge, delightful, billowing clouds. The less any given blend contains, the less voluminous the resulting clouds will be.

Cloud-chasers are called such for a reason, and it is the catharsis of producing rich, velvety clouds of smoke. They’ll be glad to know that with the removal of nicotine there is far more room in our blends for VG and PG, and thus our refillable vape produces bigger, thicker, richer clouds.

Want to Quit Smoking?

As you can see, our refillable vape just keeps getting better and better the more you learn about it. Whether you need a better system that lasts longer and has a better capacity or you’re looking for something that has better flavor and produces bigger clouds while at the same time being nicotine-free, we can serve you a solution.

Specifically, if you are interested in weaning yourself off of the influence of nicotine, consider trying our Taper Kit. Each kit comes with six bottles of liquid; each one has less nicotine than the former. It’s formulated specifically to help vapers get away from nicotine if that is their wish.

Otherwise, take a look through some of the other options, including our Refillable Cyclone Vape Pen, in our shop. All of our other vape liquids and devices are made to the highest standards of quality, and we offer something for everyone to love. As for our vape liquids specifically, they are all made right here in the United States and are free of nicotine with the exception of the aforementioned taper kit. They’re full of flavor, free of nicotine, and even free of harmful additives like Diacetyl and Vitamin E Acetate.

Get in touch with us any time you want to learn more - otherwise, stock up on better vape liquids and pods today!

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