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Benefits of Nicotine-Free Vaping (Plus Our 5 Best-Selling Vape Flavors Without Nicotine!)

vape flavors without nicotine

Are you looking to quit nicotine once and for all but aren’t ready to quit your favorite hobby of vaping? You have come to the right place.

Here at Cyclone Pods, we want to make your transition from consuming nicotine to going nicotine-free as painless yet enjoyable as possible. We have numerous nicotine-free vape pens and pods that can still supply you with the means of vaping without the harmful ingredients!

Wondering how it works and the benefits of making the switch? We got you covered (and we even included our five best-selling vape flavors without nicotine to really inspire you!).

How Does It Work?
You are likely to be a seasoned user of nicotine vapes and are wondering how our products even work. We have simply removed the nicotine content from our vaping products (the most addictive ingredient) along with other harmful ingredients (diacetyl and vitamin E acetate, for example).

Without these ingredients, there is more room available for other ingredients, such as flavoring (yum!) and vegetable glycerin (you cloud chasers will like this!).

Benefits of Switching to Nicotine-Free Vapes
Now that you have a better idea of what our products entail (and what they don’t entail), what are the benefits of switching to our nicotine-free vapes?

Break the Addiction
When you are addicted to nicotine (or another harmful substance, for that matter), its hold over you can be all-encompassing. You almost always need it. You’re almost always thinking about it and the next time you get to use it and feel that relaxation, that “high.” You sometimes get hit with that need in an inopportune setting where you can’t enjoy it just then.

Addiction to nicotine is real and it can take you away from various precious moments in life. By kicking the habit, you are choosing you and your happiness over the nicotine!

Healthily Vape
Our vapes don’t only exclude the addictive and harmful carcinogen of nicotine, but they also lack other dangerous components that “typical” vapes and their juices contain. Our vapes are also diacetyl-free and vitamin E acetate-free.

Diacetyl is a chemical that is added into most other vapes specifically for artificial flavoring. When inhaling this additive, you can experience a slew of negative effects, such as fatigue, breathing issues, irritation of the face, respiratory diseases, and even death.

Vitamin E acetate is another common added ingredient found in most vape products, but it is used as a thickening agent or for dilution. However, this is a harmful substance as it sticks to the lung tissues, can stay there, and cause various problems while there, such as lipoid pneumonia and EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury).

Fortunately, our vapes lack these two majorly harmful (yet horrifyingly too frequently occurring) additives. Instead, our vapes are solely PG/VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin) and contain natural and some artificial flavorings (but not too worry– nothing that’s dangerous like diacetyl!).

You Still Get to Vape!
We know that you love the entire vaping experience because it is, simply put, fun to make those clouds! Plus, it is delectable on your taste buds. However, with our vapes, you can give up the dangerous stuff but still get to enjoy the thrill of vaping!

Increased Clouds and Superior Pulls
As mentioned earlier, the fact that we have more room for more vegetable glycerin means you can make more of those puffy white clouds that you love. Plus, because there’s an increase in flavor ingredients, you’ll have smoother and overall superior pulls– every time.

More Pungent and Enjoyable Flavors
With the increase of flavoring, you get an increase in delectable flavors, bound to tickle the fancy of anybody’s taste buds! And with that…

Our 5 Best-Selling Vape Flavors Without Nicotine

vape flavors without nicotine

Without further ado, here are our five best-selling vape flavors (and remember– they’re completely without nicotine!).

What is more refreshing than the flavor of mint? Not much, we’d say! Our mint-flavored pods are truly divine in taste, making you enjoy each and every puff. It’s really not a surprise as to why this is our #1 best-seller!

While puffing on our strawberry nicotine-free pods, you might just feel like you are enjoying a fresh strawberry in a berry patch. Fresh, sweet, and satisfying– what’s not to love?

There is nothing like enjoying a juicy, drippy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Always enjoy the refreshing flavor of watermelon with our watermelon-flavored vapes, no matter the season or weather!

Who doesn’t love the sweet-and-sour flavor of delectable raspberries? With our nicotine-free raspberry vapes, you can enjoy the unique and powerful flavor of nature’s most scrumptious candy: raspberries.

Have a hankering for the taste of cooling and minty menthol? Nothing is quite like it, we know, which is why we had to harness its unique flavor and put it into our menthol-flavored nicotine-free vapes!

Are you ready to make the switch to enjoying delicious vape flavors without nicotine? Then browse all of our offerings, like our nicotine-free vape juices, pod systems, disposable vapes, and more! Find the best option today for you, your lifestyle, and your health!

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