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Benefits of Our Nicotine-Free Vape Pen Starter Kit

A large percentage of the world’s population have found themselves smoking cigarettes or other tobacco-based products. In recent years this percentage has risen to almost 20%. If you find yourself in that percentage but are looking for a viable alternative then we have the perfect solution for you.

Our thunder device is a vape pen that is not only nicotine-free and tobacco-free but is also now available in a convenient starter kit. If you were looking for a sign to make the switch over, then this is it. With the starter kit, you can get the Cyclone Thunder Device vape pen as well as a single pod in the flavor of your choice, and a USB to the micro USB charging cable.

Benefits of Using a Nicotine-Free Alternative

More and more people are trying to make the switch away from nicotine-based products. Though nicotine can cause many major problems, the most well-known issue is its highly addictive nature. When using a vape pen made by Cyclone Pods you don’t have to worry about the addictive properties of Nicotine because our thunder device and pods feature no nicotine whatsoever.

Nicotine is more than just an addictive chemical, however. It is known to cause high blood pressure. In the worst of cases, it has been known to harden arterial walls and lead to a heart attack. Getting yourself a vape pen starter kit with no nicotine will always be safer and smarter than digging yourself deeper into addiction by continuing to smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products that contain nicotine.

Benefits of Using a Tobacco-Free Alternative

The harmful effects that smoking tobacco causes to the body make up a very long list. Smoking tobacco can lead to cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, strokes, and more. That’s without mentioning the issues that it can cause for your immune system, which in turn will increase risks for things like tuberculosis.

Smoking a tobacco-free product is healthier for you in more ways than you think. Not to mention you don’t have to settle for any unwanted smell or taste that may linger after smoking a cigarette. You can get a vape pen starter kit in 5 different flavors. Our thunder pods come in mint, coffee, strawberry, mango, and even a tobacco flavor to help you ease into vaping.

Other Advantages of Switching from Tobacco to Vaping

Aside from the obvious health concerns involved with smoking cigarettes, there are other major complaints that people have. One of those complaints is the lack of convenience. Nicotine and tobacco-free vapes like the Thunder Device are widely accepted compared to cigarettes.

Due to the nicotine and tobacco in most smoking products, tobacco is usually not allowed indoors or in many public places. This is because the smoke lingers and any harmful chemicals that you ingest will be ingested by those around you. Even nicotine-based vape products are not good to smoke indoors because they can leave residue behind on surfaces. Without these contributors, you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing or harming your friends and family.

The convenience of our vapes and pods continues when you get yourself a vape pen starter kit with no nicotine. Each starter kit comes with a USB to micro USB charging cable along with the thunder device and pod. This makes it easy for you to charge your vape whenever you need it, saving you money in the long run, because you can’t just recharge a pack of cigarettes once you run out.

How Our Vape Pen Starter Kit Works

Our starter kit comes with a thunder device and one cyclone pod. Our Thunder Device is a rechargeable vape pen that comes with a USB to a micro USB charging cable. Many users love the rechargeable device because they only need to focus on purchasing the pods. Just charge the device at night while you sleep, or while you are not using it, and have it ready for the next time you need it.

When you purchase the starter kit, just simply insert the pod that is included in the kit into the device cartridge slot and begin using it, it’s that easy! When the device needs to be charged again, just plug the micro USB end into the device and the opposite USB end into a USB receptor that you can plug into the wall and the device will charge. Our vape pen starter kit has everything you need to start your journey to quit.

Our vape pen starter packs with no nicotine and no tobacco are very beneficial when trying to quit smoking, and you can find them right here on our site. We also have a singular option for our thunder device if that’s what you need. Try all of the various flavors we have available and enjoy a nicotine and tobacco-free puff.

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