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Defining the Best JUUL Alternative Pods

When JUUL devices and other e-cigarettes first hit the scene, they were touted as a safer alternative to cigarettes. JUULs, specifically, are discrete, easy to use, draw-activated, and accept conveniently pre-filled pods. They still contained nicotine, which was considered beneficial for vapers who were looking for a way to quit cigarettes without being hard-hit by the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

But not everyone that used, or uses a JUUL, does so with the intention of quitting cigarettes. Though many may use them as tobacco cessation products, some users buy and use JUULs simply because they enjoy the vaping experience. Using a vape device like a JUUL gives users the ability to enjoy unique flavors and get a nicotine rush, all supposedly without the harmful effects of habitual tobacco use.

However, the JUUL’s appeal to vapers - specifically to those who are underage - has raised concerns among parents and health professionals throughout the country. Vaping has not only been considered by some as a potential gateway drug to more harmful substances, but it may not be as harmless as it seems.

If you’re looking for the best JUUL alternative pods, arm yourself with the facts. Then we have something unique to offer.

Common Concerns Associated with JUUL Devices

While JUUL devices, and in some instances, free the user from some of the known harmful effects, many of them still contain nicotine and nicotine salts (nic salts) in their vape juice or pod systems. Even without the hundreds of other additives that cigarette tobacco contains, nicotine alone has raised concerns regarding health and well-being.

For one thing, nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Even if it were free from other health concerns, the idea that nicotine causes cravings makes some users feel out of control. Some users may be looking for the best JUUL alternative pods simply because they want to take back control of their lives.

However, nicotine doesn’t get off the hook that easily. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, nicotine is well known for its list of potentially harmful effects. Nicotine can have nearly immediate effects on blood pressure and heart rate, and some users may experience gastrointestinal effects like nausea, diarrhea, and a feeling of general malaise.

In addition to raising a user’s heart rate and blood pressure, nicotine reduces blood flow to both the skeletal and cardiac muscles, which may cause extensive damage over time, including but not limited to myocyte necrosis, or muscle tissue death. Worse, nicotine use can predispose a user to the development of Coronary Vascular Disease,

In the long term, nicotine may also produce harmful effects on a user’s metabolism. It has been suggested that nicotine exposure causes insulin resistance and can have adverse effects on a user’s metabolic regulation, potentially even causing weight loss or wasting.

Perhaps worst of all, long-term use of nicotine has been linked to the formation of many different types of cancers. While many may hold to the assumption that it is only the smoke produced by tobacco that is carcinogenic, this is not the case. Nicotine itself has been linked to the formation of cancers of the lungs, gastrointestinal tracts, and even the pancreas.

In fact, it is actually possible to “overdose” on nicotine, causing the symptoms of a condition known as nicotine toxicity. Long known as a potent poison, nicotine toxicity can produce a myriad of unpleasant effects, including but not limited to tremors, headache, vomiting, and confusion, along with the symptoms of high blood pressure and fast pulse already reported. In extreme cases, nicotine toxicity can produce seizures and even respiratory failure. Nicotine is not a substance to underestimate.

As if it couldn’t get worse, nicotine withdrawal is another animal. Nicotine withdrawal affects all users differently, but it can cause intense sensations of craving, general irritability, and an overall feeling of being unwell. In some circumstances, it may even rob the victim of sleep, affecting their entire lifestyle. While the potentially harmful effects of nicotine may be well known, the pressure to avoid withdrawal symptoms may keep some users addicted for the long term.

Unfortunately, the potentially deleterious effects of JUUL use do not end with nicotine. Vape liquids contain many other ingredients in addition to nicotine. In the specific instance of JUUL devices, the liquids in their pods contain substances such as benzoic acid and glycerin. For its part, benzoic acid is considered generally safe, but overexposure to it may cause potentially harmful effects.

However, there are other vapers besides JUUL users that may be looking to get away from the practice and seeking a safer, more reasonable alternative - something like the best JUUL alternative pods to help them quit. The problem here is that many other vape liquids contain additional unpleasant additives.

For example, many vape juices and e-liquids contain an oily substance known as vitamin E acetate, which is used to regulate the viscosity of the vape juice. After vaping, it produces a coating in the lungs where it remains for a long time. Studies are still forthcoming, but vitamin E acetate has been suggestively linked to acute vaping illness as a possibly causative agent.

Many vape juices also contain a compound known as diacetyl. It is a substance produced by lactic acid bacteria, which, interestingly enough, is used as a flavoring agent in a variety of foods. It fills the same purpose in the world of vaping, assisting manufacturers in the production of a variety of flavor options.

Unfortunately, respiratory exposure to diacetyl results in a variety of very serious complications. Diacetyl can cause respiratory impairment and even “obliterative bronchitis,” a condition for which a medical degree is not required to grasp the severity. Diacetyl has been suggested as a cause of “popcorn lung,” a condition in which the lungs' smallest airways suffer damage to the point that an individual feels chronically short of breath.

We’re not done. Health professionals have pointed the finger at vape juices because some of them have been tested to contain a variety of heavy metals and volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. Like the other agents in this article, these are capable of causing systemic issues and toxicity.

Where present in vape juice, heavy metals such as lead and nickel can cause a whole host of issues. For example, metals like nickel, while essential in some quantities, can cause a variety of health issues in individuals who are overexposed to it. It can cause a dermatological condition known as nickel itch - but our focus is vaping, and unfortunately, where nickel is present in vape liquids, it can cause serious respiratory irritation. Let lead speak for itself; we don’t feel the need to elaborate on the nature of this well-known toxic metal.

As for volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, these are a large class of chemicals compounds (largely manmade) that are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. When used properly, they have practical applications, but when present in vape juice, the headline is decidedly negative.

Some vape juices may contain VOCs such as acetone and formaldehyde. Yes, that’s right. You may recognize acetone as the bitterly harsh, astringent chemical stripping agent found in nail polish remover. Students of biology may recognize formaldehyde as a chemical agent that is used to preserve biological tissues - because it is thoroughly effective at killing microbes and preventing decay. Need we elaborate on the harmful effects these can produce when they are purposely aerosolized and directly introduced into your lungs?

Needless to say, all of the chemical additives introduced here may be present in vape liquids and can be directly harmful to users. The solution is for conscientious vapers to find a way to avoid them or to find the best JUUL alternative pods.

So, What Are the Best JUUL Alternative Pods?

Whether you’re looking to get away from cigarettes, away from JUULs specifically, or are just looking for viable alternatives to vape juices that contain known harmful substances, we may be able to assist. Here at Cyclone Pods, we produce a variety of vape juices that are purposely formulated to deliver a better vaping experience - and we even offer devices as well.

All of our vape juices are made right here in the United States, which gives us the ability to exert a great deal of control over quality. Speaking of which, there are several key details about our vape juices that we have labored to perfect.

For one thing, our vape juices are entirely free from vitamin E acetate and diacetyl, two of the compounds we’ve covered here that are well known for their damaging effects, especially when used as an ingredient in vape liquid and introduced into the lungs.

Almost all of our vape juices are entirely nicotine-free, liberating our customers from the harmful effects of nicotine exposure and overuse. All of them are completely tobacco-free. They contain the following ingredients, and the following ingredients only: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol along with natural and artificial flavorings.

In fact, because almost all of our vape juices are nicotine-free, they actually produce a much better quality vaping experience. Since nicotine “takes up space” in the e-liquid, cutting it out makes room for extra flavor and additional PG and VG. The addition of extra flavoring makes our vape liquids unique and powerful, and the latter ingredients produce bigger, billowing clouds - perfect for cloud chasers.

That’s not to mention that our vape juices are also available in a wealth of different flavors, including some top-ticket items like mint, coffee and tobacco. We even carry a classic tobacco flavored e-liquid, along with unique flavors like mango, strawberry and cucumber.

These vape liquids, when paired with our Thunder Device (which takes pods that have double the juice capacity of a JUUL pod vape) or our disposable Gust, produce a much enhanced, superior sensory experience. The Thunder Device even has a longer battery life than a JUUL - further improving on the experience.

However, there’s one more thing we can offer to our customers looking for the help of the best JUUL alternative pods to help them kick the habit. Our Cyclone Taper Kit may be able to help with that.

Try a Taper Device for Help Quitting

If you’re looking specifically to get away from nicotine use but still love the experience of vaping, then you might need a helping hand. Going cold turkey may work for some - but for others, it’s quite an unenjoyable experience.

Our Taper Kit may be the perfect solution for those looking for a “softer” way to step down from nicotine addiction. The kit comes with a vape pen, cable, instructions, empty cartridges and several 30ml bottles of vape liquid.

The bottles of liquid contain vape liquid with nicotine in varying concentrations, ranging from 50mg, decreasing in 10mg increments all the way down to 0mg. While this is our only collection of vape liquids that does include nicotine, the purpose is to wean a user off of nicotine without experiencing the unpleasant effects of quitting cold turkey.

This kit is designed to help those that wish to take a helping hand in order to assist them as they step away from nicotine addiction and into a new era of their lives. Quitting anything is never easy, and nicotine is harder than many. Try our Taper Kit, and if you have any questions about its efficacy or how it works, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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