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Easy Ways to Buy Your First Zero Nic Vape Pen

zero nic vape

Whether you are completely new to vaping and want to avoid nicotine out the gate, or you are transitioning from nicotine-based products,you are going to have a great time trying out zero nic vape pens. Getting started, you will want the help of a completely nicotine free vape shop like Cyclone Pods to provide you with everything you need. Just as some extra assistance, here are some easy ways that you can purchase zero nic vape pens for the first time.

Get a Vape Pod Starter Kit
You can always get started using a 0 nicotine disposable vape pen to test out the waters and see how you feel about that at first. It is super low-commitment and requires no upkeep, so this type of vape device is very friendly to beginners still learning about vaping. However, if you already know a bit about vaping and want a more long-term solution, we would suggest you try vape pods instead.

Zero nic vape pods are easy enough for anyone to get started using since they only require occasional battery charging and a new refill when the liquid runs out. Vape pods are pre-filled and ready to be popped into or out of your device easily whenever you want. To make it even easier for our customers, we created our own Starter Kits featuring some of our most popular flavors, so you can get the device along with a few vape pod refills all in one.

Zero nic vape

Start With Your Favorite Flavors
Since you are still new to vaping nicotine free, it is generally a good idea to stick with the things that you know right at the start. This is just to help you get more comfortable with your zero nic vape pen and get a feel for what the experience is like overall. One of the main things that people notice when they first switch to zero nicotine vape juice is the difference in taste.

Nicotine free vape juices provide you with a different kind of experience, which may take you by surprise if you have only ever tried nicotine vape products before. The easiest way we could describe it is that it is much smoother. That comes from the fact that nicotine vape juice creates a throat hit that feels a bit harsh on the throat. Nicotine just has that effect and it is not exactly what you want, when enjoying flavors is a huge part of the vaping experience for you.

Using a zero nic vape pen allows you to avoid that throat hit and makes it so that each puff is very smooth and easy, while the vape juice flavor comes through more clearly. Since you are trying something new, you might want to stick with what you know in regards to flavors. At this point, you should start vaping with flavors that you already know you enjoy. This could possibly be flavors like watermelon, strawberry, or mint.
Sticking to the vape juice flavors you know will make it easier for you to get used to vaping without nicotine. It also helps you to compare your experiences if you had previously vaped using nicotine formulas. You get to see how the two stack up against each other.

Branch Out to Trying New Flavors
Once you have gotten past the point of learning what zero nic vape pens are like and formed an opinion on 0 nic formulas, you can start branching out to trying new flavors. You do not have to limit yourself to the same few flavors you are already familiar with and used to. In fact, it is mixing things up and trying new things that makes vaping a little more dynamic. It’s also a great contrast if you were only used to vape brands that offered perhaps two flavors.

Unlike many vape brands that create products with nicotine, Cyclone Pods offers a wide variety of flavors for you to choose from as you go. We love this element of the vaping experience and we’re glad that we can come out with so many exciting flavors that people enjoy, using a vape juice formula that does not have to depend on nicotine for its appeal.
There are lots of great zero nic vape pod flavors you can choose from like raspberry, guava, lemonade, and cucumber that you just don’t see as often as you want to. Let yourself become familiar with your new vape device and then start exploring all of the great-tasting flavors we had a lot of fun formulating into a smooth, fresh vape pen.

If you are at all interested in purchasing your first ever zero nic vape pen, you found the right place. Cyclone Pods has a comprehensive collection of vaping products including different types of vape devices and flavors that allow you to customize and personalize your vaping experience so that it is just right for you.

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