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Find Similar Juul Pods Without Nicotine

Within the past few years, the market for vape products has skyrocketed. Since the introduction of the Juul, there was a mad dash from other vape companies to release a similar product to appeal to the demand. Ever since the popular Juul came out, there have been many replicas and knock-offs, but the most concerning thing about the invention of the Juul is how much easier and more discreet it is to facilitate a nicotine addiction.

A nicotine dependency is not as glamorous as it seems to be. It can be damaging not only to your health but also to your wallet. Having a nicotine addiction is not something to be glamorized; contrary to what nicotine vape brands want you to think.

These small, USB look-a-like devices are a two-part system. First, you have the chargeable device and then the small vape pod. The vape pod is what contains vape juice, which typically is made with nicotine. The chargeable device is what heats the vape liquid and allows you to puff it as vapor or smoke.

The overall appeal to these types of devices consists of the discreetness, the tantalizing vape juice flavors, and the lack of stigma. There seems to be a stigma surrounding people who smoke other tobacco-related products, but not about people who use Juul devices or vape pens.

The only issue with Juuls and the compatible pods that come with it is one crucial thing. Nicotine. These harmful nicotine vape pods only exasperate the nicotine dependency we have in the U.S, but now it’s more attractive and easier to get hooked. Many people don’t enjoy the flavor of other nicotine-based products, but vape pods are available in every different flavor you can think of. Even though they may be just as addictive and harsh as traditional forms of nicotine.

Nicotine addiction is a difficult habit to kick, and the invention of Juuls and other disposable vape pens and e-cigarettes do not help that issue. However, there has been an insurgence of Juul pods without nicotine. This means that some of these devices and pods are either compatible or replicas of the Juul and they mirror all the same attributes, without the addition of harmful nicotine.

So if you’ve been thinking or have been trying to quit nicotine, but nothing seems to stick, try a product that will give you a similar experience to smoking a Juul, without the addictive qualities.

These devices are no other than Cyclone Pods. Our pod systems allow you to experience all of the same pleasures of smoking a Juul pod without nicotine or the potential guilt that comes with it.

Why Cyclone Pods?

At Cyclone Pods, we are dedicated to helping the nicotine dependency in the U.S. This harmful substance has been a burden on too many lives for far too long. We understand how difficult it is to quit smoking and quit for good. But, the first step to overcoming this feat is having the willpower to try.

Our products have been specifically designed with a smoker’s needs in mind. Quitting cold turkey is neither easy nor particularly effective, so our products aim to help our customers slowly wean themselves off of nicotine. Plus, all of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Our very own Thunder Device is very similar in the look and feel of a Juul. If you’re familiar with how a Juul works, then you will have an easy transition to our Thunder Devices; except our device might even be better. Equipped with a large battery, our device can last up to several days on the same charge, so you can keep puffing for days!

To go along with our device, we have our compatible Thunder Pods. These are filled with our own formulated vape juices that are completely nicotine and tobacco-free. Due to the lack of nicotine in our juices, we have much more room for added flavor, so with each similar Juul pod without nicotine, you are going to have a highly flavorful juice, without the harsh throat burn typically associated with other pods.

Our range of flavors will meet everyone’s needs; from raspberry to mango, mint, grape, and even coffee, you can find a flavor that you’ll love. Also, if you’re a vaper that likes to chase the biggest and whitest vape clouds, our juices contain more vegetable glycerin than other nicotine-based juices. That ingredient is what creates those big clouds.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in starting your journey to a nicotine-free lifestyle, check out our wide range of products. Still not convinced? Scroll through the long list of customer reviews and see first-hand what our devices and pods can do for you.

Check out our social media pages like Instagram and Facebook, where you can learn more about us and what we do.

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