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Hookah Pen with No Nicotine vs. Vape Pen with No Nicotine

Smoking has always been a thing. Yes, even decades ago, the people before us had ways of consuming tobacco and other types of smoking products. While those methods and smoking products may seem outdated now, they were the beginning of what we now know as smoking products. You might associate smoking back in the day that involved some tobacco and a pipe, and that may be true, but since then, the amount of ways we can smoke and consume some sort of nicotine or tobacco products has grown exponentially.

Typically when thinking about consuming tobacco and nicotine, we’ll usually think of the typical cigarettes and cigars that our grandfathers smoke. However, there is another form of smoking that dates back many years and is a huge part of many people’s culture. That method of smoking is called a hookah.

Technically speaking, a hookah is considered a water pipe. A traditional hookah device is quite unique and can run quite large. It consists of a head, where the tobacco is stored, a stem that leads to the bowl that is filled with water, and a sort of contraption resembling a hose where you smoke out of.

This is all heated from actual blocks of charcoal on top of the entire hookah. The entire point of a hookah is to heat the tobacco with the coals, but not actually burning it as we do with a cigarette or a cigar.

If you’re a smoker, then you might have tried hookah before at a hookah lounge or at a friend’s house. But, have you ever heard of a hookah pen? It’s different than what you would think of as vaping. Many people often confuse vaping with hookah and vice versa, but there are some very stark differences that differentiate the two.

As mentioned before, hookah involves heating moist tobacco with coals, while vaping happens through heated coils and no tobacco involved. However, it can be easy to get them confused because hookah and vapes result in the same big puffy clouds when smoked. This commonalities are crossed even further when it comes to hookah pen and vape pens, so what are the differences with those? And can you find them without nicotine?

Differences Between Hookah Pens and Vape Pens

While both of these devices can do relatively the same amount of things, they do have their own differences that make them appealing to certain people for different reasons. Typically, a vape pen can hold numerous types of liquids. These liquids are usually in the form of vape juices, both with nicotine and without, but can also be made with other liquids for different types of smoking, and we’re not talking about tobacco.

All of the vape pens from Cyclone Pods are manufactured with our 100% nicotine free vape juices. Hookah pens, on the other hand, hookah pens operate much like disposable vape pens. This means that there is an allotted amount of vape juice or e-liquid inside of them, and once all of that liquid is gone, there is no way to refill it.

Some vapes pens operate by the push of a button, while hookah pens and disposable vape pens operate when you inhale into the mouthpiece, activating the heat that will dispense the smoke out of the device. While traditional vape pens work with some sort of pod system, like our Thunder Devices, hookah pens and our Gust Disposables work very similarly.

For people trying to quit nicotine consumption, either method would be a great way to cut down. You can easily find a hookah pen with no nicotine just like you can find a vape pen without nicotine. At Cyclone Pods, we have a great selection of flavors and types of devices to choose from, so anyone in any stage of them trying to quit smoking nicotine can find something that will suit them.

What to Expect at Cyclone Pods

Whether you’re used to smoking cigarettes, hookah, or nicotine vapes, our products will be a great alternative for anyone trying to quit their dependency on nicotine. All of our products are made in the U.S.A and are 100% nicotine-free. That ranges from our Thunder Devices, our Thunder pods, and our Gust Disposables.

All of our products are made with food-grade ingredients, such as PV/VG and some natural and artificial flavors. Choose from a wide variety of delicious flavors with a fruity, minty, or even tobacco flavor. Some of our favorite flavors include mint, mango, strawberry, and even our new flavor, cucumber.

Check out more about Cyclone Pods and our products by visiting our website at cyclonepods.com. You can also visit our social media pages, where you’ll find product reviews, customer testimonials, and much more!

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