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How Electronic Vapor Cigarettes Outdo Traditional Cigarettes Every Time

If there was any question as to which was better for the user experience, traditional or electronic vapor cigarettes, here is your answer. Electronic cigarettes have much more to offer and are easier to use than cigarettes are, making them the better choice. As vaping became more widely accessible, we have seen the number of vape users rise, including many individuals who used to smoke cigarettes. Here are some of the best reasons we could see why they would switch over.

Range and Quality of Flavors
Long-term cigarette users typically know their brands pretty well and have gotten used to the taste of their favorites. However, if we are going to be honest with ourselves, there is not much variety to keep track of. Most cigarette brands taste about the same and offer some type of tobacco with additive ingredients. There is not much diversity to enjoy, so people will simply get used to the taste of tobacco brands and take what they are given. Unlike cigarettes, vape products give you a wide range of flavors to enjoy so that you can find the perfect flavors to match your tastes or mood. Vape juice can come in a tobacco flavor, but it is not limited to that flavor profile at all. You can enjoy vape juice that is sweet and fruit, fresh and minty, smokey and mature, and so on.

Especially at Cyclone Pods, we make sure that we always have an interesting variety of flavors available so that our customers can come back for their favorites, or mix things up on occasion. For many vape users, the flavors of vape juice are a huge part of the experience. They make it fun to vape even before you pick up your device. You get to look around at new and interesting flavors and try out whatever you are in the mood for. This is an experience you do not get to enjoy when smoking traditional cigarettes that all seem to blend into the next. Electronic vapor cigarettes give you a much more diverse range to pick and choose from. You can stick to your favorites or branch out into newer tastes frequently, but at the very least you get to choose how you enjoy your flavors and do not have to settle.

Convenient to Carry and Use
Conventional cigarettes are far from convenient. They are so delicate that you have to be careful with them wherever you go, otherwise they will get crushed and leave a huge mess in your backpack or pocket. You cannot really carry them as individuals either, so you are always left with an entire pack if you ever have the inkling that you will want to smoke wherever you go. They also require you to carry a lighter with you in order to smoke them or else they cannot do much. With electronic vapor cigarettes, you can go out more freely with the option to vape at any point. The batteries last a considerable amount of time, so you can just charge them up before heading out and you are good to go all day. Same with the vape juice. Just check to see if your vape pen has a full charge and enough vape juice in the tank and you are good to go all day.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, these electronic cigarettes can easily be left in your pocket all day with no case covering them or anything. Leave yours in the front pouch of your bag or keep it in your pocket for easy access. They are designed to be sturdy enough to leave on their own, within reason of course, so you don't have to worry about checking your back to see shreds of vape pen scattered around as you would with cigarettes. Electronic vapor cigarettes are much more portable and easy to use, especially if you are tired of having to purchase new packs every morning. With vape pens, you get to at least refill the device you are using with vape juice refills you already have, so you do not need to head out anywhere until you run out entirely. It helps that stocking up on your favorite vape juice refills is a much more affordable option in the long-run anyway. It is easier and saves you money over time.

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Options for No Nicotine
With traditional cigarette products, you become accustomed to consuming nicotine content on a daily basis, which comes with several health concerns. Cigarettes are loaded with harmful chemicals that take their toll on one's health. It just gets worse over time with prolonged consumption of these ingredients including nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical that comes with its own health risks. You can easily become addicted to smoking cigarettes because of the nicotine content and you would be left in a difficult situation since addiction is a hard battle to overcome, to put it mildly. Once you form this habit, it can be incredibly challenging to stop, leading people to search for all sorts of advice on quitting smoking.

Interestingly enough, this also leads many to start using vape pens, specifically nicotine-free ones. Some vape brands including Cyclone Pods create nicotine-free vape juice, which many use as a tool to help quit smoking. They use it to help them cut back on both the amount of cigarettes they consume and the amount of nicotine as well. Using electronic vapor cigarettes with nicotine-free vape juice is a great way to go about having a hobby like this, without exposing yourself to such harmful ingredients so often.

If you ever had any doubt in your mind, it should be clear now why electronic vapor cigarettes outperform and outclass conventional cigarettes on all counts that matter. The enjoyment of using them, the practicality of owning and repurchasing them, the effects on your body, etc. Everything comes back to electronic cigarettes just being a better option as a way to spend your free time. If you are a former smoker, trying to quit, or just generally interested in picking up a vape pen, this is a good option for you to consider. We have lots of options for vaping devices and vape juice refills, so you can customize the experience to be perfect for you.

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