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How to Find the Best Disposable E Cigarette

Anyone who has been shopping around for vaping products for a while now will already know that there is an abundance of products on the market. As a consumer, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to brands, vape liquid formulas, flavors, vaping devices, or even just the packaging. You have so many options in fact, it might actually make it more difficult for you to find the products you want. If all you want is to find a good disposable e cigarette that you can purchase and repurchase, you will be stuck in a tough situation. It might be challenging for you to sort through all of the brands and vape shops out there to find the items you want. To help you determine what your best options are for buying a disposable vape pen, we have listed out some of the aspects that we have found to be the most meaningful for people shopping for new vape products. Looking at each of these features one by one, you should be able to find the best disposable e cigarette based on your preferences.

Nicotine-Free Vape Liquid
The first point that we want to comment on is the formulation of the vape liquid itself, specifically as it relates to the amount of nicotine content. Of course we are well-known for offering nicotine-free vape juice, and this has become our specialty, but there are reasons why we decided to commit so strongly to nicotine-free vape liquid. That's because we understand how addictive this chemical is and want to avoid our customers becoming addicted to our products. Our customers repurchase their products from us because they enjoy it, not because they feel like they have to. Nicotine is an addictive substance that makes cigarettes so difficult to quit and many vape brands use this ingredient in their formulas, often causing people to have some sort of dependency on the products. We would rather avoid this ingredient and instead encourage people to pick up vaping to help them quit smoking and nicotine altogether. If you are going to be shopping for vape pens as a pastime, we definitely recommend sticking to nicotine-free vape pens. These are the best ones for avoiding addiction and simply enjoying yourself without the lingering concern. So if we had to describe what the best disposable e cigarette looks like, this is one of the first traits that comes to mind.

Longevity Options
While you are shopping for disposable vape pens, you will want to seriously consider your expectations for how long each pen lasts. This depends on what you want from your vape pens and how you like to experience vaping. The best disposable e cigarette for you will be one that directly addresses your interests in vaping in the first place. Some people use disposable vape pens strictly to test out new flavors that they are interested in while they still have a refillable vape pen, others use them to vape freely for a while without the commitment to a refillable device. If you are more interested in quick uses to try out new flavors, then we recommend looking at disposable e cigarettes that are meant for shorter use like a few days. Our original Gust Disposable Pen would be perfect for these kinds of folks since it is designed to have a more limited use. On the other hand, if you would rather use this pen for a while before moving on to something else, you should purchase a disposable pen that lasts longer like the newer Gust Plus we carry at Cyclone Pods. This one has much more product with a longer lasting battery to match, allowing you to use it for days before it runs out.

Bold or Mild Flavors
While you are selecting the exact flavors that you want for your disposable e cigarette, you will want to have a range of options that include bold or mild flavors. This should include fruity flavors like mango and guava, or flavors with a bit more kick to them like tobacco and coffee. Having lots of flavors to enjoy is a huge part of the appeal for vaping and a major reason why many vape with disposable e cigs as opposed to refillable devices. They like to jump between flavors quickly and always try something new. So if you are looking for the best disposable e cigarette on the market, you will want to look for a brand that carries many options for it.

With your eyes on the right traits, you should be able to pick out the best disposable e cigarette based on your preferences and how you like to vape. We like to provide a good range of options at Cyclone Pods so that people with all kinds of preferences can find the right options to make them happy. Check out our options for different vaping devices and flavors of vape juice, so you can get started vaping the way you want.

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