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How to Identify the Best Vape Pods

best vape pods

In order to find your preferred vape brands, you have to know what you want at the start. There are so many options on the market today that nobody needs to settle and compromise on what they want from their vaping devices. If you know the sort of traits you are after, it becomes much easier to narrow down your options and find the best products in your local or online vape shops.

Especially when we are just getting started vaping, it can be easy to grab the brand names we vaguely recognize and give them a try, hoping they are going to work out for us. But some people enjoying  a brand does not mean it will work for you. Many people find this is the case with certain overhyped brand products in particular. They try them out hoping they will like these products, but are ultimately disappointed and unsure of what to try next.

Rather than settling, you should look for vape pods that actually suit your preferences. If these typical pods did not work for you, you can always look for alternatives that get closer to what you want. You can keep your eye out for certain attributes to find what makes the best vape pods for you. Let’s look at some examples of traits that come together to create the best vape pods out right now.

No Nicotine Vape Juice

In our humble opinion, the best vape pods should be nicotine-free, so that people will not have to worry about forming a habit due to the highly addictive chemical. You should vape for fun, not compulsion, so it is best to leave that out of the equation entirely. Whether you have a history of nicotine consumption or you never smoked a cigarette in your life, you want to stick to zero nicotine formulas and enjoy the smooth puffs of flavor.

Many Flavor Options

Since vaping is supposed to be something we do in our free time for fun, we should make it as interesting as possible. A large part of the fun in vaping is trying out all of the flavors that vape juice can come in. From sweet fruits to smoky tobacco and mild vanilla, you have lots of options at Cyclone Pods to switch things up and never get bored.

That is one of the major drawbacks people find with certain brands of pods. You can only purchase standard tobacco and menthol vape liquids which takes out a lot of the potential in vaping to be truly fun.

best vape pods

Larger Refill Sizes

Just like most other hobbies, vaping is an activity that you need to budget for and continue to repurchase. If you are already used to vaping, you will be very familiar with the experience of going through your vape pod refills and immediately moving on to the next one.

That’s partly due to the fact that their pod refills are fairly small and are easy to consume quickly. It begins to feel like by the time you have just opened a new pack, you are already moving on to the last pod within it.

The amount of vape juice in a pre-filled pod varies based on the brand, so you want to keep this factor in mind as you shop to make sure you are getting a reasonable amount based on what you are spending.

The amount each pod may contain and the number of pods in a pack varies greatly, so you could either get very little for your money or a great deal depending on how you shop. The vape pod refills at Cyclone Pods, for example, contain much more product than the standard pods on the market.

The best vape pods will provide you with a relatively good value in terms of the amount of product you get per purchase. This allows each pod, pack, or purchase to last much longer, so you do not have to buy them as often and shell out the cash each time. It’s a much more convenient option this way.

Affordable Price Point

Connected to the previous point on the amount of product you receive with each purchase, you have the price point that you want to be mindful of. A good value is determined by the amount you receive, how much you pay, and the worth it has to you.

If you can manage to find pod vapes that are affordable for your personal budget and come with more vaping liquid than the standard pods, you can get a truly great value that makes it easier to vape on a regular basis.

Vaping devices and pre-filled pods come in a wide range of prices, and you don’t want to purchase just anything on the shelf. The price point makes a great difference since vaping is something people like to do with some amount of frequency. Even if you only vape a few times a week, you want to pick out products that last and will not add up to a noticeable expense. The best vape pods should make each order worth your while.

Vape pods are considered more affordable than disposable vape pens because they become less expensive to use over time as you purchase refills and not entirely new devices, so you have the opportunity to make them fit neatly into your budget. You should be comfortable enough to repurchase your vape pod refills whenever you want to without worrying that your hobby is becoming too much of an expense. With the right combination of quantity and price, you could potentially save money on products you really enjoy.

Based on our own vaping experience and what we have heard from many others, we sought out to create products that bring together all of the things people want from their vape products, but aren’t seeing anywhere else. Directly addressing the concerns of real vape users, we have created products we are proud of and our customers appreciate that we brought something new to the table as what is arguably the best vape pods out there.

You can try out the Thunder Device now in one of our beginner-friendly starter kits. And be sure to explore all of the Thunder Pod refills to have some fun switching out your flavors as you want.

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