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How to Stop Smoking a Juul

What is Juuling?

Juul Labs Inc. is an electronic cigarette company that through a social media marketing campaign, became the most popular e-cigarette on the market. Their social media campaign marketed their highly addictive e-cigarette to youths and gained serious traction. With a sleek design, the Juul e-cigarette is meant to look like a USB flash drive. Using a Juul was once considered safe in order to quit cigarette usage. However, many nonsmokers have also begun Juuling, and those who have quit smoking by using a Juul have found that they are addicted to the Juul.

Is Juuling Addictive?

Juuls are not completely free from the risk of addiction because they use nicotine salts as their key ingredient in their e-juice. Nicotine salts are different than free-base nicotine because they create a more similar experience to smoking. Vaping nicotine salts pose a high risk of addiction because they are designed to be metabolized faster in the body and therefore allow for higher concentrations to be used. These higher concentrations being metabolized faster means a bigger spike in blood nicotine levels, creating a stronger high.

Harmful Effects of Juuling

Aside from Juuling being extremely addictive, it also has many serious side effects. If you use a Juul you are probably already experiencing short-term effects such as coughing, dry throat, sore throat, headaches, and shortness of breath. The short-term effects continue and get worse with prolonged use.

According to the CDC, the aerosol that is produced by Juuls contains very fine and small particles that when inhaled travel deep into the lung and leave scarring which can later cause respiratory diseases. Aerosols produced by Juuls also contain metals such as lead and nickel, and a flavoring called diacetyl which is a chemical linked to serious lung disease.

If you have found yourself wanting to free yourself from the addiction of Juuling here are some strategies that will help you quit the nasty nicotine addiction.

Delay Gratification

You may not believe it, but cravings and urges actually come in waves. One moment you could be sitting there and suddenly feel the urge to hit your Juul and instantly receive the rush of nicotine effects, but if you don’t hit it and receive that gratification right away you will begin to feel bad. Eventually, if you wait out that bad feeling you will not crave the nicotine until the next wave comes. Next time you have a craving tell yourself to wait 5 minutes and in 5 minutes if you still crave nicotine you can hit your Juul. Good chances that once the 5 minutes are over you will no longer have that urge and won’t need to use your Juul.

Distract Yourself

If you find yourself having a tough time waiting the 5 minutes until your craving passes, it may be beneficial to you to distract yourself with something else that can take up your time. Finding a new hobby or going back to an existing one can take your mind off your cravings and have you totally focused on something new. Whether it is something artistic like writing songs or crocheting a new scarf, or something athletic such as going for a jog or playing a pickup basketball game, distracting yourself can be an important strategy when trying to avoid cravings.

Change Your Routine

Most Juul users have a daily routine and that routine includes periodic Juul usage. Having Juul usage so ingrained into your routine makes quitting nearly impossible. If every morning you get a cup of coffee and drive to work listening to your favorite songs while hitting your Juul, trying to get to work without hitting your Juul is completely out of the question. Instead, switch up your routine so you avoid the association cravings. Maybe instead of driving to work try taking the bus, you will not be able to hit your Juul on a public bus and you will not be tempted by your old routine.

Never Stop Trying

Imagine that you made it an entire day without any nicotine use and are feeling extremely proud of yourself. Then the next day you get some bad news and go right back to your old routine and habits. This is no reason to beat yourself up. It is important that no matter how many times you relapse, that you keep trying. Even if you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back, you are still making progress and everything you do is a lesson to be learned. Keep chipping away at your addiction each day and it will become easier and easier to overcome with time.

Use a Juuling Alternative

Sometimes the feeling of vaping is just so prevalent in your life that you find that part the most difficult to let go of. The tangible feeling of raising the vape to your mouth and exhaling large clouds of smoke can be therapeutic for many. If you’re wondering how to stop smoking Juul, you can use a Juuling alternative like a Thunder Device. Using a safe Juuling alternative like an e-cigarette that is nicotine-free can help reduce your nicotine intake without you having to quit vaping cold turkey.

If you find yourself asking yourself how to stop smoking Juul, we have the perfect alternative that can help you. At Cyclone Pods, we have a large selection of nicotine-free e-liquid flavors that will make your journey to quitting nicotine an absolute breeze. Check out our flavors and find an e-liquid that is perfect for you.

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