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How You Can Explore New Vape Pen Flavors

One of the most fun parts about vaping often is that you get to enjoy all the different flavors of vape juice. Not only do you have a good number to choose from, but you have a wide range  of vape juice flavors so each one provides you with a very distinct vaping experience that is entirely different from the last. With all the vape juice flavors to choose from, you might be unsure of where to begin or which ones you should experiment with to get you out of your comfort zone. As you start exploring new flavors, you might find it helpful to have a good starting point. Here are some different types of delicious vape pen flavors that you might want to get your hands on right away. Give them a try and see which ones have earned a place in your vaping device.

Fresh Mint

Starting off with a classic here, we have the well-loved mint flavored vape juice. This one is a pretty popular flavor in part because of how ubiquitous and recognizable it is. When you say something is minty, people know exactly what that will translate to in any form. Mint is somewhat unique compared to the other flavors because something special about it is the fact that it leaves an effect. Mint is not just a flavor to taste and enjoy, but to experience. It creates a fresh and clean feeling like no other and is the perfect way to follow up a meal, good or bad. For something a little sweeter than traditional mint, but still fresh feeling, you can try out the Cyclone Pods fruit mint flavor. This one gives you the same fresh effect, but leaves a sweeter taste behind to enjoy.

Fun Fruits

The ever-popular and ever-expanding category of fruit flavors definitely has some in it that you will love. Fruit vape pen flavors are the perfect blend of familiar and new at the same time. These are the flavors that will most likely remind you of candy and sugary beverages that you have tried and loved for years. This is a pretty broad category here too, so you will no doubt be able to find a handful of vape pen flavors that you will enjoy for a long time out of this group. You can test out the more popular flavors like strawberry, grape, and mango, then go exploring further until you get to watermelon and raspberry. Anyone you choose first is going to be a good one.

Mild Flavors

Sometimes you are not in the mood for something very sweet and want something a little more subdued. When you feel that way, it might be best for you to test out a vanilla flavored vape juice. It is a soft, light flavor that provides a little bit of sweetness to balance it out. Another flavor you might like when you are in this mood is the coffee flavored vape. It is absolutely perfect for the coffee fiends out there who can't get by without their daily cups. Both of these are fairly mild, but still fully flavorful and tasty.

Bold Tobacco

Just as a special nod to all of the former smokers and tobacco lovers out there, we have the Cyclone Pods signature vape juice formula available in tobacco and bold tobacco. These flavors give you the rich, natural taste of the tobacco leaves without the smoke to go with it. You can get that flavor in a vape liquid formula that cuts out all the parts of smoking you do not like, so you just get that smooth, enjoyable taste all to yourself.

How to Test Out Flavors

Once you have all of the vape pen flavors that you would like to try picked out, you can go ahead and purchase them for your vaping device. If you have a Thunder Device already, then you are halfway there, just shop for the flavors you like in the Thunder Pods and enjoy your convenient, pre-filled vape pods. Experienced vape users will probably already be familiar enough with refillable vape pens to purchase our vape liquids for a great value. Of course, if you do not already have any of these devices but still want to try our nicotine free formula in one of these great flavors, you still can. Take a look at the disposable vape pens we have up for grabs in all of these great flavors. You get to enjoy all of the delicious vape juice flavors you want without having to set anything up. Disposable vape pens are already pre-filled and fully charged for you to get going right away.

There's our list of absolute vape juice recommendations. You can try out some from each category to get a sample from across the board, or pick out a select few that sound absolutely fantastic and made just for you. Take a look at these vape pen flavors available right now in our amazing nicotine free formula. Enjoy all of the taste with none of the throat hit or guilt. Grab some Thunder Pods or Gust disposable vape pens and get yourself set up for a good time. Cyclone Pods has got your back, so you can spend your free time enjoying vape pen flavors you love.

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