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Looking for the Best E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking? We Got You

Are you looking to finally kick that dangerous and even sickening habit of smoking? That’s excellent to hear– and we are proud of you for landing yourself here thus far in your journey to a healthier life.

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products leads to a slew of detrimental effects on our bodies. These effects can range from yellowing teeth and dry, wrinkled skin to lung cancer, heart conditions, and even death.

However, there is no doubt that there is a war of attrition between your reliance on nicotine and your need to change to a healthier lifestyle. Quitting is not going to be easy. That is precisely why you could benefit from adding our non-nicotine vapes to your armory so you can come out of this war triumphant at last.

We have some of the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking to best support you while you say “goodbye” to tobacco and nicotine forever. Let’s see why that is and how you can benefit from using them.

No Tobacco or Nicotine
First and foremost, all of our e-cigarettes lack any trace of tobacco and nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive element of tobacco that leads users to become addicted to these products and can cause irreparable damage to their bodies.

Regardless of the way we consume nicotine, it is an extremely toxic chemical that can truly reak havoc on our organs. It can lead to increased chances of heart attacks, increased blood pressure, chest pains, lung disease, and even mental issues, such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

By using our e-cigarettes, you will not be inhaling these harmful products– which is an excellent advantage all on its own.

Satisfy Your Cravings
When you quit tobacco and nicotine products, you will experience several withdrawal symptoms. Your cravings for a cigarette (or other smoking manners and devices) will be strong– but you are stronger, especially when you help curb them with some of the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

You can indeed assist your body into thinking that you are smoking by vaping instead. Our zero-nicotine e-cigarettes provide your body with a very similar motion to smoking. When you feel the strong craving to smoke a cigarette, you can instead use our vape pens and your muscle memory will kick in, making you likely to feel relieved of this symptom.

Our vape pens also offer huge plumes of clouds with each puff. Because there is more room available in our products without the space-hogging nicotine and tobacco, there is a drastically increased amount of vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin is the ingredient that makes those huge and puffy white plumes happen when vaping. If you believe that you will be missing those puffs of smoke you blow out when smoking, not to worry: we certainly got that aspect covered for you with our vapes!

Satisfy Increased Appetite
One of the most common withdrawal symptoms when quitting nicotine is an increased appetite. By using our nicotine-free e-cigs, you will be able to satisfy this withdrawal symptom without having to over-eat.

You will be able to keep your mouth busy, which can potentially satisfy your body’s need to eat when it doesn’t actually need to do so. Our non-nicotine electronic cigarettes have delectable flavors of varying kinds, which will likely trick your tastebuds into thinking you are indeed eating and, ultimately, satiate your hunger.

Our flavors are so superior to most other brands because there is more room for our flavoring. Plus, we ensure to include a wide variety of options–depending on the vaping device you choose– to please any user’s preferences:

●Tobacco (don’t worry– it’s just the flavor and still has no trace of tobacco!)
●Bold Tobacco
●Fruit Mint

No Other Harmful Additives, like Diacetyl or Vitamin E Acetate
Our products are the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking not only because of the above reasons but also because they lack other harmful ingredients other vapes sometimes have, like diacetyl and vitamin E acetate.

Diacetyl is a harmful chemical additive occasionally found in vape juices that is only used for artificial flavoring. It is also found in certain processed foods, like popcorn and candy. While it is perfectly fine for eating, it is not healthy whatsoever for inhaling.

Diacetyl, when inhaled, can lead to breathing issues, irritation, fatigue, respiratory issues, and even death. Fortunately, our non-nicotine e-cigs don’t have this additive.

Vitamin E acetate is another component we ensure none of our products contain. When inhaled, Vitamin E acetate can stick to your lung tissues and lead to certain diseases, like lipoid pneumonia, and other issues like EVALI. EVALI stands for e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury and is a condition that is incurable.

Unfortunately, however, this is an ingredient that is indeed sometimes placed in certain vaping products. Our vaping products, though, certainly don’t have it.

When you are looking for something to assist you during the difficult nicotine-quitting process, entrust in the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking here at Cyclone Pods. We can’t wait to help you achieve a better and healthier life!

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