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No Nicotine Vaping: Why You Should Switch to Juul Pods Without Nicotine

We all have our vices. Some like to indulge in an extra glass of wine on a particularly rough day or some tend to dive into a pint of ice cream on a similar occasion. No matter your vice, nothing should start to get in the way of your health. Speaking of vices that can negatively impact your health, let’s talk about smoking nicotine products. Things like cigarettes can easily be categorized as many people’s certain vice, as their addictive properties basically force people to claim cigarettes as their guilty pleasure.

Smoking has been a well-known and well-loved pastime for years and years. Cigarettes have been smoked for so long now, that back in the day there wasn’t even enough information about the harmful effects that smoking did on one’s body. Nowadays, that all has changed in terms of the information we have regarding cigarettes and smoking. As we all are pretty aware of the dangers that smoking presents us, there are many of us that still succumb to cigarette smoking for one reason or another.

This is not to shame anyone, as anyone can say they’ve made some questionable choices at some point in their lives. Yet once you start with the cigarettes, over time it’s increasingly difficult to put them down. This is the entire nature of cigarettes. They are wholly addicting considering the fair amount of nicotine that is inside those evil little flammable sticks.

Yet, as we are in the modern-day, there are still an incredible amount of people who smoke cigarettes and we’ll bet that there’s an incredible amount of people that are trying to quit. A few years ago, there seemed to be a solution that would solve all the problems that came with cigarette smoking and trying to quit. That was the vape.

The Vaping to Quit Smoking Idea
Many years ago, vaping was invented as the best alternative to smoking cigarettes. After many years before that of using nicotine replacement therapy, quitting cold turkey, or sucking on lollipops to try to quit cigarettes, the invention of vaping seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of quitting smoking for good.

The main reasoning behind this choice was because cigarettes were and still are extremely terrible for you and your body. Those little small sticks are filled with chemicals, toxins, and other things that we probably don’t even know about. Vaping was seen as a healthier alternative, because what can a little e-liquid do you compare to the contents in cigarettes?

Well, soon after we found out that vape juice can keep you addicted to nicotine. That was the catch.

While you could have rid yourself of the grips of cigarettes, you soon were caught in the grasp of vaping to fill the void that cigarettes left. In the beginning, you could only find vapes that contained nicotine. While there were some vape juices where you could adjust the levels of nicotine, the bottom line was that everything contained nicotine.

The entire issue surrounding smoking is that you’re not quitting smoking; you’re quitting the nicotine which is so highly addictive. However, before anti-tobacco and smoker advocacy groups could do much about the vaping problem, Juul was introduced to the market.

Juuls were another method of vaping, yet much more discreet compared to the huge and clunky box mods that were once the main source of vaping. At the time, Juuls seemed revolutionary in the eyes of all vapers. Now you can vape much easier with its sleek and easy-to-carry design. When you’re done taking your hit, you can easily slide the Juul into your pocket or bag for safekeeping.

Juul was a hit! Soon, many people were still switching from cigarettes to Juul or from other types of vaping devices to Juuls. However, the problem still remained. No matter what, people were still using nicotine. Sooner or later, there must have been some breakthrough with how we vape and that happened with us at Cyclone Pods. Do you know what we at Cyclone Pods did? We created a similar experience to that of vaping and Juuling, but minus all the nicotine to help you quit smoking and using nicotine for good.

Cyclone Pods to the Rescue
At Cyclone Pods, we understand just how difficult it is to quit smoking. I’m sure that at some point, you’ll try just about everything to get this annoying vice out of your routine. With our products, you can easily find a great replacement for nicotine. Think of our products as Juul pods with nicotine. The same experience, without all the addictive properties. What more could you ask for?

Check out our products on your website at There, you will find yourself a great selection of products such as our Thunder Device and matching Thunder Pods. These are quite comparable to that of a Juul, which are now banned from being sold in stores. We have many great flavors to choose from as well. All of which are completely nicotine-free. Now, you can have the same vaping experience that you once did with a vape or a Juul, without harming yourself and contributing to your nicotine addiction.

This is one of the best and most helpful ways to get yourself to quit smoking, as you can slowly wean yourself off of nicotine easily by replacing your normal vape or cigarette with one of our products. Choose from flavors such as strawberry, mango, mint, traditional tobacco, and even guava or cucumber.

Our unique flavors are made with PV/VG and contain natural and artificial flavors, so you know exactly what you’re puffing away at, unlike cigarettes and some other vape juices. Check us out and learn more about what we have to offer, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to accommodate you in any way possible. We are excited and ready to hear from you.

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