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Pros to Using the Best Juul Pod Alternative

If you are involved in the world of smoking and vaping, then you’ve most definitely heard of Juuls. If not, then you might be living under a rock. Kidding, but really. Juuls have been the talk of the town for the past few years, ever since they were introduced to the public in 2015. They were first marketed as the for sure solution to quit smoking.

The idea centered around the fact that if you desire to quit smoking cigarettes, you can easily make the switch from cigarettes to Juul in order to help cut down on your smoking. The idea behind it was that Juul contains less harmful chemicals that are widely present in cigarettes. However, it’s a catch 22 is that Juuls still contain a huge amount of nicotine in each pod, only continuing to contribute to the smoker’s habit.

It’s been said that each Juul pod, which you can quite literally fit in the palm of your hand contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of regular cigarettes. That’s a big nicotine punch packed into a tiny vape pod. Some people, after a time, got so addicted to their Juul, they were able to go through a single pod every day, when before they wouldn’t have dreamed of going through a pack of cigarettes a day.

Since the introduction of Juul, other vaping devices have been coming out of the woodwork. A few years after Juul was available in stores, anti-tobacco and vaping advocacy groups, along with federal agencies started to try to ban the selling of Juuls, given their easily addictive nature, which was becoming a problem against young people.

And, after some trials and tribulations, Juuls were officially banned from stores not too long ago. The main reasoning behind it was because they were able to be refilled. Unlike similar products like disposable vapes, Juul pods were able to be refilled with any old vape juice you could find at any vape or smoke shop.

Since Juul was banned from stores, there was a hole in the market for a similar product, which is where some of those copycat vaping devices stepped in. However, they don’t act too similarly to Juul, as most of the ones you could get your hands on at the store were disposable vapes.

The problem though is that they all still contained nicotine, so the problem wasn’t really resolved once Juuls were taken off the shelves. So, for people who are actively trying to still quit smoking cigarettes, or any other type of product that contains nicotine, they weren’t left with a lot to go off of.

What is There to Do Next?


While there are many different ways to quit smoking cigarettes and other nicotine-laced products, some of the methods are quite outdated or don’t work as much as they used to. Some people don’t have the extreme willpower to quit cold turkey, which is completely understandable since quitting cold turkey is one of the biggest failed methods around.

Sure, you have nicotine patches and nicotine gums you can get from your local drugstore, but those can get quite expensive and you’re still consuming some sort of nicotine into your body. While you can distract yourself all you want with support groups, new hobbies, and other methods you want, when those nicotine cravings come in, it’s hard to ignore them.

That’s why Juuls was so great because you get the same smoking and vaping experience and satisfaction but without lighting up a cigarette. However, now that Juuls are gone and every other type of Juul alternative contains nicotine, you might feel stuck.

There are other ways to get the smoking experience all while trying to quit smoking with the help of the best Juul pod alternative: Thunder Pods.

Why Choose Thunder Pods

Thunder Pods are the best Juul pod alternative because they have all the same characteristics of a Juul, but with no nicotine in them at all. When you go on our website and look for our Thunder Pods, you are met with a great variety of flavors, as well! This is a great way to help curb your cravings while also not contributing further to your nicotine addiction.

Just like Juul, you’ll also be able to acquire our Thunder Device where you can easily smoke the Thunder Pods from. Choose from flavors like mango, strawberry, watermelon, mint, and so much more. Our pods are filled with safe ingredients made in the USA and absolutely no nicotine whatsoever.

Check out our other products as well, we have a bunch of amazing flavors that can cater to anyone’s palette, no matter if you’ve been smoking cigarettes for years or are a young smoker who’s trying to kick the habit fast.


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