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The 3 Best Things to Look for in Alternative to JUUL Pods

We all get into vaping for our own reasons: to quit smoking, try out the flavors, or just to give us something to do in our free time. But no matter what brings us to vaping, we all just want to enjoy ourselves as we go. We want to make the most out of the vaping experience and customize it so that it is just right for us. A part of this learning process is realizing we actually want a completely new vape pen.

When we get started vaping, it is easy to find a brand and stick to it because that is what we know, but we often find that it is just not for us anymore. Many people have found this is the case for their JUUL vape pods. After a while, they realize that there are some things they truly do not like about JUUL devices and they want to try something that covers all of those shortcomings.

Generally, we have noticed a few common concerns people have with their JUUL vaping devices. They want alternative JUUL pods that work similarly but make improvements in these certain areas. They do not necessarily want JUUL compatible pods either, but complete JUUL alternatives that give them a better experience from beginning to end.

If you think that you are ready to upgrade your vape pod device to something better, here are some things to look out for in your new alternative JUUL pods.

No Nicotine Content
Vaping without nicotine is a great way to enjoy the experience without having to consume a substance that is widely known to be harmful to the body. Nicotine is an addictive chemical found in tobacco related products that is associated with different health issues. It is generally advised to avoid it altogether, so that you will not develop a habit.

JUUL vape pods contain listed amounts of nicotine, which is not so great for those who would rather avoid this substance. Those who have never smoked cigarettes or formed an addiction to nicotine will want to keep it that way. As for the many people who turned to vaping as a potential solution to smoking, nicotine-free vape pens are likely your better choice here.

Many people who use nicotine in their pre-filled pods find that they go overboard with the amount of nicotine they consume simply because they lose track as they vape. They will continuously vape and forget just how potent each refillable pod is. This ultimately makes it much more difficult for those earnestly trying to cut back on nicotine until they quit.

Using nicotine-free alternative JUUL pods can help you to get the same benefits of vaping to quit smoking, but without the concern of consuming larger quantities of nicotine by mistake.

Variety of Vape Juice Refills
A major drawback of any vape brand is having vape liquid in only one or two flavors. Some companies like JUUL will only offer their customers tobacco and menthol flavors, while completely missing out on the fun of vape juice flavors.

You can enjoy vape juice in all kinds of sweet, refreshing, or smoky flavors. It is just up to the brand that you choose to give you options. Although JUUL might not be able to give you the fun of trying new vape juice flavors whenever you want, you can satisfy your cravings with all of our flavors at Cyclone Pods. If your previous vape brand can’t give you the options you want, you will just have to find alternative JUUL pods that can.

alternative JUUL pods

Longer-Lasting Products
When we shift our gaze from the vape juice to the pod devices they come in, we see another big issue people have with their former pod systems. JUUL pods come with a very small amount of product per vape pod, so each one does not last you very long. This is a bit frustrating since you have to swap out and replace the vape refills so often.

This makes the experience of vaping with them much less smooth and relaxing, but it also adds up quickly and drains your vape budget quickly. You would be better off with alternative JUUL pods that contain a much greater amount of vape liquid. These will last you much longer and give you more time to vape before you have to replace them. It also allows you to space out your purchases more so you are not constantly buying refills and backups.

The Thunder Pod refills from Cyclone Pods, for example, contain significantly more vape liquid than JUUL pods have, making them a much better value. For the amount that you spend compared to the amount of vape juice you get, Cyclone Pods have them easily beat.

You do not have to look very far to find suitable alternative JUUL pods that offer all of the traits you wanted in your previous vaping devices. Our vape pods really give you everything you could ask for in one easy vape system. Just get yourself started with one of our vape pod starter kits, and see what you have been missing out on all this time.

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