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The Best Vape Disposable Pod

The way that the world smokes has changed. Drastically. Back in the day, where you once could only get cigarettes, cigars, or even chewing tobacco to get your nicotine fix is no more. Now, there are many different ways that you can smoke. While you still can turn to those traditional ways of smoking, there are much better options out there for you. Most people are now just trying to rid themselves of the habits that smoking things like cigarettes have formed.

To rid themselves of a nasty smoking habit that came from cigarettes, many have made the switch to vaping. Vaping is another form of smoking, but with much less risk of the ailments and health problems that come from smoking nicotine and tobacco. While there are many vapes and vape juices on the market that are made with nicotine, many believe that using vapes and other things of that nature are much better than the traditional type of smoking.

Whether if you’re brand new to the world of vaping, or you’ve gone through your fair share of vape juices and mods, but you’re looking for an even better alternative that contains none of the habit forming nicotine compared to other vapes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Non nicotine vapes can be the best way to kick that nasty habit for good, without further harming your body with the addictiveness that comes with nicotine. So, if you’re in the market for a new vape, you might want to start at square one. Which kind of vape do you want to choose?

Unlike cigarettes, where there are multiple name brands but are basically the same product, there are a few different kinds of vapes that cater to different preferences. You like to use your own vape juice and fill the mods yourself? There’s a vape for you. Do you like to buy a vape and simply dispose of it when it’s all gone? There’s a perfect one for you too!

For vaping, usually the two methods of vaping mentioned above are the most popular. Vape mods and vape pods are typically what you can find in most vape shops or online. When it comes down to it, it’s all about preference and how you like to use a vape. But why use one or the other? Let’s break it down.

Which is Better? Pods or Mods?
When it comes to the type of design of a vape and the features it comes with, it’s best to see what characteristics you like from both types of vapes before making any decisions. A vape mod is a vaping device that varies in size and features. There is a lot of different options when it comes to vape mods, from the amount of vape juice it can hold, to the types of clouds you can puff from it.

Just from the appearance, it’s more of a “high-tech” looking vape. For experienced vapers, you can find vape mods with all types of fun features such as a display screen, drip tip, and button controls. If you’re looking for a super customizable experience with your vape, then a vape mod is the one for you.

If you’re someone who likes things to be made simple and easy for you, then using vape pods is the recommended method for vaping. Using the best vape disposable pod is the quickest and most convenient way to vape. If you’re starting to cut out the nicotine from your daily routine, you can find a wide array of different flavors of our nicotine free disposable pods.

With a trusty vaping device or vaporizor, you can just click in the disposable pods and puff away. Once you’ve used all of the alloted vape juice in the pod, you simply properly dispose of them and pop in another. There’s really no way of messing anything up by using the best vape disposable pods from Cyclone Pods.

There are a few advantages of using disposable pods as opposed to using a vape mod. While vape mods give you the flexibility to customize your mod any way you want, it can get quite expensive. Disposable pods are relatively cheap and if you can switch up your flavors frequently. Also, by using a compact vaporizer, you can also get a better throat hit and a tiger draw, making each puff clean and potent.

Most vaporizers, like our Thunder Device, are rechargeable and offer a great battery life.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. But, if you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to vape your nicotine free vape, then choosing Cyclone Pods is the best way to do it.

Check out more of our products, such as our new Nicotine Free Gust Plus Disposables, that will give you an extra pack of punch and puffs!

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