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The Most Popular Vape Flavors of The Year


Getting into vaping and wondering what the most popular vape flavors are?

You’re in luck! We’ve done the research for you, so if you rather forgo experimenting with trying to find different flavors of vapes on your own that you may like, you can take a look at this helpful list and shop for the ones you think you will enjoy the most!

FYI, we are featuring only high-quality vapes with no nicotine, so you can get those rich tasty flavors without having to deal with things like nicotine cravings and other issues. Nicotine free all the way

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

The 6 Most Popular Vape Flavors

Everyone has their unique preferences. Some people like their coffee black, others with a ton of sugar and cream, and still others like their coffee in vape form (guilty as charged!)

So while these popular vape flavors might reveal the habits of thousands of different vapers and the current flavor trends, they might not be your cup of tea, and that’s OK. If you are interested in finding a wider variety of non nicotine vapes that might suit your preferences better, just take a look at our entire selection first.

Vape Flavors

Strawberry Flavored Vapes

Look across the web and you will commonly see that strawberry is either top of the list or pretty close when it comes to the most popular vape flavors. No real surprises here, as strawberry flavored stuff is a hit no matter what you happen to be snacking on. With few exceptions, most strawberry flavored items are solid, and well-made strawberry e-juices are no different.

Strawberry flavored vapes are a long-standing favorite of the vape community, so they are worth giving a try. For those with refined tastes, we also happen to have strawberry banana flavored vapes as well.

Vape Flavors

Coffee Flavored Vapes

We already mentioned above that some of us prefer our coffee in vape form. There’s no question that coffee flavored vapes are popular because the taste of coffee is unrivaled - sure, who doesn’t love a good caffeine boost to get you through the day - but ultimately, we love coffee because it tastes so good.

While vapes with coffee flavor won’t give you a caffeine high or a sugar rush, what they will do is satisfy your taste buds, which counts for a whole lot if you ask us. If you are on the hunt for a vape flavor that won’t disappoint, and if the thought of fruit flavors doesn’t really do anything for you, coffee vapes are the move.

Vape Flavors

Mango Flavored Vapes

Mango flavored everything is currently the trend. It’s easy enough to find a wide variety of different mango-flavored drinks, snacks, and other goods, and this can be attributed to the fact that mango as a flavor is simply unbeatable. At least as far as fruit flavors go. Smooth and mellow, sweet and zingy, that hint of “tropical” flavor.

Mango flavored vapes, therefore, are a hit. We’ve seen this flavor consistently outperform others over the years, which should come as no surprise. For anyone looking for a great starter flavor or just something that’s all around tasty without being overpowering, try mango vapes as a great alternative to classic flavors like tobacco and menthol.

Vape Flavors

Mint Flavored Vapes

Speaking of menthol and more traditional flavors, the cooling, refreshing taste of mint has never really waned in popularity. Mint flavored vapes tend to be among the most popular vape flavors across the leading brands, especially for those who don’t prefer more exotic, fruity flavors.

Vape Flavors

Watermelon Flavored Vapes

Watermelon? Why not? Actually the data shows that fresh and fruity flavors are among the most popular vape flavors out there, and have been pretty much from the start. While many different fruit flavors seem to be popular, there’s something refreshing about watermelon that hits the spot differently than the previously mentioned examples.

Who here is a fan of watermelon Jolly Ranchers? People of culture can see the appeal here, which is why our watermelon flavored vapes remain one of the most popular vape flavors we carry. Highly recommended for connoisseurs of vapes with fruity flavors.

Vape Flavors

Classic Tobacco Flavored Vapes

Would you believe that the most popular vape flavor is tobacco? Across the web and within the vape community, if you do some digging and curate the opinions of a wide variety of different vape users, you will come away with one singular realization: nothing beats the flavor of tobacco.

Let’s be honest, for the former smokers among us, the taste of a high-quality cigar or cigarette is hard to resist, before even taking the nicotine into account. The robust flavor has resonated with people all over the world for generations - no shame in saying that tobacco flavored vapes are popular for a good reason. They taste great, nothing much more needs to be said.

Where to Shop For The Most Popular Vape Flavors?

There you have it, our list of the most popular vape flavors of the year. Was your favorite flavor on the list?

Either way, if you’re still searching for a new vape flavor to try and don’t know where to start, we recommend taking a tour of our selection right here at Cyclone Pods. We carry a great variety of tasty vapes with no nicotine, including our new Gust Super line, which provides up to 5000 puffs - yet it's disposable.

We’ve also introduced killer new flavors in our Gust Super line of rechargeable disposables, including the aforementioned strawberry banana, watermelon raspberry, and guava passionfruit (!) So if ordinary flavors aren’t enough, we certainly have more exotic offerings if that’s more your speed.

Best part is, all of our vapes have zero nicotine. No withdrawal symptoms or cravings to worry about, just non-nicotine bliss. So take a look around and see if you can find a vape flavor that will hit the mark for you - all of the flavors of vape juice we carry are crafted with a handful of high-quality ingredients, no filler, no chemicals. Enjoy!

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