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The Perfect Juul with No Nicotine

We all know that the Juul that’s basically glued to your hand is not the best habit to have. However, we also all know that nicotine is a highly addictive chemical, so it’s usually a game of which is worse; trying to quit or continue smoking. However hard quitting may be, this by no means should discourage you from trying to quit smoking. Although it’s difficult, it would be the best decision you would ever make for your health.

Smoking and vaping nicotine has been a steadily normal occurrence throughout history and now in even much more in modern-day. The ways that we can now smoke nicotine and tobacco products have only been continuing to evolve, which has only detrimentally added to the problem.

No one method of smoking nicotine or tobacco is better than the other; both come with their own set of uses, issues, challenges, and advantages. The advantages to smoking any of the forms of nicotine are slim to known, but some may hold more useful to quit smoking.

Many people with a nicotine addiction start at a young age. Nowadays, nicotine vapes, like Juuls, are becoming easier and more accessible to teens and young adults, allowing them to quickly get addicted to this harmful chemical with ease no one has ever seen before.

Today, it’s as easy as a trip to your local 7/11 or gas station to get your hands on a vape pen or disposable vape pods that further perpetuate nicotine addiction. Nicotine can be easily masked and hidden behind other ingredients and flavors, as to why so many young people can get hooked.

Nonetheless, nicotine dependency is still quite common amongst Americans, young and old. However many times there might be a ban on disposable vape pens or vape pod systems, there will always be competitors that slip through the cracks that people can easily purchase. That is exactly what happened with the ever-so-popular Juul.

There are many methods that are commonly used to quit smoking. You can try quitting cold-turkey, but there is more evidence that you will relapse quickly when you decide to quit without extra help. You can try using nicotine patches, gums, or even nasal sprays to help get you through your cravings, but those products still contain nicotine.

If you want to completely rid yourself of nicotine use, the best way is to consider using a vape without nicotine. This may seem redundant, but it can be much more effective than you think. Many people enjoy smoking for pure oral fixation, the nicotine is something that just keeps them going. With a vape pen containing no nicotine, you can satisfy your oral fixation cravings without the harmful effects of nicotine.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, consider trying the products from Cyclone Pods.

Why Cyclone Pods?

Cyclone Pods is the leading company for nicotine-free vaping products on the market. Here at Cyclone Pods, we are committed to fully address the nicotine dependency that is prevalent in the U.S.

We understand the difficulties that come with quitting nicotine, that’s why we have designed our products to aid in this harsh process. On our website, you can find a plethora of great completely nicotine-free products to suit most of your needs that is comparable to a Juul with no nicotine.

We have products ranging from nicotine-free disposable vape devices all the way to our tapering kit. Depending on how strong your addiction is to nicotine, we have created a kit to help slowly wean you off nicotine. It’s a great product for long-time smokers that simply don’t want to make the switch to nicotine-free vapes right away.

If you are someone just looking to try out a new method to try and quit smoking, consider looking into our Thunder Device and matching Thunder Pods, which are very similar to the familiar Juul that everyone knows and uses.

However, we like to say that our products may even be better than Juuls. One, because it doesn’t contain any amounts of tobacco or nicotine, and two, because they have longer battery power and even better flavors.

Considering there is no nicotine in our products, there is now much more room for other ingredients like PG/VG, which helps create those thick, white clouds when you puff, and better flavors. Try our yummy flavors including watermelon, vanilla, mint, blueberry, and even coffee.

All of our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and contain no harmful ingredients. We have a great range of flavors to choose from, so we have something for everyone.

Check out our social media pages for customer testimonials to see how much our products are comparable to a Juul with no nicotine, and how much our customers love them! Need more information, check out customer reviews to further learn how our products have helped people quit smoking nicotine for good.

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