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The Perks and Benefits of No Nicotine Vapes

Being an avid or constant vaper can open you up to a lot of options. Usually, with customizable vape mods, you are able to adjust the nicotine levels and the nicotine strengths to what you are feeling at any given time. Usually, with prolonged use of a nicotine vape, you’re going to eventually keep adjusting the amount of nicotine needed, as your tolerance goes up and up.

When people think of vapes and the act of vaping, they usually think of two different scenarios. One of those scenarios is people using huge vape mods to puff large, white, and puffy clouds of smoke. The second scenario, and usually the most common of the two, is individuals using vapes as a way to cut down on cigarette or nicotine usage.

There are a huge amount of people that tend to switch to vapes when they think it’s time to start slowing down their amount of nicotine intake. It’s a great tool to get yourself started on the road to a nicotine-free lifestyle. However, many people are still using vapes as a way to use nicotine. While many of us think that it’s not as bad as using cigarettes, that’s usually not always the case.

Smoking is not the best for you, in general. Usually, the best option for many people is to not smoke or vape at all. But, for some, it’s best to vape than to resort back to cigarettes again. There will always be alternatives available for everyone that doesn’t involve going back to regular smoking cigarettes.

So, if you are deciding to start vaping in place of smoking cigarettes, good on you. You’re one step closer to becoming a better and healthier version of yourself. While vaping can be a great way to lower your intake of nicotine, at the end of the day, you are still inhaling and using nicotine on a regular basis.

When trying to quit smoking nicotine altogether, pace yourself. While you’ve probably heard that many people quit cold turkey, it usually doesn’t work out too well for most of those people. It’s hard to quit nicotine. It’s considered an addiction for a reason. So, if you’re trying to quit nicotine, vaping is a great way to do so.

You are able to replace the nicotine with an almost identical experience, without the harsh chemicals and everything else you get with a cigarette. Like mentioned before, start slow. If you are a longtime smoker of cigarettes, realize that this will be a hard transition for you. You need to give yourself grace when it comes to this process.

There are many perks that can come with using no nicotine vapes, so let’s break down the perks of what you could benefit from while using vapes containing no nicotine.

Top 3 Reasons to Use No Nicotine Vapes

No More Nicotine

This is pretty self-explanatory, but no nicotine is much, much better than using nicotine. The vape juices and e-liquids that contain no nicotine, like the ones you can find on our website,, are always used with food-grade ingredients. At Cyclone Pods, all of our juices are made with PG/VG and some natural and artificial flavorings.

By using a vape that contains zero nicotine, it’s just one less toxic or potentially harmful ingredient that you’re putting into your body.

Helps Stop Addiction

While non-nicotine vapes appear and work the same way that vapes with nicotine do, they don’t create or sustain any addiction since there is no nicotine present. For example, the Cyclone Pods Gust Disposables come in a wide range of appealing and fruity flavors. You can puff away at those things until they are empty.

While it may seem that it’s contributing to your nicotine addiction, it’s only helping you replace the nicotine with a vape that won’t add to your nicotine consumption. Trying out all of our flavors such as raspberry, mint, mango, watermelon, or even cucumber can be fun! It’s even more fun knowing you’re not consuming any nicotine.

Stop Nicotine Consumption and Still Vape

Sometimes, the hardest thing about quitting smoking would be the possibility of quitting vaping. For many people, vaping can help relieve stress, give your mouth something to do during the day, or it can be involved in a social gathering.

No matter what the reason is for vaping, you can still continue the hobby that you like to do, without negatively affecting your health and lungs. Vaping can be a fun past time, so you don’t have to give that up if you want to quit nicotine.

All in all, there are many other great reasons to quit nicotine. You don’t have to sacrifice vaping in the process. Try out all of our products at Cyclone Pods and get back to a life of no nicotine.

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