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Tobacco Vape Juice Is Better Than Cigarettes Anyway

Anyone familiar with tobacco in any form that it might take would likely have an appreciation for the flavor it holds. Whether you have experience chewing your tobacco, placing it in a pipe, or smoking them straight from a cigar or cigarette, you will understand that there is more to it than just the smell and smoke that wafts around it. Humans have a longstanding history of growing tobacco leaves with the intent of chewing or smoking. This is a practice that still carries on to this day as people enjoy the overall experience of smoking tobacco leaves. The smell alone is something special but combined with the rich flavors of the tobacco, it is overall a great experience for any smoker. It makes sense that people began to roll that into cigars and cigarettes to sell in larger numbers.

The problem with that, however, is that you get much more than just the taste of tobacco when you smoke cigarettes. You get an entire cocktail of different chemicals meant to keep you coming back for more. We can just skip over all of that nonsense and head straight for the flavor of tobacco itself. For those of you wanting to enjoy the taste of puffing some quality tobacco, there is also the option to just use tobacco vape juice. Forget about the cigarettes and let yourself enjoy the taste of tobacco without the guilt. As long as you have a vape pen in your pocket, you can pick up some tobacco vape juice and try it out for yourself.

Get the Taste of Smoking

As surprising as it might seem to some people who have never tried smoking and despise the smell of it sticking to their hair and clothes... some people actually like the taste of cigarettes. It might sound crazy to some of you, but others could kindly step forward to say that they genuinely do enjoy the taste of cigarettes. One of the benefits of using tobacco vape juice is that you can get that same experience of puffing for flavor, without everything else that comes with cigarettes. You do not have to become addicted to cigarettes in order to smoke tobacco. In fact, you do not need to pick up a cigarette even once to enjoy the taste. Why bother with a habit like that when you could instead keep it casual and just get a vape for when you feel like it? If you have never had tobacco before, in any form, then this could be a good way to try. Add bold tobacco or the normal tobacco vape juice to your list of new flavors to try and see for yourself.

Ditch the Old Habit

One of the positive impacts that vaping has had on people is that it has helped many people out there to either quit smoking cigarettes altogether or to at least reduce their cigarette intake. We love to see it. Vaping can be great for slowly breaking away from both the habit of smoking as well as the addiction to nicotine. One of the things that we are the proudest of at Cyclone Pods, is offering so many flavors of vaping products without nicotine for people to try out. We do not want to contribute to any kind of unhealthy addictions like cigarettes, but we are always glad to see people writing in that they used our nicotine-free vaping products to help keep their cigarette cravings at bay. It is no easy feat to quit an addiction and Cyclone Pods is glad to play any kind of role in that, big or small. That is part of why we are happy to make tobacco vape juice an option for everyone. You can get a bit of that feeling of smoking by puffing a vape pen, along with some of the taste of smoking as well. You can fight off the temptation to smoke again with a little help from tobacco vape juice.

It may not be a classic fruity flavor like strawberry or grape, but tobacco vape juice is a great flavor standing in its own category. It allows people completely inexperienced with smoking or chewing tobacco of any kind to try out the taste for themselves and appreciate what humans have cultivated for centuries upon centuries. It is a standout flavor that is hard to describe compared to anything else. The best way to understand what this flavor is about is honestly just to try it for yourself. Even if it is just in the form of a low-commitment disposable vape pen, you can give it the ol' college try and see what it is exactly that has made so many people enjoy the taste and for so long. Anyone who has had a past with cigarettes and would like to quit smoking for good might be able to enjoy tobacco vape juice for what it is: a way to "smoke" without having to pick up an addiction. Between cigarettes and tobacco vape juice, one is clearly the better choice.

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