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Try Our Vape Flavors with No Nicotine

For vape smokers who are on the constant push and pull of trying to quit nicotine for good, I’m sure you’ve tried everything on the market to quit. We get it, it’s hard to quit nicotine for good. This addictive substance has ravaged many people’s lives; leaving them at the mercy of their next nicotine fix.

There are things like nicotine gums, patches, nasal sprays, and even prescription medications that can help alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. But oftentimes, heavy smokers tend to eventually reach back for cigarettes or nicotine vapes. Sometimes, it may seem like there’s no hope on the road to quitting nicotine for good; until now.

We at Cyclone Pods made it our mission to help smokers defeat their nicotine addiction. The nicotine dependency problem in the U.S needs some serious aid and we know our products can help with that. Our products are 100% nicotine-free based and were made solely to help smokers quit nicotine.

Our Thunder Device, similar to the look and function of the commonly known Juul, is perfectly compatible with our matching Thunder Pods. All of our Thunder Pods, no matter the flavor, are completely nicotine free, made with only the highest quality of ingredients. If you’re someone who doesn’t use vapes quite as often, but occasionally wants that similar feeling of a vape, try our Nicotine Free Gust Disposables. These single-use vape devices allow you to vape without the harmful effects of nicotine.

Not to mention the amazing flavors we offer with our Thunder Pods and Gust Disposables. By ditching the nicotine, there is more room for added natural flavors, making our pods as flavorful as can be without the harsh burn of nicotine. All of our juices are made in the U.S and contain none of the harsh ingredients like Vitamin E Acetate or Diacetyl that can be found in other nicotine-based juices.

Be adventurous and try all of our vape flavors with no nicotine like mango, mint, strawberry, traditional tobacco, and even coffee. Our vape juices contain all-natural flavors and can even produce those big, fluffy, white clouds some vapers search for in a good vape.

To convince you even further, here is a list of some positive benefits of making the switch to non-nicotine vape products.

Benefits of Vapes with No Nicotine

  1. Freeing yourself from the grasp of nicotine (obviously)

Nicotine is a highly addictive and harmful substance. It doesn’t show its’ effects right away, but by the time you realize the damage it’s done to your body, it will already be too late. Commonly, people who have nicotine addictions have the will to quit, but not the willpower. Other times, smokers will push off the chore of quitting until it’s virtually too late. There’s no better time than now to put down the nicotine products and make the healthy decision to switch to nicotine-free products.

  1. Get the benefits of vaping without the nicotine

A lot of people find comfort in smoking because it satisfies their oral fixation. Many people chew gum or eat a lot of snacks to keep their mouths or hands busy, while others reach for a vape or a cigarette. People tend to incorporate smoking into their daily routine like right when you wake up, after a cup of coffee, or after a meal. You are still able to continue your normal routine but without nicotine being involved.

  1. Satisfy a sweet tooth without the guilt

It’s quite common, with the amount of yummy and sweet vape flavors on the market, to replace eating candy or sweets, with smoking a sweet vape flavor. There’s nothing wrong with this, except that nicotine does not need to be involved in the equation. With our Thunder Pods in flavors like lemonade, raspberry, and even vanilla, our products can cure even the sweetest tooth cravings.

  1. It’s convenient

By using our products such as the Thunder Pods, you simply just pop it into any rechargeable compatible vape device and you’re ready to go. No need to worry about messily refilling the pods each time you’ve run out. Just grab a new one, pop it in, and you’re ready to go.

The decision is simple, by choosing to switch to Cyclone Pods products, you will get all of these benefits, and much more! The simple fact of finally conquering that nicotine addiction is something worth celebrating. And you can celebrate by trying any of the great tasting flavors of our nicotine-free vape juices.

Not convinced? Read some of the reviews from our happy and satisfied customers. If you have any questions about our products or what we do, we will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Check out our website at or scroll through our social media pages.

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