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Using a Vape to Quit Smoking Effectively: You Can Do It

According to the CDC, as recently as two years ago, almost 14% of the population of the United States smoked cigarettes or more than 34 million people across the country. It was also estimated that as many as 16 million people in the country were living with a smoking-related disease at the time.

Wanting to get away from smoking is real, but so is addiction. Maybe someone you know, or even you, yourself, are seriously considering kicking the habit, but you just don’t know how to go about it.

That’s alright. You’re not alone. There are many like you who only need the assistance of a helping hand to get started realizing their goal of breaking the addiction. We’re here to help, and despite what you may have read, you can use a vape to quit smoking effectively. Here’s how the right vape products can help get you there.

How a Vape Can Help Get You There

Some vapers get into vaping because they want to escape the addiction to cigarettes and the known harmful effects that accompany cigarette usage. Others enjoy tinkering with their mods and the potency of their vape juices, so they can enjoy greater nicotine hits.

The thing is, nicotine is just as notorious for its ill effects as tobacco is. Nicotine elevates the heart rate, raises blood pressure, and over time may even cause hardening of the arteries. In high doses, nicotine can also cause nicotine poisoning, which is a very unpleasant experience for anyone whose ever been there. 

Our purpose is to help users not only escape the adverse health effects of tobacco smoke, but of nicotine as well. That’s why we’ve produced nicotine-free vape juices in original delicious flavors, as well as our Thunder Pods which are also filled with nicotine-free vape juice. Some users find that these products help effectively wean them off of their addiction.

Vaping can help you meet your oral fixation while helping you avoid nicotine, but we have also produced a special Taper Kit, which uses vape juice that contains nicotine, but in tapered potencies. It can be remarkably effective as a smoking cessation product since it enables the user to slowly cut back on the amount of nicotine over the long term in order to help avoid the symptoms of withdrawal.

Our Taper Kit comes with a vape pen and a charging cable, as well as 6 empty cartridges, in addition to 6 filled 30ml bottles of vape liquid. The liquid in these bottles varies in strength from 50mg down to 0mg of nicotine in 10mg increments. A kit like this can potentially be one of the most effective methods for using a vape to quit smoking effectively.

Helpful Tips to Support Your Plan of Action

In addition to using the right products, it’s imperative to develop a plan of action that will help you get from where to are to your goal of quitting cigarettes completely. Here are some tips you can follow that may help you along the way.

  • Call a friend, use your support system: They’re there to help you.
  • Avoid triggers that make you want to smoke, like alcohol.
  • Replace the fix with something else (could be vaping or some other kind of reward, like a snack or candy.)
  • Start exercising regularly if you don’t, it will help distract you, diminish irritability and improve your mood.
  • Set a timeline and stick to it. Setting a hard date helps prevent you from pushing anything off till tomorrow, which never comes.
  • Try nicotine replacement therapy (like our Taper Kit, mentioned above)
  • Try, try again! If you’ve tried to quit in the past and haven’t gone through with it, don’t give up. Just pick up where you left off.

Unexpected Positive Effects of Giving up Smoking

While there are a variety of known health risks associated with tobacco products, like heart and lung disease, the risks of which you can help minimize when you stop smoking cigarettes, quitting comes with its own list of additional unique benefits, including some of the following.

  • Mental health benefits: uplift your mood and enjoy greater confidence by breaking the habit.
  • Quitting tobacco can strengthen your immune system.
  • Enjoy higher energy levels and feel better about yourself.
  • Reduce risks of lung and heart disease.
  • Your sense of taste and smell may also improve!

Choose Only the Best

If you’re planning on using a vape to quit smoking effectively, choose only the best. Our vape juices are made here in the United States and contain nothing but PG, VG, and natural and artificial flavors. They contain none of the known harmful ingredients or chemicals, like vitamin E acetate or diacetyl that have made vaping infamous in recent years. We produce only the finest quality vaping products for our clients so they can get on with their goals of quitting vaping.

If you’re interested in using a vape to quit smoking but you have additional questions about our products or would like to hear more sound advice, feel free to contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so you can be the first to learn of news and releases!

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