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Vaping Has Never Been Easier with a Recharge Vape Pen

Vaping is really all the rage right now, and for good reason. Even younger teens and young adults are trying to get in on the hype of vapes, even though that is highly dangerous and not recommended by all federal agencies and anti-tobacco advocacy groups. The main reason why vaping became such a popular method of smoking was to provide an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The original intention of vaping was to never start out with a vape, it was always supposed to be a method to help quit or reduce cigarette smoking.

At first, that’s why many people starting vaping in the first place. Many vape shops started opening up and more people were making the switch from cigarettes to vapes. With their trusty new vape mods in hand, many people were ready and eventually able to kick their habit of cigarette smoking, which was something that those federal agencies and anti-tobacco groups were striving for many years ago.

Nowadays, more people are simply starting off by smoking nicotine-based products in the form of vapes, which still isn’t ideal. The original intention of vaping was to help wean people off of toxic and harmful substances like cigarettes, and eventually result in them stopping smoking altogether. That has sort of backfired a bit these days, with the influx of younger people and even teens drifted towards vape products right off the bat. Not to say that those young people should start smoking cigarettes instead of vape, but any form of nicotine isn’t good for you, so the point of the nicotine vape has become the opposite of what it once was.

No more than ever, people of all ages are gravitated towards the vape, whether that be a huge vape mod that you picked out yourself from the vape shop or the small, discreet disposable vape that tastes like pink lemonade. How you would emulate pink lemonade into a vape pen is beyond us. But anyways, vapes are really taking the world by storm, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

We are seeing record numbers of young people getting hooked on nicotine, which is clearly not the best-case scenario in the grand scheme of things. That is everything that all of these anti-tobacco and nicotine advocacy groups were trying so hard to do with cigarettes. Now, they have shifted their focus onto vaping, particularly within younger adults and even teenagers.

With introductions of products such as Juul and Puff Bar, it has been increasingly simple and easy to get your hands on some of these vaping products at local gas stations and conveniences stores. Since the subsequent ban on Juuls and Puff Bars, there have been even more copy-cat companies that mimic the same products that you could have found with Juul or Puff Bar.

Somehow, they have found a loophole that allows their products to be sold at the same 7/11s and convenience stores you once could purchase Juuls and Puff Bars. However, these products are completely unregulated and you really have no clue where they come from and what is in them.

It’s getting out of hand, and that’s why Cyclone Pods came into fruition.

Why Cyclone Pods?

The team at Cyclone Pods has been dedicated to helping decrease the dependency on nicotine since day one. Our products are 100% nicotine-free, giving smokers and vapers a nonnicotine alternative that won’t disrupt their daily routines. Smoking can become such a habit that it’s increasingly hard to stop your daily routine that involves smoking.

That is why we have created products that will still allow people to smoke/vape, but without the harmful effects of nicotine. We get it, quitting is extremely hard. Yet it’s incredibly important for the sake of your long-term health. Our products can not only substitute the need for your nicotine vapes or cigarettes but can also be a great way to keep you on track without you having to change too much of your lifestyle.

While many people enjoy those brightly colored disposable vapes, sometimes they aren’t for everyone. That’s why we suggest some of you check out our recharge vape pen for when you don’t want to feel like a young teen puffing away at a USB drive-looking vape.

A recharge vape pen is a great way to discreetly vape and refill the cartridge when you’re done. It’s a more economical and sustainable way to vape, as well. Find your favorite Cyclone Pods nicotine-free vape liquid and refill the rechargeable vape pen for constant use!

If that’s not for you either, no worries. We have plenty of other products available that can fit your lifestyle. If you are the more adventurous type, try all of our amazing flavors of Thunder Pods and our Gust Disposables!

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