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Ways to Choose Your Disposable Vape Flavors

Regardless of how much time they have spent vaping in the past, people love to use disposable vape pens when they are interested in trying out a new vape brand or flavor. It gives you just the right amount of vape liquid to get an idea of how you feel and form an opinion on the vape pen you tried to either try it again or move on to the next one. Because of this and their relatively low price point, we often find ourselves recommending people test out vape flavors they are interested in by using a disposable pen before commiting to a complete pack of vape pods or a bottle of liquid. So all this leaves up in the air is the question of which disposable vape flavors you want to pick up first. You certainly have lots of flavors to choose from in a range that runs the gamut here at Cyclone Pods. We know that the flavors are a huge part of the experience and we want everyone to have some great flavors they enjoy, fit for any mood. So now we see many people just wondering how to narrow their choices down to pick out the handful of disposable vape flavors they want to try next. Here are some ways we have found people choose their vape juice flavors and feel satisfied. If you look at things by categories or families of flavors, it becomes easier to choose what you want to try out next based on what sounds the most attractive to you at the moment. From there you can just look for a flavor that falls into that category and give it a go.

Old Favorites
The first type of vape flavor we can recommend is the highly-popular or old favorite category. These are the flavors that you know and love either from trying as vape liquid in the past, or from any other treat that had these flavors. These ones are easy to recommend because they are flavors that people are already familiar with and have enjoyed before, so they are essentially a safe bet. You do not have to take a risk of not liking one you chose if you already know you like all of them. People will often stick to these flavors for the most part and occasionally reach for new ones to add variety. For most people, this category would include flavors like strawberry, mango, and of course mint.

Classic, Mature Flavors
Typically the more sweet and fruity flavors are the most popular, but there is certainly an audience for these more mature, sophisticated flavors. These make an excellent palate cleanser when you have gone so long only enjoying your more bright and fruity flavors. Some of these flavors include coffee, tobacco, and vanilla bean. Depending on your tastes, this could be the main group of disposable vape flavors you want to stick to, especially if you find other flavors to be too sweet for frequent use and better in moderation. Of course it is all up to you and how you want to spend your free time with a vape pen in your hand.

New & Interesting
This category of flavors is fun and exciting to recommend to people because we always love seeing people try new things and discover more about their own tastes. In vape shops, some flavors are less common than others, so if you really enjoy them, you have to look for the shops or brands that carry them specifically. In addition to classic and super popular flavors, we try to carry vape juice flavors that are less common on the market like guava, banana, and cucumber. They are great for those who love these flavors but rarely ever see them, or for anyone just looking to mix things up and expand their knowledge of flavors.

When you take all of these options into consideration, you should be able to identify what kind of flavor you are generally in the mood for, and then explore further for specific examples of flavors you should try. Each of these categories has its own appeal and allure, so we could definitely see people jumping back and forth between categories or sticking to mainly just one while occasionally dabbling in another. Getting to choose the flavors you want is a major part of the vaping experience and one that we love to support. If you really aren't sure of where to begin when choosing your disposable vape flavors, you can always refer to this list for some quick guidance to point you in a certain direction. You can select your flavors from either our original Gust disposable vape pens or our Gust Plus vape pens which contain much more product to last you days longer. So now that you know what your options are and you have some sort of reference, you should be all set to replenish your vaping stash and enjoy your selections.

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