Why No Nicotine in Mint JUUL Compatible Pods Is a Good Thing Like, a Really Good Thing

Why No Nicotine in Mint JUUL Compatible Pods Is a Good Thing Like, a Really Good Thing

Many highly popular vaping systems use e-liquids or use pods filled with vape juice that contains nicotine. Probably, most of them do. The JUUL pod system is one of them; according to the Truth Initiative, at least 4.5% of adults use JUULs or over 10 million people.

JUULs use a pod system, which means them easy and convenient to take on the go. The pods that are compatible with them are pre-filled with flavored vape juices and can easily be exchanged. As you are probably aware, their vape juices contain nicotine. Because of this reason alone, there are probably plenty of vapers out there looking for mint JUUL compatible pods that lack nicotine, either so they can keep vaping without experiencing any of the known harmful effects of nicotine or so they can quit.

Either way, we’re here to tell you that no nicotine in a vape pod is a good thing, whether it’s compatible with a JUUL or not, and even if we don’t address the health effects of nicotine in general or JUUL devices in particular.

Wait, This Article Isn’t about the Detrimental Health Effects of Nicotine?

In a word, no - we don’t even need to address any of the adverse health effects associated with nicotine use. While nicotine use is considered harmful and may cause high blood pressure, an elevated heart risk, and put users at a higher risk of developing heart disease and other adverse effects, no nicotine in a mint JUUL compatible pod is a good thing.

Let’s start with what is inside a mint JUUL pod. That will help us frame this argument.

What’s Inside: Mint JUUL Pods

As you may be very well familiar, cigarettes contain a laundry list of ingredients, many of which are well-known toxins. JUUL pod liquids lack many of these, which is one of the reasons that some JUUL users (and other vapers) turned to vaping as a “safe” alternative to smoking cigarettes.

While JUUL liquid does not contain the same harmful ingredients as cigarettes, it does contain, chiefly, the following:

  • Glycerol (A.K.A. VG or vegetable glycerin): Glycerol is a common ingredient in vape liquids; it’s an oil that produces thick smoke when vaporized.
  • Propylene Glycol (A.K.A. PG): PG is another liquid that produces a lighter smoke when vaporized. The PG included in a vape liquid blend is associated with a strong throat hit.
  • Benzoic Acid: Benzoid acid is an additive that allows e-liquids to vaporize at lower temperatures.
  • Nicotine: An alkaloid drug derived from tobacco plants that is highly addictive and probably needs no introduction here.
  • Flavoring: This could be natural or synthetic. Flavored JUUL pods contain different flavors depending on the blend.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that the vape juice needs to make room for before flavoring or flavoring agents even make the lineup.

Not JUUL Compatible? Not a Problem

If you’re looking for mint JUUL compatible pods, we have some more good news. That’s not a problem either because we have something even better. Our Thunder Device solves some of the big complaints associated with JUULs - and then some.

Just like a JUUL device, it is highly discrete, portable, and draw-activated. They also feature a larger battery that can last for several days, solving the common complaint that JUULs only last for a few hours of use.

Also, like JUULs, they take flavored pods - in this case, mint-flavored pods - that are over twice the capacity of JUUL pods and leak-resistant as well. They may not be mint JUUL compatible pods (they’re intended for use with our Thunder Devices) but the only reason these cool mint pods don’t work with JUULs is that they’re better - now let’s talk about that.

What’s Inside Our Mint Vape Pods

What this all really comes down to is what’s inside of our mint Thunder Pods. Chiefly, what these vape pods lack is nicotine, which means there’s way more room for everything else.

Without the need to stuff these pods with nicotine, we can include more VG and PG - yes, our vape juices contain those ingredients too, as they’re considered safe ingredients.

With more room for glycerol and propylene glycol, our vape liquids can produce more potent, voluminous, billowing clouds that deliver a punchy throat hit - all because we held off on the nicotine. Cloud chasers approve - as will you if you fall into that camp.

The only other ingredients our mint Thunder Pods contain besides PG and VG are a handful of natural and artificial flavors. And, by the way, since we don’t have nicotine in our blends, there’s more room for them as well.

The end result is a set of vape pods with stronger, more potent flavors, that produces bigger, better clouds. They may not be mint JUUL compatible pods - but only because they feature bolder flavors, produce bigger clouds, and last longer!

Not a Fan of Mint? Not a Problem

While mint is one of the most popularly sought pod flavors, we know there are fans out there who have their own unique preferences. Worry not if you prefer something else - we have a blend for everyone.

We have a ton of unique flavors in our Thunder Pods collection, including but not limited to mango, strawberry, blueberry, lemonade, and even vanilla and coffee. For die-hards and those who enjoy the actual flavor of tobacco, we carry tobacco flavored pods, too - but they have no nicotine in them! We also carry a bunch of other unique, nicotine-free liquids in equally original, bold, bright flavors.

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