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Why We Had to Make the Best E Cigarette to Quit Smoking

The act of quitting smoking can be a long and difficult process that demands a great deal of commitment from the person. We know how challenging this experience can be for so many people dealing with their addiction to cigarettes and tobacco products. If you yourself are currently working to move past your addiction to cigarettes, then we have to commend you on your efforts and wish that the experience for you will be as easy as possible. Sometimes, in order to improve your chances of quitting for good, it is a good idea to find a tool or resource that can help you on your way. For many, that tool has been e cigarettes. Lots of people have looked to electronic cigarettes as a way to help pull themselves further away from actual cigarettes, often to a great amount of success.

As vaping became more widespread and accessible, we began to see more and more people use vaping as a way to quit smoking for good. Of course, we have to celebrate hearing so many people say that using vaping devices made a real difference in their recovery. In case you did not know, Cyclone Pods was created, in part, as a way to help people in that exact situation. We wanted to make great vape products that people could use to help them quit smoking once and for all. That is what inspired us to create the lineup of products that we offer today. We are so proud of all the individuals who were able to successfully quit smoking cigarettes using electronic cigarettes as a helpful tool in the process. 

To further help people turn away from smoking and encourage them to consider vaping if they think it could help, we also try to provide some helpful insight and information related to vaping to quit smoking. Here is some information you may find useful for yourself or for someone you know trying to quit. When you are trying to figure out what makes the best e cigarette to quit smoking, you will want to keep these factors in mind. Maybe then you will have a better understanding of how our products came to be.

The Physical Habit

As you look for the best e cigarette to quit smoking, you will want to know why their design makes so much of a difference. The similarities between cigarettes and vaping devices play a large part in their success in helping you to quit. E cigarettes are very similar to traditional cigarettes in terms of appearance and that plays a huge role in how you perceive them. They are close enough to the feel of cigarettes that you would absent-mindedly treat one the same as the other if you were not focused on it. This actually works to your benefit. Although we typically associate addiction with the actual substance itself, we should keep in mind that there is more to it than that. People will often find themselves acting impulsively on their old habits because they have those actions and gestures so ingrained into their minds. The physical gesture is connected to the act that you are performing, so your body becomes accustomed to it as well.

In the case of smoking cigarettes, you become so used to the act that your body does as well in its own way. You may have mentally moved on from smoking, but your body is still attached to the act of bringing a cigarette up to your mouth and puffing, only to continue that action for a while until the cigarette is done. This can be incredibly frustrating when you are doing such a great job of staying strong and keeping tobacco out of your mind, but your hands instinctively remind you that you should be smoking. Here is when electronic cigarettes can come in handy. Vaping is essentially a very similar gesture to smoking. You bring it up to your mouth to inhale and you bring it back down as you exhale. Instead of having a cigarette occupy that role in your life, you can replace it with an e cigarette. It can help you to break away from that physical habit as you remove cigarettes from your mind.

Occupying Your Time

Similar to the previous point on keeping your hands busy with things other than cigarettes, we have the time you would ordinarily spend smoking. Quitting can be especially difficult for those who had a routine set around their smoking habits. You might have become used to taking smoke breaks with every opportunity you had given. This is unfortunate because it means you were used to seeing every spare moment you had as a chance to smoke. Without cigarettes, those spare moments seem much more noticeable and drag on longer. You can use electronic cigarettes to help fill that spare time until you no longer feel the need as strongly. Instead of watching the clock tick and feeling frustrated that you cannot smoke a cigarette like you used to, you can vape to fill the time. Having the right e cigarette around can really make a difference during these moments when you feel like nothing will work but cigarettes. It becomes something that you can count on when these instincts come back loud and clear telling you that it’s time for another smoke break. The right e cigarette can make those moments much easier to push through.

Slow Down

While some people find it the easiest to quit something cold turkey and never look back, others need a more gradual transition to help them quit a habit for good. Both are perfectly understandable, so we made sure that both types of people would be able to find success with our products. Those who need a slow and steady transition away from tobacco and nicotine might find that our signature Thunder Device is the best e cigarette to quit smoking for this very reason. Because of our particular formula for vape juice, which is entirely nicotine-free, it is easier for people to slowly remove cigarettes from their lives before quitting for good.

Often our customers will purchase our vaping devices with the intention of using them alongside their cigarettes. Instead of sticking to one or the other, they will use our electronic cigarettes in place of actual cigarettes on occasion and switch out that way. It helps them to smoke less often without feeling like they are giving anything up because the vape occupies their time. As they go on, they slowly begin to vape more and smoke less until cigarettes are out of the picture entirely. It is much easier this way for many people to quit smoking successfully. As long as they have the right e cigarette with them that they enjoy using, they feel much more confident in their journey to quit smoking.

Zero Nicotine

As we mentioned above, the Cyclone Pods brand of vape juice is 100% nicotine-free. This distinguishes our products from not only cigarettes but many other vape products on the market because so many contain this addictive chemical. The fact that our vape juice does not contain nicotine or any of the other harmful ingredients found in cigarettes makes it much better for those looking to quit smoking. Our products are enjoyable, but never addictive. We would not want you to move on from one addiction to another. Vaping does not have to be a bad habit but a fun, pleasant way of spending your free moments. We want to help you eliminate your addiction without picking up a new one in the process. When you are ready to start, the best e cigarette to quit smoking is one that you can use free of guilt. You can enjoy vaping and the fact that it takes your mind off of cigarettes without giving anything up in return.

Focus on Flavors

One of the more fun, exciting aspects of vaping is that you can play with so many different flavors of vape juice. This is an experience that only vaping can provide you with. Cigarettes taste only of tobacco and leave a distinct smell everywhere you go. Vape juice on the other hand offers a unique experience. You can find vape juice in all sorts of delicious-sounding flavors like raspberry, watermelon, and mango. They taste great and will fade away into the air rather than leaving behind a lingering odor. Since this is so unique to vaping liquids, you might find some comfort in being able to choose the exact flavors you want to try out.

Being able to play with all of these flavors makes the experience of vaping more fun, so you are more excited to do it when you get the chance. This is one thing you really want to see in the vape brands you buy from. When you purchase your e cigarette, you want to check that the brand also produces a good number of vape juice flavors for you to try. We love offering people different options ranging from conventional to unconventional so that everyone can enjoy what they like. The more you enjoy using your e cigarette, the more likely you are to keep using it in place of cigarettes.

Different Devices

We try to offer a good range of options across our products so that everyone is able to find something they are interested in. We know that everyone also has their own particular needs and wants in vape products. That is why we are proud to offer not only different vape juice flavors for you to have fun with, but different vaping devices to meet your own needs. You can weigh the options based on what you find more convenient and worthwhile, and decide which exact one is the best e cigarette to quit smoking for you and your situation. You can try out vape pods with our Thunder device, which is incredibly easy to use. You only need to check on the battery life and replace the pre-filled vape pod on occasion. The Refillable Cyclone Vape Pen is great for long-term vape users who want great value for their money. Just keep it fully charged and refill the vape tank system using our liquid vape flavors when it begins to run low. Both options are great, so you really can’t go wrong.

Extra Support

One final note that we should touch on is what it means to a person to find a great e cigarette as they try to quit smoking. Of course, a vaping device alone will not make your cigarette dependency disappear, but it certainly can help. Your success is up to you and your determination. An electronic cigarette is simply a tool to help you achieve your goal. It can help you to feel more confident in what you are doing and see progress as you find yourself reaching for your vape pen more and your cigarette carton less. We wanted to create the best e cigarette to quit smoking to help you on this journey you started for yourself. And we are happy to see how much you are able to accomplish.

We've said it before and we will say it again: we have nothing but respect for anyone trying to work past their addiction to cigarettes. It is no easy task, but we are cheering you on as you put in the effort. We want to help any way we can, and that is why we have the types of vape products that we do and that we try to share this information with others who could find it encouraging. Cyclone Pods has always been a supporter of those trying to quit smoking and we will continue to do so for as long as we are here. Every message, comment, or review that we receive telling us how our customers are using our products to help them quit smoking only motivates us to do more.

As you research what is the best e cigarette to quit smoking, keep in mind everything that we went over here. You can also come back here or check out some of our other blog posts for helpful information related to vaping and smoking cessation. Feel free to check out any of the vape products mentioned here to see if you think they could help you on your way. If you have any questions at all about our products, please send us a message. We would be happy to clear anything up for you and provide you with some support while you are considering your next steps in quitting cigarettes for good.

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