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Why We Love 0 Nic Vape Juice

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but here at Cyclone Pods, we enjoy vaping with nicotine-free vape juices from time to time. That’s right, we love our 0 nic vape juice and we are proud to let anyone know it. As much as we do love it, we want to let everyone know a few reasons why. We have quite a bit of experience in working with different types of vape products and ultimately it resulted in the relationship we have now with vaping and with our products in particular. We know our stuff and we know what we like to see in our vapes. However, we realize that not everyone has the same knowledge and experience with vaping as we do and do not necessarily know why some people choose 0 nic vape juice or that it even is an option at all. So we are passing this along to all of you and hope that you will stay informed about what your options are when it comes to vaping. If you have been using nicotine vape juice so far, you may want to rethink that after this.

It Helps Us Help Others

A major mission of ours is to help others to quit smoking by using vape pens more and cigarettes less. We are always happy to read messages from people saying that they found nicotine-free vaping helped them to pull back on the amount they smoked or to stay away from cigarettes altogether. We are glad that we have this as an option for those who want to see if vaping can act as a good alternative to cigarette smoking. Every time they choose to vape with 0 nic vape juice instead of smoking a cigarette, they pull themselves away from the addiction of nicotine a little bit more and we love to see it.

A Smoother Experience

We would just be lying to ourselves if we did not admit that nicotine-free vaping is smoother than vaping with nicotine or smoking cigarettes. Nicotine is the biggest factor in attaining a throat hit, or the sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale nicotine. Some people appreciate it when they get started vaping to quit smoking because it is one of the side effects of smoking cigarettes, but after a while, that gets tiresome. For former smokers or not, a smooth, easy vaping experience with no nicotine and no throat hit is more enjoyable and less irritating. Without nicotine in the way, you can enjoy vaping and pass on that unnecessary punchy feeling.

It Tastes Great

One of the things we all seem to agree on is that trying the different flavors of vape liquid is a big part of the fun of vaping. You can try out all sorts of flavors when vaping and compare them to pick out your favorites. It is easy to see why people enjoy the flavors so much since vaping is such a distinct way of tasting them. When you vape using 0 nic vape juice specifically, you can enjoy it even more because you can get the smoothest hit of flavor this way. You can say goodbye to the nicotine without having to say goodbye to any of the taste.

Habit Without Addiction

After seeing so many people talk about their struggles with quitting smoking and how much they enjoy vaping without nicotine e juices, we have really come to appreciate the fact that this can be a habit but not an addiction. The fact that those two things can be so separate from each other is great. We can enjoy some things without having to worry about it becoming a problem for us down the road. Vaping with 0 mg nicotine liquids means you can actually relax and enjoy the flavors without feeling the guilt you would with cigarettes or nicotine e juice.

As you can see, we have our reasons for loving 0 nic vape juice as much as we do. We appreciate the pleasant experience it provides, but also the very real benefits that come with it. It is not just one thing or the other for us. It is not just that 0 nic vape juice can possibly help people while they are giving up smoking, or that it is a nice way to spend your free time. It is that it is all of that in one. We can only encourage anyone who does vape using nicotine e liquids to weigh their options and consider switching over to nicotine-free vape juice instead. It is, in our opinion, an even better experience without some of the drawbacks. At Cyclone Pods, we love a good vape, and we love it even more when nicotine is out of the picture.

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