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Why You Should Try a Vape Pen, No Nicotine or Tobacco

After seeing so many friends, passersby, or people on television casually sporting a vape pen, you might have started to wonder what is so appealing about those vaping devices. They make it seem pretty enjoyable and there is always a new flavor of vape juice you didn't know was an option. Overall, the best way for you to see what all the hype around vaping is about is to try it for yourself. But we would recommend one thing right at the very start. When you start vaping, make sure you use a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco first. It is much better that way. If you are unsure about vaping or why that type of vape pen in particular, then we can explain things for you.

Lots of Smooth Flavors

One of the most exciting aspects of vaping for the first time is finally being able to try out all of the flavors that are available. We might take this for granted after a while of vaping, but easily remember how curious we were about all the flavors we were trying when we just began vaping. It was fun being able to pick out everything that we wanted and testing out each individual flavor to see what met or exceeded our expectations. It is kind of a funny experience trying flavored vape products. You are essentially allowing yourself to enjoy different flavors, not by eating or drinking anything, but by breathing it in. It is a pretty fun idea that translates into a fun experience for anyone who has not tried it before. It gets even better when you enjoy all these new flavors with a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco. Just that one simple change makes the experience quite different on the whole.

If you have ever smoked before or vaped with any amount of nicotine strength, then you know the feeling already. Nicotine comes with a side effect called a throat hit that is essentially as the name implies. It is a feeling that almost hits you in the back of your throat that happens when you inhale nicotine products. Many find it to be uncomfortable because it is so irritating to the throat, especially if you consume nicotine often enough. It also changes the way that you can enjoy vape juices in a variety of flavors. That throat hit makes the flavors less smooth to inhale and can ruin the experience for many. Vaping with nicotine-free vape juice, however, eliminates that element of the experience, allowing you to enjoy each flavor to its fullest. You can really taste the vape juice flavors in a nice, smooth puff without an uncomfortable irritation getting in the way. If you really want to vape for the variety of vape juice flavors, you will want to stick to vaping without nicotine.

No Nicotine Addiction

Before ever trying an electronic cigarette, a concern that many people have is actually related to nicotine. They are hesitant to even start vaping because they do not want to develop an addiction just because they were curious about what vaping is like and why so many people try it. It is very common to see vape brands on the market today selling vape juice with some amount of nicotine. The last thing we would ever encourage our customers to do is form an addiction to our products. We wanted to create products at Cyclone Pods that people could enjoy casually and stop or start whenever they feel like it. We do not want anyone to feel compelled to use our products at any point. That is why it was so important to us to create a standout vape juice formula that includes exactly 0 nicotine content.

Our customers enjoy our products because of the formulas, convenient devices, and the variety of flavors. We are proud to be able to say that people keep coming back to our products solely for the quality of our vaping devices and vape juice. When you vape using a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco, you really get to see if you like the product for what it is, or for the addictive properties it holds. There is a huge difference between the two. Without any nicotine content in your vape juice, you get to enjoy the product and experience without any concern that you will develop an addiction to this highly addictive substance that troubles so many already. Vaping without nicotine is really just the best option for everyone to enjoy themselves without such a serious concern weighing on their minds. So at least you know with us, you do not have to worry about nicotine becoming a problem for you.

Fun Pastime

The fact that you can enjoy a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco freely without the looming fear of addiction contributes to the fact that vaping is a fun way to spend your free time. All things considered, it is a pretty harmless act that can be a good way for you to enjoy yourself without serious concerns. You could compare it to smoking cigarettes, but without the harmful effects and addictive ingredients, of course. Vaping is just something that you can do to fill the time when you have little else to do or you just want to keep your hands busy. This sort of activity comes in handy when you are waiting for something like an appointment, a ride, or to meet up with friends. It is an activity that does not take much thought or physical effort, making it terribly easy to just do casually as you sit and wait or pace around an area. Unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed in a wide range of spaces. There are no concerns of open flames or toxic gases since the nicotine-free vapor does not linger around or cause secondhand health risks like cigarettes do. This makes it all the more easy to enjoy your hobby in public. The sleek, compact packaging also makes your vape pen easy to carry around with you in public even if you are not sure if you want to vape later. Instead of an entire carton of cigarettes and a lighter, you can just carry your discreet vaping device.

It could also be helpful for times when you need to relax and you do not need to go out for anything. While you are staying at home relaxing and playing games or watching your shows, you can keep a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco in your hand to help you enjoy the moment more. It takes so little effort or concentration to do, but it does add to the experience of staying at home and taking a break from everything. You can puff away freely, savoring whichever flavor you chose for the day. Each fully charged and refilled vape pen should be able to last you for hours throughout the day, even if you are vaping steadily, so you can really sit back and let your mind wander while you vape.

Help Quit Smoking

This benefit of using a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco is especially for those who have dealt with or are currently trying to face an addiction to smoking. While we have mentioned how vaping without nicotine is great because it does not require you to consume an addictive substance and form a habit, it can also be incredibly helpful for those actively facing an addiction. Many people trying to quit smoking decide to seek out nicotine-free vape products as a tool to help them manage their addiction and eventually quit entirely. This is something that we were well aware of since the beginning of Cyclone Pods. We saw so many people looking to electronic cigarettes as a way to help them quit smoking and we wanted to be a part of that. We are now quite proud of what we have been able to do after hearing so many of our customers talk about using our products to help them quit their habits for good. This applies to people who have either developed an addiction to cigarettes or even nicotine vaping products.

Nicotine-free vape juices can help you to break away from your habit because it is such a similar act that almost tricks your body into thinking it is actually smoking, just without the nicotine. So while you face your nicotine addiction head-on and reduce your intake of it, you can use a vape pen, no nicotine or tobacco to help you manage. You can either go the cold turkey method and completely replace your nicotine products with our vaping devices, or you can make the process more slow and steady by weaning yourself off of nicotine over time. You should just stick to whichever way works best for you to get you to stop smoking habitually once and for all. As difficult as it is to face addiction and try to move past it, we are happy to celebrate your success along the way.

Easy to Get Started

If you are completely new to vaping and feel unsure of what products you need or how you get started, vaping makes things easy. A good way to get started is by testing the waters with a disposable vape pen first, just so you get an idea of vaping and if you want to keep going with it. It is easy to use and requires no maintenance, so you can start puffing right away and be done once it goes empty. After that, you can choose which type of device you want with their easy-to-use refills. A vape pod just requires you to replace the pre-filled pod with a new one once it goes empty. A refillable pen requires you to pour the liquid in yourself, and comes with a lot of product. Both are quite easy to learn and get the hang of quickly.


As fun as it is to get into a hobby, the real question that remains is how you are going to keep up with your new hobby. Some pastimes can be great at the beginning, but quickly become frustrating and harder to continue because of how expensive or high-maintenance they are. Vaping is a relatively easy hobby to maintain because of the prices and general accessibility of the items you need. In order to vape, you first need the vaping device and vape juice refills. Then you just need the refills as you run out or decide to pick up some new flavors. Vape products becoming more popular has made them easier to purchase than ever. You do not have to look very far or for very long in order to find what you need. If you want to get started vaping, stock up on refills, or try out new products, you can purchase everything you want right here in one convenient location. We made sure to have a diverse range of offerings so that everyone can enjoy our products regardless of how long they have been vaping for. We also keep our prices affordable so that you can get the best value possible, making your money go a long way with each order.

As you can tell, we have quite a lot to say on the subject, and even more that we have not mentioned here. But that is only because this is a subject that we are passionate about. We love our work here at Cyclone Pods and we are proud of the products we have created. It is an incredible feeling knowing that so many people turn to our vape products to enjoy their free time or help them quit smoking. We want to make sure that every single device or vape juice flavor is top-notch so that our customers get to experience nothing but the best out there, and at an affordable price. We have spoken so much about nicotine-free vape pens here, that you may be curious to see what all the fuss is about. Well, you can find out for yourself pretty easily by picking up a disposable vape pen to try out or a rechargeable vape pen with refills that you can enjoy for a while. Check out all of our products and flavor options to start vaping in your free time.

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