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Your Search for The Best Juul Alternative Pods Has Come To an End

Vapers all over the country have relied on vape pens like Juuls for many years, as Juuls represent an easy and convenient way to get a quick fix, enjoy some pleasant flavors, and create satisfyingly soothing clouds.

The Juul following is pretty loyal, but Juuls are not perfect. They are not without their flaws, and there are enough of you out there looking for a better alternative that we answered the call, and we did it with poise.

Juuls may be convenient, but there are some consistent gripes about them and many of you will probably echo the sentiment if you’ve ever used Juul devices before. The design is thoughtful enough, but the battery life and capacity leave something to be desired. In addition, there are a lot of vapers out there who are looking for a better alternative that contains no nicotine.

If you’re looking for the best Juul alternative pods (or pod system) you'll be pleased to hear that starting today your journey has come to its joyous end. From this point forward, you’ll be enjoying nothing but better flavors, better clouds, and an all-around superior design to Juuls - bar none!

Introducing the Cyclone Thunder and Thunder Pods!

At long last, you have come across what might be rightly and justly called the best Juul alternative pods and pod system on the market. We now offer our Cyclone Thunder and Thunder pods which can be used in them, all in a wide assortment of unique and original flavors.

Our Cyclone Thunder is unique and easy to use, not to mention ergonomic and practical, and we offer the Thunder itself, as well as starter kits containing pre-filled mint, mango, strawberry, tobacco, and coffee-flavored pods. Once you use it and love it - and we know you will - you can get refills in the following flavors:

  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Fruit Mint
  • Vanilla
  • Blueberry
  • Tobacco
  • Coffee
  • Lemonade
  • Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Bold Tobacco

In addition to our unique flight of bold and delicious flavors, our Thunder Device is almost literally weighed down with features that make it the perfect alternative for anyone looking to get away from their current Juul system, no matter how used to it they are!

Better Design!

Right out of the gate, our Thunder device hits heavy with its convenient sizing, comfortable ergonomics, and overall user-friendly design. It was thoughtfully designed to retain some of the characters of Juul systems that users liked while shedding all of those that were less than popular with the customer base.

A Juul is slightly larger than a cigarette, and our Thunder device is slightly larger than a Juul, coming in at 4 inches in length. It’s still slim and discrete while still possessing enough body and presence to feel comfortable in the hand. Vaping is a holistic experience, and we know the size and weight of a device play into it as much as the clouds and the flavor. Our Thunder device is designed to optimize on the interplay of elements.

This also makes our Thunder device uniquely sized to take advantage of your need for easy portability and discretion. It's comfortable in the hand without being too large to slip into a pocket or take on the go - after all, it’s still smaller than your average pen!

Better Capacity!

While its dimensions fairly mimic the traditional Juul system but with a bit of a twist, our Thunder device is the clear winner when it comes to capacity. One of the common gripes with Juul users is that their Juuls run dry far too quickly, which is not only frustrating but tarnishes the vaping experience.

When you’re savoring the cool, luscious clouds of your own making, the last thing you want is for your pod to run out of vape juice, and that’s why our Thunder pods are fully double the size of other Juul compatible pods.

What does that mean for you? For one thing, it means you can enjoy our unique and powerful flavors for longer without having to worry excessively about running out of e-liquids. If you’ve ever had issues with your Juul’s capacity or lifespan in the past, then give one of our Thunder Devices a try and see the difference for yourself, firsthand!

No More Leaky Pods!

Leaky pods are a problem for some Juul users. In fact, leaky pods are so common that there is a page devoted to rectifying the issue on Juul’s Support Page. Let’s put it this way; even though a leaky pod shouldn’t cause too much of a headache, the vaping experience profits most when the pod doesn’t leak in the first place. They tell you not to draw too aggressively or bite on the mouthpiece when you draw, and we recognize that vapes are not chew toys, but again, this is a holistic experience!

Rather than counseling our customers on how they should and should not enjoy the vaping experience, we’ve decided it would be for the better if we just designed a pod system with pods that were leak-resistant, and so we did.

If you’ve had enough of leaky pods and would like to seat the memory firmly in the rearview of your memory banks, then once again, relief has arrived. All of our Thunder Pods are leak-resistant so you don’t have to worry about losing vape juice capacity, wasting the juice, making a mess, or dealing with spit back.

Better Battery Life!

Leaky pods and low pod capacity aren’t the only issues that Juul users have had with their devices over the years. Battery life has also become a concern for Juul users, and while they are easy enough to recharge, that’s something that’s best done at the end of the day and not when you’re just getting to the height of enjoying a vape.

That was another consumer complaint we aimed to rectify when we set about to design the ultimate pod system, and so we made sure to design our Thunder pod with a better battery for longer life. We’re not going to tell you that it lasts many times longer than a Juul, but we can say this - the battery life on our Thunder device is decidedly better than a Juul’s.

That means you can enjoy longer vaping sessions with a Thunder device, but we’re just getting started with battery life and capacity - the “betters” just keep on rolling in!

No Nicotine!

While this is not specific to our Thunder Device in particular, something we’d like to note is that we produce nicotine-free vape juices here at Cyclone Pods, and all of our Thunder Pods are nicotine-free as well.

Never mind the fact that some users seek our nicotine-free options because it might be a useful component of their nicotine cessation goal - some users just don’t want nicotine because they want to be free of the addiction. To that end, nicotine has been implicated in causing or aggravating the following conditions, and more:

  • For starters, nicotine is addictive
  • Nicotine both causes and exacerbates hypertension
  • Nicotine increases your heart rate
  • It may even be implicated in the hardening of the arteries
  • Nicotine even decreases the immune response

Now, admittedly, there are some claims that nicotine, on its own, may have positive effects, but overwhelmingly the evidence is negative. A scientific dissertation could be written on the harmful effects of nicotine - and many have been. Only consult the National Center for Biotechnology Information if you don’t believe us.

By the way, the lack of nicotine in our vape juices doesn’t just help prevent addiction and help customers get away from nicotine products. It also has some other, lesser touted benefits which many of our users simply love - read on to find out more.

Better Flavor!

Nicotine, as an additive in many vape juices, unsurprisingly requires physical space in the blend. The less space that a vape juice blend has,  the more room its other ingredients need to make way for the inclusion of nicotine.

One of the things, or several of the things, rather, that need to make way for nicotine are the flavoring agents that are included in vape juices. Whether natural or artificial, more nicotine in a vape juice invariable leads to less flavor.

Only the thing is, our vape juices have no nicotine, remember? That comes out to a few things in the wash, and one of the best of them is that our pods are much more flavorful than competitors, including Juuls. Our unique suite of flavors is impressive enough in its own right, but when you add in the fact that flavors are more powerful, the proposition gets even better!

Better, Bigger Clouds!

As we mentioned, when nicotine is worked into a recipe for a vape juice blend, it pushes all of the other ingredients a little bit out of the way. This has an adverse effect on the potency of the flavor of the blend, but it doesn’t stop with that. The more nicotine is in a blend, the less vegetable glycerin (also known as VG) and the less propylene glycol (also known as PG) the blend can contain.

Those aren’t just nonsense buzzwords, or chemical formulas intended to confuse an audience. You die-hard vapers out there reading this will know exactly why it’s such a big deal. VG and PG - especially VG - are essential to creating a good vape juice blend, and ultimately, to the experience.

Vegetable glycerin, in particular, is the compound that is included in vape juice from which the clouds are created. In short, the more VG a vape juice blend contains, the better and bigger the clouds will be. All other things being equal, a blend with more VG will give cloud chasers a better experience.

The other thing is, the more nicotine a blend contains, the less VG it will have room for. It’s simple math, and you can do it - our blends contain more, and therefore you can enjoy bigger, more billowing clouds with the juices in our Thunder Pods.

Better All Around!

As you can see, our Thunder Device and Thunder Pods, the vape juices which also contain no Vitamin E Acetate or Diacetyl, really are a better choice all around. If we do say so ourselves, we like to think of them as the best Juul alternative pods out there, to date!

If you’re looking for more information, check out our product pages via the above links where you can learn more about them, or just reach out to us directly and we’d be more than happy to fill you in.

  • Just Note - They’re the best Juul alternative pods, but they don’t work with Juul pods - not that you’ll need them anymore anyway!

Here for Something Else? Don’t Miss the Rest of Our Collection!

Don’t forget while you’re shopping with us here that we offer much more than just our Thunder Device and Thunder Pods here in our collection.

For those of you looking for a disposable solution for your vaping habit, but are still interested in nicotine-free options, we offer our Nicotine Free Gust Disposable Vapes, which are long-lasting, have a great capacity, are available in a number of interesting, original flavors, and best of all, are disposable! With them, you can enjoy your vape and then just toss them when you’re done!

In addition, we also offer a number of unique nicotine-free vape liquid blends that you can use with vapes and mods of your choice, though we also offer our Refillable Cyclone Vape Pen as well as Refillable XL Cartridges, both of which you can find via the link above.

Finally, we even offer a Taper Kit, which is designed to help you slowly wean yourself off of nicotine use if you are a current user. This unique kit comes with 6 bottles of vape liquid, each of which has a little bit less nicotine than the last. It can be a very useful weapon in your contra-nicotine arsenal - and if you have any questions, contact us! Till then, happy shopping!

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