4 Nicotine-Free Vaping Products to Help You Quit but Keep Vaping

The time has come to quit tobacco and nicotine once and for all. Smoking and vaping tobacco products that contain nicotine are destructive habits to you and those around you. Nicotine is a toxic substance that has no business being in the human body. No matter what way a person puts nicotine into his or her body, it leads to disastrous consequences, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart disease, various cancers-- the list goes on and on. Why continue to put yourself and your body through that?

Well, Nicotine. It’s an extremely addictive substance, so it’s understandable why it’s difficult for you or anyone else to quit using it. Not only that, but the simple act of smoking, but especially vaping, is a satisfying action to take. In terms of vaping, the giant plumes you can unleash can be, simply put, a lot of fun. It’s also a delicious habit!

Fortunately for those looking to quit vaping harmful tobacco and nicotine products, but to continue the act of vaping, we are here to help. At Cyclone Pods, we specialize in creating various vaping products and supplies that have no nicotine or tobacco within them, but instead allow you to healthily vape.

One well-known and popular vaping device is the JUUL. If/when you give up vaping tobacco and other nicotine products, you don’t have to give up your JUUL or the flavored JUUL compatible pods entirely. We have excellent and even better alternatives without the harmful ingredients. Let’s have a look at our various nicotine-free products and see why you should make the switch to our products from your JUUL and/or flavored JUUL compatible pods.

1.  Thunder Devices and Starter Kits

Our Thunder device is one of our finest products to help you quit nicotine cold turkey and lead you to a healthier and happier life. It is a nicotine-free device or starter kit, which is already a huge advantage, but there is way more to this little device.

It has outstanding longevity and can last much longer than the JUUL. One of the major issues with the JUUL is its battery life, which is only about 8-12 hours. Not the Thunder, which can last up to double that amount of time. Another big downfall of the JUUL is its liquid capacity. These devices have a maximum liquid capacity of 0.7 mL. However, the Thunder can hold twice the amount of liquid. How about that for convenience and authority in vaping?

Our Thunder devices have also taken into account the vapor output, which is exceptional on this device. On top of all of these outstanding features, it is also a discreet and pocket-friendly size of four inches in height, .75 inches in width, and .25 inches in depth. This device truly trumps the JUUL in every way, as you might have already gathered, but still remains comparable in delicious flavors. Mint, mango, strawberry, coffee, tobacco (in case you need that specific flavor due to cravings), and classic. No matter which flavor you choose, you’ll be glad you swapped it in place of your unimpressive JUUL.

2.  Thunder Pods

We know the luxurious, convenient, and delicious nature of pods. You might find a lot of options in terms of the flavored JUUL compatible pods, but those simply will no longer do once you see what nicotine-free options we have.

Each of our pods holds 1.5mL of liquid. This is double what you would get in a JUUL pod, which means more delicious and fun vaping for you. Every pack we have also comes with three Thunder pods that contain maximum flavor. Much like our other devices, our pods come in an abundance of unique and yummy flavors. We have more classic flavors, like mango, banana, strawberry, guava, cucumber, and grape. We also have flavors that give you the taste of tobacco in case you have that strong and unshakable craving, such as tobacco, bold tobacco, and menthol.

Amongst all of that, our pods are also leak-resistant, which means no spit back or leaky pods for you. An improved vaping experience for an improved person.

3.  Nicotine-Free Gust Disposables

Are you looking for something to vape that is discreet and easy to use? In comes our disposable vape pens. These guys are both convenient in size and affordable in price. At just $9 a pop, you can enjoy pristine vaping with our pens for a significantly longer time than you would a JUUL. Plus, no need to charge or refill anything. Just pull as long as you can, finish, and throw away. It’s that easy.

We also take flavors seriously in all of our nicotine-free vaping products, so our disposables are no exception. They come in exciting flavors, such as mint, fruit mint, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, and much more.

4.  Nicotine-Free Liquids and Refillable Pens

For those who are in search of a refillable pen because you like to pick and choose your flavors, then not to worry: we’ve thought of you, too. Our nicotine-free liquids and refillable pens are just what you need for easy and delicious quitting. These pens charge in under an hour, which is faster than the typical hour-long wait for JUULs.

Our vape pens are only $17, which is another upperhand to the JUUL and the flavored JUUL compatible pods. We also offer plenty of delicious flavors in our compatible pods, such as mint, mango, blueberry, and fruit mint.

We can’t lie to you: quitting tobacco and nicotine products, whether it’s smoking or vaping, is no small feat. However, it will be completely worth it in the end. One of the best ways to quit is to go cold turkey, which is possible with our nicotine-free vaping products. This is the best way to quit because you still get the fun out of vaping without the harmful chemicals and ingredients. Let us help you by sending us an email. We can’t wait for you to quit all nicotine products so you can get to living a happier and healthier life.

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