Best Holiday Gifts for Vapers

rechargeable disposable non nicotine vape

Vaping has become pretty popular the past few years. One in 20 Americans vape and the industry is predicted to reach $40 billion by 2023. With so many people vaping these days, it’s no surprise that the industry has continued to expand with innovative, interesting products. From non nicotine vape pens to vape charms, here are the best gifts to give a vaper this holiday season.

Vape Lanyard

One reason that vaping has become so popular is the ability to vape anywhere. You can help the vaper in your life more easily access their vape wherever they are with a lanyard. This way, they can hang their vape pen or mod around their neck or anywhere else useful. You can also give them lanyard rings! The best part about picking a lanyard is that you can find one that’s in their style or has their interests on it.

Fitted Neck Pouch

This is another great trend that makes it more convenient to vape than ever before. A neck pouch provides a lot of support and comes in a variety of styles and designs. There are sophisticated ones that are leather and classy as well as fun ones with colorful designs. There are neck pouches with strings, straps, chains, beads, and even wooden ones. You can try a site like Etsy to find handmade neck pouches and even request customized ones.

rechargeable disposable non nicotine vapes

Non Nicotine Vape

If your friend or loved one has picked up vaping as a way to pick up a healthier habit while kicking an old one, you should look for non nicotine vape pens. These are a bit harder to come by than the usual pens you’ll find, but thankfully you’re already in the right place.

Check out our selection of popular rechargeable disposable non nicotine vapes!. We have disposable pens as well as long-lasting kits, both focused on making vaping healthier and more enjoyable.

Portable Charger

If the person you’re buying for loves to travel, a portable charger is probably one of the most useful gifts you can get. A portable charger allows them to vape without worrying about it dying while they’re at a concert, on a boat, or on a long hike. Honestly, it’s even annoying when a vape dies while you’re hanging out with friends and playing video games. Having a portable charger is always a plus!

Unique Non Nicotine Vape E-Juice Flavors

One of the best parts of vaping going mainstream is the abundance of interesting flavors that have arrived over the years. We have a ton of e-juice flavors to choose from that will all provide a satisfying experience to the vaper in your life. Strawberry is great for someone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without feeling guilty. Menthol is a hit for people that want to feel the smoke in the back of their throat while trying to kick a cigarette habit. Banana is fun and unique, making it a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Watermelon is refreshing and rejuvenating. Coffee will give them energy. You get the idea!

Vape Skin

A lot of vapes come with a discreet look. But if your vaper is the type of person who loves showing off their personality and interests, a vape skin is a great way to personalize their vape. Similar to a phone case, a vape is something that will always be on them — so why not make it special and different? Whether it’s a favorite sports team, a video game character, or even a beautiful painting, there are vape skins for just about every interest. Check out a site like Etsy to find a wide variety of options and even make customized vape skins.

Vape Charms

Similar to the charms that dangle off of phones, a vape charm can be another way to add personality and fun to your loved one’s vape. This is a really unique accessory that will most definitely make your friends’ vape stand out. From beads to pendants to little figures, vape charms can be a meaningful way to show your loved one that you know what they like and give them something they probably never thought of buying themselves.

Vaping Starter Kit

If they are new to vaping, you can’t go wrong with a vaping starter kit. Our kits come with a non nicotine vape device, a USB to micro USB charging cable, and an e-juice pod. This is a great way to give them everything they need to start vaping right away (like right at the holiday party). Our vaping starter kits come in a few varieties:

  • Strawberry
  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco

Vape Trick Lessons

Doing smoke tricks isn’t for everyone. But if the vaper you know is fascinated by the concept of making neat illusions with vapor, you can hook them up with personal lessons with an expert. This can be either online or in person, whatever you think they would like best.

rechargeable disposable non nicotine vapes

There are also YouTube videos that offer some great tips and tricks, but the opportunity to learn from a pro is definitely a unique present that will bring their vape tricks to an entirely new level.

Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape pen makes for a pretty simple and straightforward gift that really can’t go wrong. Even if they already have a vape pod, there’s nothing wrong with having some disposable vape pens laying around for specific uses and occasions. This can also allow them to try new brands, styles, and e-juice flavors. These pens are smaller and easier to bring with you, so they’re great if you know your loved one is traveling or likes to vape at work.

Vape Gifts and More Here at Cyclone Pods

Still scratching your head wondering what to get in terms of vape gifts for your friends and family? Take a look around our entire online vape shop and you will see a wide variety of different options available - including plenty of tasty vape flavors to choose from.

Our non nicotine vapes are the way to go if you love the satisfying throat hit of cigarettes but would prefer not to mess with any nicotine cravings. Shop today or get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the perfect vape products for you!

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