Cyclone Pods: The Best Puff Bar Alternative

If you are a frequent smoker, of vape or even cigarettes, you have most likely heard of the Puff Bar. With a cutesy name like that, it’s no wonder how these small, slim, and discreet disposable vapes made such headway on the vape market. Most know for their fruity and tasty flavors, as well as their brightly colored outer wraps, these disposable vapes rose to some sort of fame for just a short period of time.

Puff Bars manufactured probably every fruit flavor you could ever think of, making it incredibly easy to try out every single flavor you could find at your local 7/11, and subsequently getting hooked on nicotine because of it. While the FDA has just recently banned the selling of Juul devices and Juul pods, Puff Bars somehow found a loophole; not being able to refill the Puff Bar with vape juice like you could with a Juul.

For a while, it was easy to spot young adults and even teens puffing on these highlighter colored disposable vapes where ever you went. Soon enough, many teens probably got hooked on these Puff Bars, making the need for them that much stronger.

When it became evident that Puff Bars products were heavily marketed, applicable, and accessible to young trends, things started to go downhill. With pushback from lawmakers and anti-tobacco rhetoric that advocated for the decrease in underage vaping, the company that made Puff Bars eventually stopped production.

However, this didn’t stop copycat companies from manufacturing similar products that were almost identical to Puff Bars, thus selling them in the same gas stations and convenience stores. So, now these same young adults and underage vapers can buy these copycat Puff Bars and acquire those same nicotine addictions but have no idea really what they are smoking on.

Many of those Puff Bar lookalikes are not regulated and could really contain any sort of ingredient that could potentially be harmful. So, before those other companies come under fire, what can be done in the meantime. If you’re one of those people that used to enjoy Puff Bars, enjoy the act of vaping, but want to cut down on the nicotine? Then you’re in luck.

How to Get Started

A great solution to this problem would be to start using some sort of nicotine replacement therapy. That can come from slapping on a nicotine patch, chewing some nicotine gum, or even inhaling some nicotine nasal spray. However much this may help some individuals, this doesn’t replace the act and enjoyment of vaping.

While some smokers don’t need to actually smoke to reap the benefits of nicotine, some others do, which can be tough when you’re trying to quit. However, with Cyclone Pods, this can be the other solution. All of the products you can find on our website are 100% nicotine-free, made in the USA, and contain no harmful chemicals or additives.

A great way to curb the cravings that come along with nicotine addiction is to replace the feeling of actually smoking with something that will give you the same effect, yet with none of the harmful effects that come from the nasty nicotine.

Using a completely nicotine-free vape is a great way to help yourself stop the use of nicotine but still getting the same experience that you loved when it came to smoking or vaping. At Cyclone Pods, we are dedicated to helping curb the nicotine epidemic that is very much present in our country.

With all of these Puff Bar lookalikes still on the market, it’s harder and harder to find a solution to underage vaping. However, with our products, we offer the same type of products similar to Puff Bars, without nicotine.

Check Out Our Products

Cyclone Pods is the perfect Puff Bar alternative, as our products come in amazing flavors, and still offer that discreet and small packaging that is so popular. Some of the fruity and sweet flavors you can find on our website include mango, strawberry, guava, and our new cucumber flavor.

It’s better for your health and easier for you to try all the flavors without contributing more to the nicotine addiction. For newcomers, try out Thunder Device, which comes with the actual device and a starter pack of whichever flavor pods you’d like.

Not into the entire pod system? No worries, just pick up one of our Gust Disposable vapes and simply toss it when there is nothing left to puff. It’s extremely easy to get hooked on nicotine, but it also can be easy with the help of Cyclone Pods.

All of our juices are made here in the U.S, contain only PG/VG with some natural and artificial flavorings. Everything but the nicotine you’re so desperately trying to rid yourself of.

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