Do You Miss Puff Bars? Here’s a No Nic Puff Bar Alternative

If you’re up to date on the most pressing news regarding vaping, then you’ve probably heard about the recent ban on the youth-appealing disposable vapes, AKA, Puff Bars. Puff Bars, if you aren’t aware, took the entire vaping community and industry by storm, allowing your local gas stations and 7/11s to stock their shelves high with these brightly colored and intensely fruity-flavored disposable vapes.

If are a vaper or a frequent customer of your local 7/11, then you’ve probably seen or even tried a Puff Bar before. With their seemingly infinite number of unique fruity flavors, like lychee ice or pink lemonade, it almost seemed like a marketing ploy to try to get these disposable vapes sold to young adults, where those flavors would be the most appealing.

For a while, it seemed like Puff Bars were doing ok. With the recently banned Juul and Juul pods, there was definitely a market hole that Puff Bar was trying and succeeded at filling. Federal regulations had banned Juuls and the matching Juul pods not only because they were easily accessible and widely used amongst young adults, but also because they were refillable.

With Puff Bars, that was not the case. These USB- lookalike devices were single-use. Meaning, after you’ve puffed away all of the e-liquid inside, there was no way to refill those devices with your own liquid. Thus, having you throw them away and purchasing another one, perhaps in a different flavor.

What Happened to Puff Bars?

Since the inception and subsequent popularity of vaping, the FDA has been aggressively cracking down on vaping companies like Juul and Puff Bar. In America, there is a huge nicotine dependency problem in general. These types of vaping devices and products only add to the entire issue, considering most of these products contain nicotine.

They contain enough nicotine for you to get hooked. Once you’re hooked on nicotine, it’s very difficult to rid yourself of that addiction. It’s possible, but many would rather continue on puffing away at pina colada flavored disposable vapes than try their hand at quitting.

Once federal agencies got wind of these products being so easily accessible to younger adults, they cracked down. Many young adults and even teenagers were smoking away these Puff Bars, it became quite a problem. So, because of anti-smoking advocacy and pushback from the FDA, Puff Bar officially was officially banned from stores.

What Now?

Not only were they banned for appealing to younger audiences and demographics, but they also failed to require the correct authorization to be sold. So, actual Puff Bars are no longer available in stores. Unfortunately, some people enjoyed using Puff Bars.

Maybe they had used these disposable vapes to help themselves quit cigarettes or reduce their nicotine consumption. We are sure many people were left not knowing which product to turn to next for their daily consumption of vape or nicotine.

However, the termination of Puff Bars is the perfect time to make a real evaluation of your nicotine consumption and see if there is anything you can do about it. Clearly, nicotine isn’t the best for your health, so why not take this opportunity to make the switch to a nicotine-free lifestyle?

There are many other options out there that can help you make the switch from those discontinued Puff Bars, without having to succumb to another Puff Bar adjacent brand to get your nicotine fix. With this switch, you won’t have to worry about quitting vaping altogether, as there is an increasing number of options available that are nicotine-free.

Just look at the products from us at Cyclone Pods! Every single one of our products is made without a trace of nicotine, offering vaping experiences to any and everyone, without having the fear of gaining a dependency on the addictive chemical. You can find a no nic Puff Bar with us.

At Cyclone Pods, we are dedicated and passionate about helping slow down the nicotine dependency problem that is so prevalent in the U.S. We have far surpassed the need for nicotine, so we have created a great line of products that mimic the vaping experience, just without nicotine.

All of our products, from the Thunder Device with matching Thunder Pods to our Gust Nicotine-Free Disposables, are made in the U.S with completely safe ingredients. They’re basically like a no nic Puff Bar. If you enjoyed the adventurous flavors that made Puff Bar so famous, then you’re in the right place.

Try a wide range of our tasty flavors, such as watermelon, mint, mango, guava, and even vanilla! You can easily try all of our flavors without any worry. Check out our website for a bit more information about our products, customer testimonials, and why we do what we do! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, as well.

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