Quiz: Which E-Juice Flavor is Right For You?

On top of our collection of vape pens, you’ve probably noticed that Cyclone Pods also has an abundance of e-juice flavors that are perfect for your vapes with no nicotine. Instead of harmful, addictive ingredients that negatively impact your health, our e-juice flavors are solely focused on satisfying flavors and the experience you’ll get from using them.

With so many flavors, it can be tough to know which e-juice to use. That’s why we’ve created this quiz to help you better find vapes with no nicotine that match your specific needs.

Question 1: Think back to the beginning! What was your initial reason for vaping?

   A.  You were just looking for something that would help you feel recharged and relaxed. Vaping is something you like to do after a meal or between activities, sort of like a transition.

   B.  You wanted something to help with cravings, taking the place of unhealthy munching during your lunch breaks or while watching TV.

   C.  You just wanted to try the different e-juice flavors and experiment with something new.

   D.  For you, vaping was a way to give you a buzz. It’s a way for you to jump start your day and you find that it gives you energy when you’re starting to feel drained.

   E.  You wanted to feel soothed. It has helped you feel less anxious and given you a great distraction when you feel antsy.

   F.  You wanted to quit unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes and are on your way to using vapes with no nicotine.

Question 2: When you are craving something for dessert, what is your usual go-to?

   A.  Chocolate! You like a good high-quality dark chocolate bar, sometimes with mint or sea salt.

   B.  Candy! You like gummies and other fun treats that give you a sugar rush.

   C.  You sometimes find yourself craving something salty, like pretzels or granola.

   D.  You can’t go wrong with a good boba or matcha drink!

   E.  Cake! A vanilla cupcake with chocolate or strawberry frosting would be ideal.

   F.  You like something with a strong flavor, maybe something spicy that will get your taste buds going crazy and burn your throat.

Question 3: How do you deal with stressful situations? Imagine you’ve just given a presentation at work and it didn’t go as planned. Now, your boss has emailed you that they want to meet. What do you do next?

   A.  You find yourself pacing and maybe chewing some gum, preparing what you might say.

   B.  You’re in the break room gorging on junk food from the vending machine, trying to distract yourself with YouTube videos and sugar.

   C.  You aren’t too worried. You have a list of funny retorts to say back depending on what your boss says.

   D.  Your heart is racing and you feel your hands shaking. Is that sweat? You can’t think about anything else until the meeting happens so you chose the earliest time.

   E.  You are in the break room doing some quick breathing techniques to calm yourself down. You don’t want to overthink just yet.

   F.  You are immediately looking for a cigarette or another distraction to help keep your nerves down. But on the outside, you’re business as usual.

Question 4: You’ve been invited to a pretty big house party. You know about half of the people here. Where can you be found?

   A.  Talking to a few close friends. You aren’t the biggest fan of parties but do enjoy some socializing!

   B.  You’re having fun hanging out with everyone and trying out the a’duerves. It’s a nice change of pace to be in such a fun atmosphere.

   C.  You’re organizing a silly activity for party guests, like a drinking game or funny social experiment.

   D.  You’re hanging out with the cat and trying to stay awake. Your energy can get a bit drained from too much socializing at once.

   E.  You can be found chatting with one person you know at a time, asking them questions to learn more about them and make them feel comfortable.

   F.  You’re playing video games or board games with a small group of people at the party. You can get pretty sucked into these kinds of things.

Question 5: All of us are guilty of binging TV shows on streaming services to some extent. What are your TV watching habits these days?

   A.  You like to find uplifting reality shows, especially ones about house renovations or cooking challenges.

   B.  You find yourself drawn to silly cartoons and other lighthearted shows you can watch without paying too much attention.

   C.  You jump from show to show, going from a crime documentary to a popular drama to a dating reality show. You love having eclectic options to keep you entertained.

   D.  You are often binging TV shows late at night, usually finishing entire seasons in a day or so.

   E.  You enjoy watching shows that help you relax after work, like nature documentaries and easy-going sitcoms.

   F.  You find yourself getting way too hooked on shows, distracting you from more important things.

Question 6: What animal would you say is most aligned with your personality?

   A.  Crow
   B.  Panda
   C.  Gibbon
   D.  Honeybee
   E.  Whale
   F.  Mouse

Mostly A’s
If you got mostly A’s, try our mint e-juice! You feel like you’re well-balanced overall but sometimes need that extra boost of energy to keep you thinking sharply and feeling inspired. You are drawn to mint because of its unique blend of calming qualities and pick-me-up flavors, keeping you feeling grounded and ready for any situation.

Mostly B’s
If you got mostly B’s, you will enjoy our strawberry e-juice — or even our other flavors like mango and watermelon. You have a sweet tooth and these fun flavors will satisfy your craving without the extra calories and sugar. You are a high-energy person that loves excitement, so you’ll love this burst of flavor.

Mostly C’s
If you got mostly C’s, try our banana e-juice! This is not a flavor you come across every day. You are drawn to things that are a bit different and quirky. You don’t like to follow the crowd and love trying new things. You aren’t afraid to be yourself, whether it’s cosplaying your favorite anime character or telling a funny story at a house party.

Mostly D’s
If you got mostly D’s, you’ll want to give our coffee e-juice a shot. You’re a bit addicted to caffeine and rely on its buzz to keep you energized throughout the day. Coffee gives you that burst of energy you need between shifts or while doing something out of the ordinary, like a surprise party. You like routine and enjoy having a bit of structure in your life.

Mostly E’s
Mostly E’s? Try out vanilla e-juice! You are always looking for ways to feel balanced, centered, and soothed. Vanilla is a great flavor for when you want to feel relaxed, whether it’s before bed or while taking a bath after work. You’ll have better concentration and a sense of comfort, making it easier to let go of drama.

Mostly F’s
If you got mostly F’s, check out our tobacco e-juice! You probably switched to vaping to slowly work your way towards vapes with no nicotine. But you may still be craving the flavor and sensation of smoking. By vaping our tobacco e-juice, you can satisfy your craving without the dangerous side effects, helping you stay focused, relaxed, and free of any negativity.

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