The Best Disposable Pod Vapes and Why You Should Use Them

Many years ago, the cool thing to do was to smoke cigarettes. It was portrayed in movies, photoshoots, and also just a really common thing for people to get into the habit of. Back then, no one really knew of the negative health effects that were caused by continuous cigarette smoking. Fast forward a few years to the introduction of vaping. This new method for smoking worked as a way for people to wean themselves off of cigarettes by puffing on sweet and fruity tastes e-liquid that was turned into vapor and then inhaled.

When vaping was first introduced, now this was the cool way to continue to smoke. With the help of these innovations in technology, there was a huge shift in the way that people were consuming their nicotine products. While there was still a huge population of people that smoked cigarettes, there was now another option out there that could and had the point of having a way to help people quit cigarettes.

It was seen as a healthier and cooler option. After many years, boy was the predictions different than they actually turned out. Despite the fact that the original intention of the vape was to aid in the process of quitting cigarettes, vaping still remains quite popular to this day. The act of vaping and all other vaping products are not going away anytime soon. It’s here to stay.

While with vaping you are still consuming nicotine, it is a slightly healthier alternative to cigarettes. Who knows all the chemicals, toxins, and nasty substances that you inhale from a single cigarette. While with vapes and vape pods, there isn’t much going on in the juices besides flavoring, PV, and VG. PV is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin.

While these ingredients completely trump the ingredients found in cigarettes, both of these methods of smoking still share one commonality. The nicotine content. That is the main problem that still stems from these vaping products, is that they defeat their original purpose.

So, while people may find great results from switching from cigarettes to vapes, they are still consuming that nicotine that is oh so addicting. So, what now? The answer may come as obvious or it may come as a surprise, but there are actually vapes out there that contain no nicotine whatsoever!

While this may seem redundant, it can actually be a really effective way to quit smoking, as you’re getting the entirely same experience with a regular vape, but you’re not continuing to contribute to nicotine addiction. The best way to do this is if you’re already accustomed to vaping, so the transition can be smooth, painless, and easy!

What Kind of Vape to Use?

While there are many different kinds of vaping products out there to choose from, such as big vape mods, vape pods, and disposable vapes, you have to pick one that you think you could see yourself using on a regular basis. This is because if you’re using a non-nicotine product to help quit vaping and smoking, you will probably create the habit of using it a lot, which will mimic the act of using a nicotine vape. For many people, using a vape mod with nicotine vape juice is a perfectly fine way to go, others don’t like how large they can be, so they opt for something smaller, like a disposable pod vape.

This kind of vape is a great model to use for anyone who is looking for a more discreet way to vape. Using a disposable e-cig is one of the best ways to remain discreet. Usually, they’re slim and long and sort of resemble a USB stick, which can be easily slid into your pocket and hidden by your hand as you use it. This can be great for someone who needs to step outside of work to hit the vape or does it from their car.

While these can be great, sometimes those bar disposables are quick to run out, so it can be annoying to constantly have to go out and buy more and more. So, instead, you should opt for the best disposable pod vapes you can easily find online.

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