6 Types of Vaping Devices (Key Features, Pros, Cons)


It doesn’t matter if you're an experienced or a new vaper. Finding the right device for your needs is essential for a pleasurable vaping experience.

Luckily, you can choose from 6 types of vaping devices.

Whether you prefer DTL or MTL vaping, high or low nicotine levels, or want to know which vape device is the safest — this article has got you covered.

We’ll break down the pros and cons of each vaping device to ensure you find the best vape for you!
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2 Types of Vape Delivery Systems (MTL & DTL)

Before diving into the different types of vaping devices, let’s quickly cover the common vaping styles or delivery systems.

There are broadly two types of vapor delivery systems – mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. Regardless of the vaping device you use, it’ll always fall under one of these two styles of vapor delivery.

As the name suggests, MTL vape devices pull the vapor into your mouth before inhalation, and DTL devices allow you to inhale vapor directly into the lungs.

While these delivery systems may seem similar, they offer different vaping experiences. Each method delivers nicotine, flavors, and vapor into your system differently.

Here’s an overview of MTL and DTL vapes:

  • MTL vapes offer a draw similar to a regular cigarette, making them popular among new vapers looking for a cigarette-like experience.

    They have restricted airflow, smaller batteries, and produce less vapor — which allows manufacturers to use e-liquids with higher nicotine levels. The average price range for MTL vapes falls between $20 and $60.

  • DTL vapes have unrestricted airflow, large external batteries and produce large amounts of vapor — prompting manufacturers to use lower nicotine levels in vape juices to account for these increases. DTL vapes can cost between $30–$350.

With that covered, let’s look at the different types of vaping devices available in your nearest vape store.

6 Types of Vaping Devices (Pros, Cons, Ideal For)

Vape devices have evolved rapidly over the years. Today, a wide variety of vaping devices offer unique features, benefits, and experiences.

Here are the six most common types of vape devices you can find today:

1. Dry Herb Vaporizers

Unlike other devices in this list, dry herb vapes don’t vaporize e-liquids. Instead, they heat herbs and plant matter to a specific temperature (below combustion) to extract the desired compounds in the vapor form.

Cannabis and tobacco are two popular herbs commonly used for dry vaping.

Key features:

  • Has an MTL system
  • May have an LED screen (displaying battery life and temperature level)
  • Adjustable temperature settings

Pros of a dry herb vaporizer:

  • Lets you set the optimum temperature to vaporize your herbs of choice
  • Built-in filtration systems
  • Safer and more effective delivery of active compounds than smoking herbs and tobacco products

Cons of dry herb vapes:

  • Expensive
  • High-maintenance
  • Can cause addiction when used with herbs like tobacco and cannabis

Ideal for:

  • An experienced vaper who uses herbs for therapeutic or recreational purposes

Note: Some herbs used in a dry vaporizer, like cannabis, could be illegal in your state. Additionally, the use of cannabis vapes, cannabis oil, THC oil, and live resin may also be subject to specific legal regulations and restrictions.

2. Mod Vapes (Box Mod / Vape Mod)

A mod vape (aka box mod, vape mod, or mechanical mod) is a powerful vape device that uses large vape juice tanks, high power outputs, and high airflow to produce large vapor clouds. You can customize them to suit MTL or DTL vaping styles.

Mod vapes encompass a variety of options, including tube mods, regulated mods, and mechanical mods.

How do they differ?

Tube mods have a streamlined design and often offer a straightforward vaping experience. Regulated mods, on the other hand, offer adjustable power settings and safety features for a more versatile vaping experience. On the other hand, mechanical mods provide a direct, unregulated power output, appealing to experienced vapers.

So, if you’ve ever seen someone in public blowing massive clouds of vapor into the air while holding what looks like an early 2000s Nokia phone — you've witnessed a mechanical mod vape (possibly a Vandy Vape or Marvos T.)

Note: A mod vape is an advanced device and requires extensive knowledge of different components to be used properly. So it may only be suitable for any experienced vaper.

Key features:

  • Sub ohm tank
  • Customizable coil or atomizer to improve vaporization
  • Large external batteries
  • Digital puff counter
  • LED display screens (displaying wattage controls, battery life, puff counter, and temp settings)

Pros of mod vapes:

  • Adjustable voltage, wattage, and temperature settings
  • Adjustable airflow control on the atomizer to control vapor production
  • Large aftermarket potential for customization

Cons of mod vapes:

  • Mod kits are large and heavy (inconvenient for traveling)
  • Mod kits are high-maintenance and expensive
  • May lead to addiction from nicotine use

Ideal for:

  • Experienced vapers and cloud chasers

3. Pod Mod Vapes (E-Cigarettes)

A pod mod is an MTL vaping device that offers the performance of a full-sized vape mod but stores its e-liquid in a pod instead of a traditional glass vape tank.

They’re available as both disposable and reusable devices. If reusable, they come with detachable and refillable e-liquid pods (pod system).

A pod device typically uses nicotine salt based e-liquids to deliver high doses of nicotine and flavor.

Pod mods are the most popular vape devices on the market, thanks to their unmatched convenience, low pricing, and high nicotine levels. Pod vapes are a go-to for most e cigarette users — old and new.

Key features:

  • Adjustable airflow
  • Refillable pod system
  • Battery level indicators
  • Automatic "power off" timers (if not used for a certain amount of time)
  • “Pull-activated” firing mechanisms

Pros of pod mods:

  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Widely available
  • Large flavor range

Cons of pod mods:

  • Small battery life and low vapor production
  • Lack customizability
  • May lead to addiction from nicotine use

Ideal for:

  • Smokers who want to make the switch from a traditional cigarette to a vape kit
  • A regular vaper looking for a convenient secondary vape device

4. Vape Pens

Vape pens are pen-shaped vaping devices slightly larger than traditional e-cigarettes. Vape pens are sleek and discrete, allowing you to enjoy vaping at your discretion. A vape pen can accommodate both nicotine freebase and nicotine salt e-liquids.

They are also customizable, creating a fully personalized experience. The best vape pen is one built for your style of vaping, so try to customize your vape pen to suit your needs best.

You can also opt for a disposable vape pen — portable vaporizers with a pre filled cartridge — perfect for on-the-go use.

Key features:

  • Can be adjusted to DTL or MTL vaping
  • Internal batteries
  • Single firing button

Pros of a vape pen:

  • Adjustable temperature control and airflow
  • Inexpensive with large aftermarket potential
  • Variety in vaping experience (MTL or DTL)

Cons of a vape pen:

  • Fragile and high-maintenance devices
  • Small battery life
  • May lead to addiction from nicotine use

Ideal for:

  • All vapers

5. Cig-Alike Vapes

As the first generation of the modern electronic cigarette, "cig-alikes" were designed to resemble the look and feel of a regular cigarette as closely as possible. This is because manufacturers believed that this design would be more appealing to tobacco smokers — which it did.

Although cig-alikes are old news in 2023, you can still find some hidden in the shadows of your local tobacco or vape shop.

Their design is simple — a small internal battery, an atomizer (coil), and an e-liquid vape cartridge built into one (usually designed to look like a traditional cigarette filter.)

Key features:

  • Internal battery
  • Has an optimizer and e-liquid vape cartridge built into one
  • “Pull-activated” firing mechanism

Pros of cig-alike vapes:

  • Discrete
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use

Cons of cig-alike vapes:

  • Often poorly built with unregulated vape juices (prefilled)
  • Produces less vapor
  • Causes addiction
  • Limited range of flavors

Ideal for:

  • Ex-smokers looking for a cigarette-like experience

6. Nicotine-Free Vapes

Nicotine-free vapes provide all the features of the popular “pod mod” devices, with one additional benefit — they are nicotine-free!

Nicotine-free vaping products come in reusable and disposable forms, which use a refillable vape pod (if reusable) instead of a glass vape tank.

Not having nicotine in your vape device allows you to enjoy all the pleasure of conventional vaping without exposing yourself to harmful and addictive chemicals like nicotine or diacetyl.

Plus, they’re a great option if you’re trying to quit smoking!

Key features:
  • Battery level indicators (LED light)
  • Nicotine-free
  • “Pull-activated” firing mechanisms
  • Refillable vape pod (if it’s a reusable device)

Pros of nicotine-free vapes:

  • Non-addictive
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Large flavor range

Cons of nicotine-free vapes:

  • Low-quality devices may have unregulated ingredients
  • Untrusted brands may still contain nicotine
  • Some brands’ devices have short battery lives

Ideal for:

  • A young person or new vapers looking for a non-addictive vaping experience

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Now, in case we missed something, let’s answer some common questions about vaping devices you may still have.

4 Common FAQs About Vaping Devices

Here are the answers to some questions you might have:

1. What are the Most Common Types of Vapes?

Disposable vapes are the most common devices available — especially among young people. These portable vaporizers are affordable, widely available, and allow e cigarette users to try new flavors without commitment.

The average disposable vape can contain between 300 to 5000 puffs and vary in price accordingly.

Unfortunately, many disposable vapes contain nicotine, even if the label says they don't — so buying them from trusted suppliers is essential.

2. How Many Puffs of a Vape Equal One Cigarette?

Generally, electronic cigarette manufacturers claim that 10-15 puffs from a vape equal one cigarette (the general number of puffs needed to finish a cigarette).

While this is a fairly accurate range, many factors — like the size of the draw you take — can influence this number. Since you can't "finish" a vape like a cigarette, it's essential to keep track of your puffs and not get carried away (aka "blind-puffing").

And remember — vaping is much safer on your lungs than smoking tobacco products (95%, to be precise) if done in moderation.

3. What Are the Safety Requirements for Vaping Devices?

The safety requirements for a vaping device include visible instructions for correct use, handling, storage, refilling, recharging, and disposal of the product.

Additionally, your vaping device should provide information about the consequences of incorrect use and outline handling precautions you need to follow before and during their use.

4. Which Type of Vape Is Better?

The “best vape device” for you depends on your preference. But we can tell you that nicotine-free vapes are the safest vaping product options available. The standard of quality in vapes has also massively improved over the years.

But despite this, some low-quality vapes may still include harmful substances like diacetyl, which can cause severe adverse health conditions and side effects. Some side effects of low-quality e cigarette use include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Increase in blood pressure and narrowing of the arteries,

To name a few.

Luckily, some vape companies, like Cyclone Pods, have made it their mission to make vaping safer, non-addictive, and more accessible.

Get the Most Out of Vaping With a Cyclone Pods Device

Different vaping products and devices on the market provide unique vaping experiences. Finding the best for you is up to your personal preference. But nicotine-free vapes are a no-brainer if safety is your main priority!

Cyclone Pods is a US-based vape company that has a range of high-quality vapes that are free from:

  • Nicotine
  • Diacetyl
  • Vitamin-E acetate
  • Formaldehyde

Cyclone Pods’ vapes give you peace of mind knowing that you can still enjoy vaping without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

So what are you waiting for?
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