What Are The Best E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking With?

Trying to quit smoking but don’t really have a gameplan in place? You might be interested in vaping as a potential means of dropping your smoking habit, but that’s only one part of the picture. If you really want to quit, you need to know just which kinds of e-cigarettes and vape juices to use, and you need a solid strategy in place when it comes to quitting in general.

The best e-cigarettes to quit smoking with, such as the kind you will find here at Cyclone Pods, will make the process of dropping your habit once and for all that much easier, but you also need to be informed about other aspects of quitting if you want to be successful. Let’s face it, tobacco is extremely addictive and no one ever said quitting would be easy. In fact, this could be one of the hardest challenges to overcome, which is why you need to be properly prepared.

We’ve put together this guide to help former and current smokers drop their cigarette habits using high-quality vaping products and a variety of other proven techniques. If you are serious about finally getting rid of your smoking habit, this will be essential reading. Part of understanding how to quit is simply being equipped with the right information and a reliable starting point. Once you know which e-cigarettes you can depend on and how to approach the prospect of quitting, it becomes that much easier.

Why Quitting Smoking Should Be Your Priority

Whether you are already in the process of quitting or you are thinking of starting, you definitely want to make this a priority. Not to belabor the point, but all the cliches are true: smoking can be deadly. It’s simply a toxic habit that has so many drawbacks that’s it’s not worth considering any marginal benefits. The minute high you get from a cigarette is paltry compared to the exhaustive list of negatives that come with the habit.

While we won’t go into a comprehensive rant about all of the different ins and outs of the dangers involved with smoking, here is a shortlist of reasons why quitting needs to be at the top of your to-do list:

  • The numerous inconvenient withdrawal symptoms that come with not having a cigarette on hand at a given moment.
  • What smoking does to your fingers, teeth, and gums in terms of discoloration, dryness, etc.
  • The tar in cigarettes has a litany of cancer-causing agents that are simply disastrous for our health. Over time, these chemicals can negatively impact a variety of different areas of our body, notably the lungs, mouth, throat, and heart.
  • The presence of carbon monoxide, which is a dangerous gas that is so lethal, many homes are now equipped with detectors specifically for it.
  • According to the CDC, smoking may cause everything from stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, to emphysema, bronchitis, a compromised immune system, and even arthritis. This list isn’t even exhaustive and is reason enough to want to drop the habit as quickly as possible.
  • All of your clothes wind up smelling like smoke. While seemingly harmless, this is simply a quality of life problem that can impact how people see you.
  • Wrinkles? Studies have shown that smoking can damage the health and integrity of your skin and its ability to rejuvenate itself, which can lead to increased wrinkles and blotchy skin.
  • Smoking can negatively affect your senses, especially your smell and taste. This is another important quality of life issue that is simply not worth it.
  • The annoying cough. Many smokers suffer from a nagging cough and related minor throat issues, which comes with the territory when you are regularly inhaling smoke.
  • The money involved. Smoking is not at all a cheap habit, especially if you smoke more than a single pack a day. Those costs can add up rapidly, to say nothing of the secondary healthcare costs and quality of life costs.

You have likely heard many of these same points before, but if you are only just starting to explore how to quit smoking and this is your first time being exposed to all the drawbacks in a single place like this, you might be surprised. When you really take a step back and look at smoking as a whole it becomes clear that it is not sustainable.

For so many reasons, you want to go out of your way and find a means of quitting. The right e-cigarettes and vaping products can certainly help you achieve this goal, but before we go into detail about our high-quality nicotine-free vaping products and how they can help you, let’s take a look at how to build a sound strategy for quitting.

Start With a Quitting Strategy

When you are ready to quit smoking, it helps to have an actual strategy in place. Just deciding to quit and then adopt vaping might work for some people, but for the majority of smokers, this won’t be enough to fight against the cravings. Smoking can be tough to drop, which is why you need an actual plan that hits certain important points.

To start off, you want to make sure that you have a support network in place. While you don’t want to put your personal business out there for the world to see, don’t underestimate the value of friends and family to keep you on track and in line. By having a few reliable people to fall back on and remind you of your goals, you don’t have to shoulder the whole burden of staying on the right track.

Another important part of your strategy should be to systematically remove things that trigger your habit. You might want to think about shopping at different stores, frequenting different parts of town, hanging out with people who don’t smoke, and putting yourself in situations where you can’t smoke.

Another proven way to help kick the habit is to establish new hobbies and other activities to help fill the gap left by smoking. Vaping itself actually helps to fill this role, as many people who vape claim that just the feeling alone of having something in your hand or puffing on something that is like a cigarette can help deal with the psychological aspects of cigarette cravings.

On a more robust lifestyle level, however, you may want to go beyond just vaping in this regard and adopt a new hobby or goal in order to keep your hands busy. Now is the time to build that shed, read that new book series, become a Call of Duty “pro”, or learn to become an aspiring chess master. The hobby doesn’t need to be some kind of life-transforming dream, just something fun, engaging, or worthwhile that can help get your mind in the right place and that offers a decent distraction.

This is also a great opportunity to find activities to do with friends and family. The more people in your orbit who can provide a positive influence, the better.

Once you have the right elements in place to help you stop smoking, you can begin to form a workable strategy. Where will you shop, how often will you allow yourself a cigarette, who will you hang out with? What kinds of hobbies or activities will you adopt and what other kinds of practices or restrictions will you engage in to meet your goals of quitting? Write down the most important parts of your strategy and put them into action.

Of course, we have yet to discuss the central piece of this strategy which might be the defining factor in your ability to quit cigarettes once and for all.

The Right Tools For The Job

Vaping has seemingly taken the world by storm overnight. What was once a relatively fringe and largely unregulated activity is now a mega-popular industry with hundreds of brands and thousands of products. The great part about vaping is that it can be used to help tackle smoking habits. In fact, many people claim that vaping alone is what got them to quit, and their testimonies are strewn throughout the Internet.

Suffice it to say that with the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking with, you can potentially wean yourself off of cigarettes and drop your smoking habit for good. No more side effects, no more smoke smell, no more cravings. A real answer to tobacco addiction that is not only reliable, but it also doesn’t require arduous acts of discipline or anything overtly expensive either.

Why are e-cigarettes so effective at helping people to quit smoking? It really comes down to a number of reasons. As mentioned above, perhaps one of the biggest reasons is that it’s a psychological placeholder. The actual physical act of smoking a cigarette or puffing on an e-cig is not all that much different. In fact, high-quality e-cigarettes provide much the same kind of taste and feel like a real cigarette, especially if you are using a high-quality device and e-juice.

So from the start, non-nicotine vaping is like a complete replacement for cigarettes, just without the nicotine. That right there is reason enough to utilize vaping as a means to stop smoking.

There are other aspects to vaping that make it worthwhile as an alternative to smoking, however. For one, all of the different tasty flavors provide an easy and accessible alternative to the same drab cigarette flavors on the market. Cigarettes are a tightly regulated industry, and by nature of the business, you can’t really sell cigarettes that come in a variety of flavors because this would appeal too much to children. Given the dangers of smoking, this makes sense.

However, the best e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of different flavors, such as mango, strawberry, mint, and even coffee, which is a far cry from the usual menthol.

One other reason why using e-cigs may be preferable to smoking cigarettes is that you don’t incur any of those negatives associated with smoking. While you do have to exercise caution and ensure that you are only using recommended high-quality vape products and e-cigs like the kind you will find here in our store, you’re not going to be dealing with tar, cancer-causing chemicals, the smell of smoke, yellow teeth, bad breath, cravings, and the giant list of other issues that accompany smoking. And of course, that’s to say nothing of the health issues involved.

While more research certainly needs to be done on the matter, as far as we know right now, vaping is far better for you than smoking cigarettes. This is obvious when you think about it, because you aren’t dealing with tar and the carcinogens of cigarettes, nor are you dealing with actual smoke, which contains carbon monoxide. Vaping is only water vapor.

It’s clear that if you want to stop smoking, having the right tools for the job makes a difference.

Other Important Tips That Can Help You Quit Smoking

Once you get your hands on high-quality e-cigarettes and have a set strategy in place, it makes sense to get started on your path to kicking the habit right away. Here are some other quick tips to consider as you get started:

  • Don’t expect instant results. It can take weeks or even months of patience before you finally stop smoking for good.
  • Don’t compare your results to that of others. Again, everyone quits in their own time. You can only do what works best for you and go from there.
  • To make things easier when it comes to weaning yourself off of nicotine, you may be interested in a starter kit or taper kit, which are also available here in our store.
  • Experiment with different e-cig flavors to find one that you really love. That will make quitting smoking that much easier.
  • Don’t allow any negativity toward vaping to interfere with your goals for quitting smoking. Using vaping as a means of quitting smoking isn’t “adopting another habit” or cheating. It’s actually one of the most reliable ways to kick nicotine addiction that’s out there right now.

Trust in the Best E-Cigarettes Around

To get the best results when it comes to quitting smoking, you want to make sure you are using only the best quality products from a reliable vape shop. Here at Cyclone Pods, all of our e-juices are carefully formulated and contain only high-quality ingredients. When it comes to the best e-cigarettes to quit smoking with, you will find everything you need here in our store.

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