What Are the Best Non Tobacco Vape Juice Flavors to Try First

No matter how long you have been vaping for, choosing the next vape juice flavors you want to use is still a huge part of the fun. The fact that there are so many options makes it even more exciting since you can try out flavor after flavor and still look forward to revisiting flavors you enjoyed already. Something we commonly see is people shopping for non tobacco vape juice specifically and wanting to know what is available for them.

Because they are shopping for vape juice that contains no genuine tobacco or nicotine content, they are vaping more for the experience and the enjoyment of it, rather than the habit. Many people these days avoid tobacco and nicotine because of the health concerns that they come with. Tobacco naturally contains this addictive substance, which causes many to form an unfortunate habit to products like cigarettes and vape juice that contains nicotine. Our non tobacco vape juice is meant for those who want to vape freely and do not want to be burdened by the fear that they may become addicted as well.

They are meant to be enjoyed casually, with no feeling of obligation or compulsion whatsoever. So if you are interested in using non tobacco vape pens and want to know what you have to choose from, you have come to the right place. We are here to help anyone looking to vape without nicotine and thankfully you do not need any nicotine or tobacco content in order to enjoy this simple passtime. For anyone curious about what flavors you can enjoy when you remove tobacco and nicotine from the equation, here are some delicious types of vape juice flavors at Cyclone Pods for you to try in any order that feels right.

Fresh Mint
Mint is a classic flavor that we have all come to appreciate in different products. It is our go-to flavor for chewing gum and has branched out to become a favorite for vape juice as well. It is a clean-feeling taste that makes you feel like you are enjoying something without any guilt like something sugary might. It even leaves you with a fresh after-taste so you get to take advantage of this effect for a while after your last vaping session.

If you really want the best of both worlds, you can alternate between something sweet and mint, so you get to balance out the sweetness with something more fresh as you go. This is also a great option for anyone who used to smoke cigarettes or is trying to cut back on their nicotine consumption. The mint gives you a great refresher for the day and counteracts the effect of tobacco you consumed earlier.

Sweet & Fruity
Some of the most popular flavors of vape juice are fruity ones that are sweet and fresh. This could possibly be because people associate these flavors with the flavored candies, drinks, and snacks of their childhoods that they still enjoy on occasion as adults. Some of these flavors include watermelon, strawberry, grape, and mango. They are like treats you get to enjoy without the sugar and cavities, so you might want to trade out your pack of gummy candies for a pack of vape pods instead. For the sake of variety, these sorts of flavors also include more elusive ones that are hard to come by like guava, banana, and fresh cucumber (yes, cucumbers are fruits). These ones are great to get into for the sake of variety so that you can get that sweetness without getting bored of the same flavors constantly. You have many more options than that.

Warm & Rich
If you are less interested in something so fresh and light, you should know that you still have some great options available to you. We like to have a considerable range of flavors that give people with different tastes the chance to find their ideal flavors. For many, fruity flavors aren't ideal on a regular basis, but more rich flavors might be. This could include options like coffee or vanilla, both of which exude comfort and warmth. If you just want to sit back and vape with something mild and relaxing, these are good to keep in mind.

Mild or Bold Tobacco
We know this one might surprise you, but we wanted to bring this up to let you know what your options really are with non tobacco vape juice. The main concern with tobacco is that it contains nicotine, which comes with its own host of health risks. But when you have the taste of tobacco and none of the nicotine, you are free to enjoy the flavor for what it is. Our tobacco vape juice is completely nicotine free, just like the rest of our vape juices, but it still retains that delicious, smoky flavor that you might miss from smoking cigars and cigarettes. We think this one is a great choice for those looking to cut back on their tobacco intake, but still want to enjoy the taste. You can indulge in our original or bold tobacco flavors of vape juice without any of the concerns that come with actual tobacco or nicotine.

With all of this, we really wanted to help people to understand just how many options they have without tobacco or nicotine content. We wanted anyone averse to consuming tobacco products to know that they can still enjoy vaping and have plenty of flavors on the table to enjoy. We are quite proud of the non tobacco vape juice flavors we have been able to create here at Cyclone Pods, without ever having to compromise our goal of creating a wide assortment of nicotine free vaping products. We are glad to show that it can be done and the final product is definitely worth it all. Take a look around at our non tobacco vape products and see what strikes your fancy. We are always adding new and distinct flavors to our offerings, so stick around and see what else might make an appearance.

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