Where to Find Nicotine Free Mango Vape Juice

I’m sure everyone has probably heard of or known someone who previously has used a Juul. Back when this vape device was released a few years ago, it was marketed and sold as a safer alternative to cigarettes. This small device with a striking resemblance to a USB stick, easily allows anyone to puff away at vape juice in a convenient small pod. Those same pods that seem so harmless and small also had the same nicotine content as a pack of cigarettes.

This grew to be quite the problem soon after Juul was introduced. Being that this device allowed for discreet and seemingly harmless nicotine consumption, it quickly became extremely popular. People were ditching cigarettes and quickly switching to Juuls or other Juul comparable devices.

The true harm associated with these types of vaping products was their misinterpretation of how “safe” they were compared to cigarettes. Being marketed as a way to end the use of cigarettes, many people assumed it was a better alternative, thus quickly getting hooked on Juul pods.

Who could blame those people, though? The easy task of heading to your local 7/11 and grabbing a pack of yummy flavored vape juice to then stick into your Juul device was the main seller. Those Juul pod flavors were especially popular with young adults. Who doesn’t want to puff on a mango vape juice pod that gives you a bit of a head rush?

Once young adults and teenagers started to seriously abuse Juuls and eventually become extremely addicted, then it became a real problem. Disguising a product with copious amounts of nicotine into a trendy-looking and tasty product didn’t bode well for people trying to quick smoking. This only exasperated the ultimate problem.

Nicotine dependency in the U.S is a major problem and has been for many, many years. Having Juuls being marketed as a way out of cigarette addiction, while also providing the same nicotine content as a full pack of cigarettes certainly backfired.

Not until the government banned flavored vape pods did Juul consumption slightly slow down. However, Juul lookalikes and other comparable vape products came into the woodwork with almost identical products and even more outrageous flavors. It seems like the Juul company created an issue that needs to be addressed.

The infamous mango vape pod was slowly beginning to be copied and sold to those same young adults that got hooked on Juuls. Each time though, it seems these mock Juul brands continue to get banned and restricted from stores, yet more companies are pumping out similar products to replace them. It’s a vicious cycle.

Another issue with nicotine vape products is that they’re incredibly modern to the nicotine game. Cigarettes have been around for longer than you may think, so we all know the health risks and potential illnesses that can form with prolonged smoking. No one really understands the full potential of ailments caused by vape products like Juuls, since you are inhaling different products into your body.

However, there is no need to suffer in silence if you have found yourself addicted to those fun tasting e-cigarettes. There is no need to try and quit nicotine cold turkey because we all know how that usually turns out. You can still gain the same vaping experience and same yummy flavor pods as you once were using, without the harmful effects of nicotine.

Consider trying our nicotine-free products at Cyclone Pods.

Why Cyclone Pods?

We know what you’re thinking. How can nicotine free vapes help me quit smoking? Well, it’s proven that replacing a nicotine vape with a nicotine-free vape reduces your use of nicotine drastically while giving you the same effect that you’ve been used to for so long.

For example, let’s say you’ve been happily puffing a mango vape juice pod that contains nicotine for a long time. You love the taste of mango and the effects of puffing on something. Recently, you start to release how addicted you’ve become to nicotine and you’re almost using it as a crutch now.

By making the switch to a Thunder Device with a mango-flavored Thunder Pod, you are still able to get the same effects of that yummy mango flavor, without furthering your nicotine dependency.

At Cyclone Pods, we are dedicated to slowing down nicotine consumption in the U.S. We understand that deciding to quit nicotine can feel like an uphill battle, so our products are specifically designed to aid in that process.

All of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and we make no room for harmful additives or chemicals. You can trust that what you will be puffing will be 100% nicotine and tobacco-free, with all the same flavors you have enjoyed in the past.

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