Blu vs GeekVape: Features, Price + More (2024)

The epic showdown: Blu vs GeekVape. We're here to dissect every puff, flavor, and cloud.


But how do they compare against each other in terms of product range, performance, flavors, value, and more?


Whether you're on team Blu or rooting for GeekVape, this detailed comparison guide is packed with juicy details!


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A Quick Intro to Blu and GeekVape

Blu, headquartered in North Carolina, USA, serves up a sleek range of e-cigarettes and vaping products that cater to the curious newbies and veterans. With a lineup that spans from their myBlu device to a variety of liquid pods and disposables, they've got your back whether you're in it for the taste or the convenience.

Based in Shenzhen, China, GeekVape is a leading vape manufacturer that produces a wide range of customizable and upgradable vape devices.

Geekvape devices are commonly used by first-time vapers looking to get into the game. They’re a popular choice for veteran vapers looking to personalize their vaping experience as well.

GeekVape also has a sub-brand called “GEEK BAR,” which sells disposable vape devices.

Brand History and Background of Blu and GeekVape

Let’s look at how the two brands evolved.

Blu vapes, launched in 2009 by Fontem Ventures, quickly made its mark with user-friendly designs, though its journey has seen its share of ups and downs, including regulatory challenges. 

After being acquired by Lorillard Inc. in 2012 and later by Imperial Brands in 2015, some argue Blu lost some of its pioneering edge amidst corporate shifts. Recent efforts to expand flavor choices and enhance device technology in 2023 and 2024 have kept Blu in the game.

However, in Feb 2024, the US FDA issued marketing denial orders (MDOs) for four Blu Disposables (Menthol 2.4%, Vanilla 2.4%, Polar Mint 2.4%, Cherry 2.4%) and one Myblu product (Menthol 1.2%.) Fontem Ventures cannot market or distribute these products in the US.&

Founded in 2015 by Allen Yang, GeekVape was marketed as an affordable but high-performance vape brand.

GeekVape has introduced several innovative technologies that enhance the vaping experience. One notable innovation is the VPU (Vaping Processing Unit) technology, which is showcased in their Q Series products.

GeekVape is going through the PMTA (premarket tobacco product application) process with the FDA.

Blu vs GeekVape Comparison Summary

Take a quick look at the features of Blu and GeekVape vapes before we get into the details:





Product Range

Blu 2.0 rechargeable device & pods

Blu Pro (Direct-to-Lung) device & pods

Blu Bar 600, Blue Bar 1000 (Disposables)

Obelisk series, Wenax Series, Z Series, Selected Aegis Series (Mod Vapes)

U Pod Series, Q Pod Series, Selected Aegis Series (Pod Vapes)


Nicotine-free options available?



Device Quality & Build

Sleek, minimalist design with a durable, lightweight aluminum body. Ergonomic shape for comfortable handling.

Aluminum body, premium materials, mature design, user-friendly interface.

Battery Capacity

Blu 2.0: 400mAh

Blu Bar: 400mAh

Blu Pro: 1100mAh

GeekVape disposables: ≈800 mAh

GeekVape mod vapes: Ranges between 1000 mAh to 2000 mAh

GeekVape pod vapes: Ranges between 1000 mAh to 2000 mAh

Pod Capacity, Nicotine Strength

Blu 2.0: 1.9ml pods, 18 mg/ml

Blu Pro: 9 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml (0.8% and 1.6%).

Blu Bar: 20 mg/ml

GeekVape mod tanks: 2ml, 3.5ml, 4ml, and 5ml, depending on the product.

GeekVape pod device capacities: 1ml, 2ml, 3.5ml, 4ml, and 5ml, depending on the product range.

Number of Puffs per Pod

Blu 2.0: 262 puffs per charge

Blu Bar: 600 puffs

Blu Pro: 600 puffs

Aegis Hero: 135 puffs per charge

Charging Time

Blu 2.0, Blu Bar: 1 hour

Blu Pro: 2 hours

20 - 60 minutes

Safety Features

Blu 2.0 has a magnetic pod retention system that secures the pods in place while you use it. This eliminates the risk of unintended pod detachment. Blue Pro has a 10-second cut-off protection, overcharge protection

Short Circuit Protection, Over-Current Protection, Overheat Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Battery Reverse Protection

Device and Pod Cost

Blue 2.0: £9.99 (UK)

Blu Pro kit: £17.99 (UK)

Blu Bar 600: £3.99 (UK)

Blu Bar 1000: £5.99 (UK)

Pods: £3.99 - £6.99 (UK), $9.99 (2-pack)

GeekVape B100 (Aegis boost pro 2) kit: $50.50

GeekVape Aegis Hero 2 Classic Pod Kit: $37.99

B Series Coils (2 pack): $14.99

GeekVape Wenax S Coils (three pack): $12.99

Customer Support and Warranty

1 year

90 days


Now let’s compare these brands in detail:

1. Design and Aesthetics

Blu's design is sleek, minimalistic, and compact. The Blu 2.0 comes with a satin and gloss finish and has a PowerTap feature for checking your battery on the go. It has a closed pod system, rapid recharging, and uses PURLAVA™ heating technology with ceramic wicks. This prolongs the life of the coil, ensuring all of the e-liquid in each pod is vaporized before the coil expires.

Each Blu device has unique configurations that contribute to their vapor output. For example, the Blu Pro is designed for a more direct-to-lung vaping style, which typically produces more vapor compared to the more discreet, mouth-to-lung style of the Blu 2.0 and Blu Bar disposables.

GeekVape’s products are popular for their modern designs using simple leather accents and aluminum. They are durable but require regular maintenance.

That said, you may find some of GeekVape’s advanced vape mods to be bulky and hard to carry around.

2. Performance and Battery Life

The Blu 2.0 and Blu Bar, both with 400mAh batteries, provide adequate power for light to moderate users. But, they need to be recharged frequently and may fall short for heavy vapers. The Blu Pro, with its 1100mAh battery, stands out for longer-lasting performance, catering well to more demanding users. However, across the board, Blu's battery life can be a limiting factor, especially when compared to competitors offering higher capacity options for extended use.

Geekvape devices tend to have high performance and reliable battery life. Models like the Aegis Nano and Aegis Boost are both durable with high power outputs, making them suitable for users looking for rugged vapes for extended use.

The batteries in GeekVape’s products vary in capacity from 800mAh to 2,000mAh, catering to different usage needs.

3. Longevity

Blu vapes' longevity varies, with the Blu 2.0 offering 262 puffs per charge, falling short for heavy users. Meanwhile, Blu Bar and Blu Pro provide a more robust 600 puffs, catering better to frequent vapers. This range indicates a moderate lifespan, positioning Blu as a practical option for daily vaping needs.

GeekVape devices feature durable zinc-alloy construction and SMART mode technology for enhanced performance and coil life.

The Aegis series is designed to withstand harsh conditions, and their full customization makes them easy to repair.

Some GeekVape devices, like the Aegis X, use dual removable 18650 batteries, which gives them a longer lifespan than some other vaping devices.

4. Flavor Selection and Nicotine Options

Blu vapes' flavor selection ranges from classic Tobacco and Menthol to more exotic ones like Pina Colada and Java in Blu 2.0. Blu Bar flavors lean into fruit-based flavors like Banana Ice and Peach Ice, appealing to users who favor sweet, refreshing tastes. 

The Blu Bar variety pack allows you to try multiple flavors before committing to a single one.

While GeekVape doesn’t sell e-liquids, it does sell a wide range of disposable vapes in various flavors under the name “GEEK BAR.”

5. Vaping Experience

Blu vapes are generally known for moderate vapor production and a discreet and satisfying experience. The vapor output is sufficient for casual vaping, providing a smooth and consistent draw. 

The throat hit from Blu vapes is notably satisfying, especially for former smokers or users who prefer a stronger sensation reminiscent of traditional cigarettes. This is achieved through their nicotine formulation and the device's design, which ensures a sharp, clear hit at higher nicotine strengths, such as the 20 mg/ml offered in Blu Bars.

GeekVape specializes in high-performance vape devices suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Devices like the GeekVape Peak offer a reliable two-day battery life, consistent flavor, and stable 20W output.

They come with an enhanced mesh coil, a 4ml cartridge, precise airflow control for smoother flavor, and an intuitive LCD display. GeekVape’s latest VPU technology also ensures a mellower taste, extended lifespan, and safer use.

6. Health and Safety Concerns

Blu has been in the hot seat for health concerns, especially with its high nicotine content leading to worries about addiction and cardiovascular impact. There's also the buzz about exposure to harmful substances like benzoic acid in their pods, though they're generally considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes. 

GeekVape has a long-standing reputation in the vaping market, and its products are legal, fully regulated, and generally safe.

However, there have been concerns about underage vaping and the sale of counterfeit or imitation devices, which can be dangerous due to unknown ingredients and internal electrical components.

Although GeekVape devices are widely considered safer than smoking, they can contain high levels of nicotine, which are associated with various health risks.

7. Regulatory Compliance and Legal Issues

The FDA’s marketing denial orders (Feb 2024) against some flavored Blu vapes, including menthol are mainly due to insufficient evidence on their public health impact. Concerns highlighted include the lack of data on harmful ingredients in the aerosol and battery safety issues.

GeekVape complies with industry regulations (including FDA PMTA review) and has not faced any significant legal issues due to regulatory breaches.

Note: Consumers must also verify adherence to the latest local laws prior to any purchase of devices from these brands.

8. Nicotine Content Potential

Blu vapes offer nicotine levels that vary across their product range, including 18 mg/ml for their pods and up to 20 mg/ml for Blu Bar disposables, providing a potent nicotine delivery that can satisfy cravings effectively. However, these higher nicotine concentrations also raise considerations for addiction potential.

GeekVape's vape devices typically use third-party liquids, allowing you to choose your nicotine levels according to your preferences.

9. Compatibility with Other Products

Blu vapes' proprietary design restricts cross-compatibility with third-party options. This exclusivity ensures a consistent experience but narrows customization options.

GeekVape products are designed to be used with GeekVape components only and are not compatible with other products.

10. Availability and Accessibility

Blu vapes are widely available in both the US and UK in online and retail stores. Availability in other regions may vary due to local regulations and market presence.

You can buy GeekVape products in some retail stores and online stores, including its official store in the US.

But, look out for specific location-based restrictions, especially in regions with strict e-cigarette regulations or flavor bans.

11. Cost vs. Quality

Blu vapes offer a competitive price range, from the affordable Blu Bar disposables at £3.99 to £5.99 in the UK, to the more comprehensive Blu Pro kit at £17.99.

This offers a good cost-to-quality ratio, with an affordable and reliable vaping experience despite limitations like restricted third-party compatibility and variable vapor production. Their wide flavor range and user-friendly design make them an attractive option, though higher nicotine levels may deter those seeking lower intake.

GeekVape products strike a good balance between cost and quality. For instance, durable, feature-rich devices like the Aegis Legend 2 and Zeus Tank are available at competitive prices.

Pros and Cons of Blu and GeekVape

To summarize, here are the benefits and drawbacks of both these brands:


Pros of Blu

Cons of Blu

  • Sleek, compact
  • Wide range of flavor options
  • User-friendly design ideal for beginners
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum body for comfortable handling
  • Variety pack options allow trying multiple flavors before committing

  • Some models need frequent recharges
  • No nicotine-free options available
  • Restricted compatibility with third-party products
  • Higher nicotine levels raises addiction concerns
  • Variable vapor production across devices
  • FDA marketing denial orders for some flavored products due to



Pros of GeekVape

Cons of GeekVape

  • Durable build quality
  • Innovative technology like the AS chip enhances performance
  • Offers a wide range of products, from starter kits to advanced mods and tanks

Some advanced devices may be complicated for new users
High nicotine content in some of the disposable vape products can lead to addiction, especially for beginners
Requires regular maintenance and replacement of parts


In short, both Blu and GeekVape stand out in the vaping market with their unique strengths and offerings.


Blu finds itself navigating through some regulatory hurdles, unlike GeekVape.


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