SMOK vs Lost Vape: Features, Price + More (2024)

The epic showdown: SMOK vs Lost Vape. We're here to dissect every puff, flavor, and cloud.


But how do they compare against each other in terms of product range, performance, flavors, value, and more?


Whether you're on team SMOK or rooting for Lost Vape, this detailed comparison guide is packed with juicy details!


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A Quick Intro to SMOK and Lost Vape

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, SMOK offers a bevy of products including vape pens, starter kits, advanced mods, and disposables. Their products are ideal for the cloud-chasing enthusiast and the discreet, on-the-go user.

Lost Vape is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It offers an array of high-end vaping devices, including disposables, pod mods, box mods, and vape accessories.

The brand is known for its unique product design and cutting-edge tech innovations.

One of Lost Vape's standout products is the URSA Pocket, an innovative gaming pod device featuring a puff 'n' play function that delivers an engaging vaping experience.

Brand History and Background of SMOK and Lost Vape

Let’s look at how the two brands evolved.

Founded in 2010, SMOK is known for its high-quality disposable vapes, mods, pod mods, vape pens, and accessories. 

In the Vapouround Global Awards 2021, SMOK’s RPM 4 Kit bagged the award for the Best Pod System. 

Early in 2024, the FDA issued marketing denial orders (MDOs) for 22 SMOK e-cigarette products (including devices, pods, atomizers, and cartridges) in the US. In response, SMOK has submitted an appeal in the US Court claiming that the MDO is arbitrary and lacks substantial evidence.

Lost Vape was founded in 2014 by Frank Guo. From its first-ever product offering, the ESqaure DNA 40, launched in 2014, the brand has come a long way in terms of design and technology.

Amid the rising pod vape revolution, Lost Vape unveiled its Orion DNA Go in 2018, the first DNA chipset vaping pod system in the market.

Lost Vape products lack authorization from US regulators and face concerns related to high nicotine content and dubious marketing tactics targeting teenagers. This indicates a broader issue of unauthorized e-cigarettes flooding the market despite the FDA’s efforts to regulate them.

SMOK vs Lost Vape Comparison Summary

Take a quick look at the features of SMOK and Lost Vape vapes before we get into the details:




Lost Vape

Product Range


ISPEED, IGEE, and IGEE PRO (Closed systems)


tech 247, RPM C KIT, RPM 25W, RPM 4, and more (Pod mods)

MAG SOLO KIT, MORPH 3 KIT, MAG-18 KIT, FORTIS KIT, and more (Advanced mods)

VAPE PEN V2 KIT, STICK 80W, VAPE PEN NORD 19 & 22, STICK PRINCE, and more (Vape pens)

Pod Kits: Ursa Nano, Thelema Elite, Ursa Baby, Ursa Pocket

Pod Mods: Thelema Mini, Centaurus Q80, Ursa Quest

Box Mods: Centaurus M200, Thelema DNA 250C, Centaurus Q200

Tanks: Centaurus (sub-ohm), UB Max, UB Ultra (pod)

Disposable Vapes: Orion Bar 10000, Lightrise


Nicotine-free options available?

Yes (SMOK NOVO 2 KIT, SMOK NOVO BAR, SMOK NOVO 5 Pod Kit, and more)


Device Quality & Build

Innovative design, incorporating high-quality materials like zinc alloy and stainless steel

Elegant, pocket-friendly design, aluminum/zinc alloy, and plastic body. Select devices feature PU leather grip and/or OLED screen

Battery Capacity


AL6000, ETO BAR: 650 mAh





MBAR: 280 mAh


Ursa Pocket: 1200mAh

Ursa Nano: 800mAh

Ursa Baby Pro: 900mAh

Thelema Elite 40: 1400mAh

Orion Bar 10000: 650mAh

Pod Capacity, Nicotine Strength

SPACEMAN TURBO: 5% (16 ml)

MAVIC S9000: 18 ml


RAINBOW BAR 5000: 20 mg nicotine (13 ml)

AL6000: 13 ml

RAINBOW BAR: 3% (2.5 ml)

MINIONE: 4.5 ml

NORD BAR: 5% (8.5 ml)

MBAR: 20 mg (1.3 ml)

IGEE, IGEE PRO: 2.5 ml

Thelema Elite 40: 3ml (0.5%-2% nicotine strength)

Centaurus B80 AIO: 5ml (0.5%-2% nicotine)

Orion Bar 10000 (disposable): 20ml (5% nicotine )

Lightrise (disposable): 18ml (5% nicotine)

Number of Puffs per Pod

SPACEMAN TURBO: 10,000-15,000

MAVIC S9000: 9000


RAINBOW BAR 5000: 5000

AL6000: Up to 6000

ETO BAR: 8000



NORD BAR: 4000

MBAR: Up to 300

MBAR PRO: 550 

Orion Bar 10000 (disposable): 10000 puffs

Thelema Elite 40: 420 puffs

Orion 5000 (disposable): 5000 puffs

Lightrise (disposable): 18,000 puffs

Charging Time

ISPEED, IGEE, and IGEE PRO: 40 mins

Thelema Elite 40: Around 80 minutes

Ursa Nano Pro Pod Kit: 45 to 60 mins

Ursa Pocket: Around 60 minutes

Safety Features

Low voltage detection, short circuit detection, LED indicator, age verification on website

Short circuit protection, Overheat protection, atomizer protection, Low/high resistance protection

Device and Pod Cost



SMOK NOVO 5 KIT: $39.99

SMOK RPM 100 KIT: $57.99

SMOK MAG-18 KIT: $99.99

VAPE PEN 2 KIT: $34.99

Ursa Baby Pod Kit: $17-$21

Thelema Quest 200W: $43-$52

Orion Bar 10000: $12-$20

(prices based on online retail vape stores in the USA)

Customer Support and Warranty

6 months

3 to 6 months - depending on the product line


Now let’s compare these brands in detail:

1. Design and Aesthetics

SMOK devices have an intuitive interface with LED display, battery life percentage indicator, and touch screens. They usually come in cylindrical or plump shapes and tend to be lightweight and portable. They’re available in various color options.

Lost Vape devices are known for their sleek and elegant designs and tactile feel. For instance, the Thelema Elite 40 offers a combination of texture prints, carbon fiber, and custom calf leather grips to choose from.

In contrast, the brand also experiments with quirkier designs, like the Ursa Pocket, which sports a retro X cyber design for street fashion enthusiasts.

However, some Lost Vape DNA models, like the Thelema DNA250c, can feel heavy and bulky, which can be inconvenient for heavy users.

2. Performance and Battery Life

SMOK devices offer different battery capacities, catering to the needs of both heavy-duty users and casual vapers. The SPACEMAN TURBO and MINIONE lead with an 800 mAh battery, designed for longer vaping sessions. Whereas MBAR's 280 mAh is the more portable option but won't last as long before needing a recharge.

The battery capacity of Lost Vape devices is generally in line with industry standards. For instance, the Thelema Elite 40 and Ursa Pocket feature long-lasting 1400 mAh and 1200 mAh batteries, respectively.

The Centaurus B80 AIO pod mod is powered by an external 18650 battery that ensures uninterrupted operation during extended use.

Additionally, several Lost Vape devices (like the Ursa Nano and the Centaurus Q80 Pod Mod) feature Type-C fast charging.

That said, some of the brand’s advanced DNA chip models, while visually impressive, could benefit from a more powerful 21700/20700 battery option instead of the 18650 one.

3. Longevity

SMOK’s product lineup includes the high-capacity SPACEMAN TURBO offering up to 15,000 puffs and also the low-capacity model of MBAR with up to 300 puffs. 

The longevity is also influenced by battery capacity, ranging from 800 mAh in models like the SPACEMAN TURBO, ensuring extended use, down to 280 mAh in the MBAR, indicating shorter usage intervals. So, while some SMOK models are designed for durability and prolonged sessions, others prioritize compactness and convenience.

Lost Vape offers a mixed bag in terms of device longevity. While their pod kits like Thelema Elite 40 offer about 420 puffs per pod, the brand also offers a selection of long-lasting disposable vape pods such as the Orion Bar 10000 that delivers an impressive 10000 puffs per pod.

The brand’s pod mod collection features UB Ultra coils that provide a longer lifespan.

For those preferring disposable options, the Orion DNA Go can last around 14 days.

With regular cleaning and proper handling, Lost Vape devices can last for years. But remember, you’ll have to switch out replaceable parts like coils and pods depending on how often you vape.

4. Flavor Selection and Nicotine Options

SMOK disposables and rechargeables come in different flavors, including watermelon, peach, mango, kiwi, mint, blueberry, strawberry, and more.

Lost Vape’s pre-filled disposables (like the Orion Bar 10000) come in various flavors, including Pineapple Lime Ice, Banana Limelight, and Triple Grape.

However, the 'ice' variants dominate the lineup, so vapers looking for menthol-free options might not have many choices.

Additionally, Lost Vape’s pod mods and box mods can be paired with e-liquid flavors of your choice.

5. Vaping Experience

With several fruit-flavored e-liquids and nicotine strengths as high as 50mg, SMOK offers a vaping experience that meets the satisfaction levels of heavy smokers looking to switch and casual vapers seeking to try different flavors. It offers a range of products featuring mesh coils – key to enhanced flavor production and vapor output.

Lost Vape offers a satisfying and versatile vaping experience with features like adjustable airflow to give you an airier or tighter draw as per your preference. It also caters to MTL, DTL, and restricted DTL styles.

However, some users suggest that the MTL draw is a tad loose in some devices.

The Ursa Nano 2 Pod Kit and many other devices offer adjustable wattage, allowing you to fine-tune your vape and achieve the required balance of vapor production and flavor.

6. Health and Safety Concerns

SMOK, like other vaping products, comes with health implications — from potential nicotine addiction to exposure to substances like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. However, the vapes with higher nicotine content, especially the 5% options, pose a significant addiction potential.

The brand also provides nicotine-free vapes for those looking for a less risky vaping experience in the UK and South Africa.

Lost Vape products come with a warning that they use nicotine. Most health and safety concerns revolve around the potential risks of nicotine vaping and secondhand exposure to aerosols.

However, the brand offers various safety features, such as overheating and short-circuit protection, for a safe vaping experience. The brand also provides anti-counterfeit checks on its website to weed out fake counterparts.

7. Regulatory Compliance and Legal Issues

The FDA issued marketing denial orders (MDOs) for 22 SMOK e-cigarette products (including devices, pods, atomizers, and cartridges) in 2024. The federal agency claims that SMOK failed to provide adequate data related to “product stability and product abuse liability”. SMOK has challenged these MDOs by submitting an appeal in the US Court.

Upcoming regulatory changes in the UK market could impact the sale permissions of Lost Vape devices in the region.

Recently, the UK government announced a ban on disposable vaping products and introduced new guidelines for the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) requirements.

As a result, Lost Vape's disposable vaping range, such as the Orion Bar, may no longer be permitted for sale in the UK market going forward.

Note: Consumers must also verify adherence to the latest local laws prior to any purchase of devices from these brands.

8. Nicotine Content Potential

SMOK vapes offer a range of nicotine levels, from 2% in devices like the NOVO BAR B600 and MBAR PRO, up to 5% in the SPACEMAN TURBO and NORD BAR, catering to varying user preferences for nicotine intake. Nicotine delivery is also varied, with pod sizes ranging from 1.3 ml in the MBAR to 18 ml in the MAVIC S9000 – quite a broad spectrum of vaping durations and intensities to choose from.

Lost Vape pod and box mods support third-party e-liquids with varying nicotine strengths to cater to the preferences of both beginner and seasoned vapers.

However, their pre-filled disposables, like the Orion Bar, typically offer a fixed 50mg (5%) nicotine strength, which might deter zero or low-nicotine vapers.

9. Compatibility with Other Products

SMOK’s refillable pod systems like SMOK NOVO 2, NORD 2, RPM40, and POZZ X can be paired with any high-quality e-liquid of your choice. The brand recommends nicotine salt liquids for optimal performance.

Most of the Lost Vape devices are compatible with other brands' vape accessories, allowing you to customize your vaping setup according to your preferences.

10. Availability and Accessibility

SMOK products can be bought in their official website store and are available in more than 50 countries. However, none of the disposable products are for sale in the US. Further, location-based restrictions can apply due to regulations on vaping products, affecting availability and shipping.

While Lost Vape doesn’t have marketing authorization in the USA, its products are available in retail and online vape stores in the country. Users must look out for specific location-based restrictions, especially in regions with strict e-cigarette regulations or flavor bans.

11. Cost vs. Quality

The pricing of SMOK products, ranging from $11.50 for the SPACEMAN TURBO to $99.99 for the MAG-18 KIT, cater to various budgets and preferences. The brand offers options for entry-level vapers looking for affordability and seasoned users seeking advanced features. SMOK is priced higher than some competitors, especially for their feature-rich kits.

Lost Vape sits firmly in the premium vape category. The brand’s focus on exotic materials like stabilized wood often adds a hefty premium, making their devices significantly more expensive than mainstream options.

However, investing in these devices will give you a decent bang for your buck, thanks to the use of premium materials, robust build quality, and advanced features.

For instance, the brand’s UB Lite coils are known to offer a longer lifespan and superior flavor experience.

While their core lineup commands a premium price tag, some of the disposable options, like the Orion Bar 10000 priced at $12.99, could be a bargain for regular users.

Pros and Cons of SMOK and Lost Vape

To summarize, here are the benefits and drawbacks of both these brands:


Pros of SMOK

Cons of SMOK

  • Intuitive interface that improves user experience
  • Various flavor and nicotine strength options
  • Mesh coils enable high-quality vapor production and flavor delivery 
  • Wide product range catering to beginners and advanced users
  • Sturdy devices in stylish color combinations

  • Complexity of advanced mods can be overwhelming for new users
  • Occasional reports of firmware issues or device malfunctions
  • Lower battery capacity models, like the MBAR (280 mAh), may require frequent charging 
  • Disposables aren’t available in the US
  • Lower warranty period compared to other brands



Pros of Lost Vape

Cons of Lost Vape

  • High-end build quality, a variety of aesthetic choices for vapers
  • Long battery life
  • Replacement warranty for device malfunctions
  • Anti-counterfeit check with security code

  • Menthol-dominated flavors might be too strong for certain users
  • Weak hit even with open airflow
  • Pods can be expensive for some
  • No pass-through charging on some devices
  • No nicotine-free options


In short, both SMOK and Lost Vape stand out in the vaping market with their unique strengths and offerings.


However, both SMOK and Lost Vape are not without their regulatory challenges.


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