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How to Stop Smoking Juul The Easy Way [Complete Guide]

Most people would agree that smoking cigarettes is an unhealthy habit. While many have switched over to certain vaping products such as JUUL, this can be just as problematic if your original goal was to quit nicotine altogether.

If you are wondering how to stop smoking JUUL so you can leave nicotine behind for good, this is the guide for you. We will include everything you need to know in order to understand nicotine addiction, why certain vaping products aren’t the way to go (while others are!), and real steps you can take right now to lessen nicotine’s hold on you.

Why Trading Cigarettes For Juuling is so Problematic

Shifting from one addiction to another is not going to solve anything. However, this is the position that many former cigarette smokers find themselves, as they trade cigarettes for products such as JUUL.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: without question, there are a ton of toxic chemicals in cigarettes and by most scientific accounts, they are worse for you than any kind of vaping. The main issue with cigarettes is that you are dealing with smoke, not water vapor.

Even when you ignore all of the modern-day chemical compounds found in today’s cigarettes, you still have the tar and smoke to think about if you are actually smoking tobacco. Cigarettes are considered a carcinogen, full of cancer-causing agents. The effects of carbon monoxide, which is in cigarette smoke, are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. These substances don’t belong in the body and do have serious health consequences.

So regardless of what anyone’s views are toward smoking, there is a general consensus that it is bad for us. We’ve known this for decades, which is why these products are so strictly regulated now. When you consider that on top of the smoke you are also dealing with an array of other carcinogenic chemicals and the effects of nicotine itself, it’s no wonder at all why these products could be considered dangerous to one’s health. 

Products that help people quit smoking have flooded the market over the past couple of decades. Nicotine gum, patches, and similar products are shown to be somewhat effective for some people, but they aren’t a perfect solution. Others turn to vape products to help curb their addiction to cigarettes.

However, is this just a process of trading one addiction for another? Do products like JUUL actually provide a worthwhile experience that is better than cigarettes?

This is debatable to a certain extent. While there is no question that these kinds of vape products aren’t full of the same carcinogens as cigarettes, there are still some key issues to consider. As long as the product contains nicotine, not only are you still addicted but there is always that chance that you may relapse and smoke cigarettes again. Nicotine, after all, is nicotine. There’s no getting around it. If the products you are using to quit cigarettes still have nicotine in them, there’s a good chance that you haven’t really quit at all, and are just substituting one addiction for another.

It’s All About Using The Right Vaping Products

That doesn’t mean that vaping can’t be used to help you quit smoking. In fact, the right non-nicotine vape juices and products can absolutely be used to help curb your cravings and addiction to nicotine.

The issue is that it can be difficult to discern a high-quality non-nicotine vape product from the popular nicotine options, especially if you are only just getting into the vape scene.

First, let’s highlight some of the benefits of vaping in general, that makes this practice so appealing for smokers:

  • The psychological aspect is powerful. Being able to “go through the motions” of smoking without actually smoking a cigarette is a huge benefit. Simply having a “cigarette” like object in your hand can be enough to curb the need to hold a real cigarette for some people. This alone makes vaping appealing.
  • The clear health aspect. As mentioned above, while there are some concerns over some ingredients in certain vape juices, the overwhelming consensus is that vaping is better for you than smoking. Fewer chemicals by far, no actual smoke. Water vapor is nowhere near as harmful to you when inhaled. The tar and other chemicals in cigarettes may contribute to an incredible array of serious diseases, including mouth cancer, lung cancer, heart issues, and throat cancer. High blood pressure is also associated with smoking. You don’t even have to worry about staining your teeth or fingers. Most of the main drawbacks of smoking are eliminated with vaping, which makes it an incredibly valuable alternative for smokers looking for a way out.
  • Believe it or not, vaping is often more affordable than smoking. While disposable JUUL pods, vape cartridges and other vape products can run somewhat pricey depending on the product, smoking can burn through money like nothing else. For those who smoke more than a pack a day, you’re looking at a $50 a week habit at least. Vaping can actually save you money.
  • Vaping is a cleaner practice in general. No smoke smell on your clothes, no butts to throw away, no ashtray needed. By and large, smoking is considered a “nasty habit” for a reason. Not only does it have negative implications for your health, but can wreak havoc on your hygiene as well. Even your clothing can become compromised if you entertain a smoking habit for too long. The smell can permeate through your car and even your home.
  • Smoking is incredibly inconvenient compared to vaping. With a vape, you don’t need to carry a lighter on you, you don’t need to worry about people asking to get a cigarette off you, you don’t have to worry about crushed packs in your bag or pocket, or where to throw away your butts or snuff out your cig, either. While most of these issues become second nature to someone who smokes on a regular basis, there are always those unfortunate moments that pop up that are simply inconvenient.

It’s easy to see why vaping has become such a viable alternative to smoking. The drawbacks of smoking are numerous, and get worse the longer you engage in the habit. Vaping, however, is a much cleaner, easier-to-manage practice that isn’t nearly as impactful in terms of your quality of life. Your clothes aren’t going to smell a certain way if you do a ton of vaping. Your car isn’t going to start smelling like smoke. Your teeth aren’t going to get yellow. You won’t have to worry about carrying a lighter or two wherever you go.

However, there’s still the issue of nicotine itself to contend with. The problem with switching over to vaping is that many fall into the trap of using vape products that contain nicotine. JUUL, one of the most popular brands in this regard, can be just as addictive as cigarettes because the products do contain nicotine.

For those who need to know how to stop smoking JUUL, it’s all about switching over to the right vaping products that have zero nicotine and that are crafted using only the finest ingredients.

Eliminating Your Nicotine Addiction For Good

If you enjoy vaping and feel as if it has helped you get off of cigarettes, the good news is that you do not have to give up vaping just to cut off your nicotine addiction. All you have to do is simply find a viable alternative to JUUL brand products that don’t contain any nicotine and that are made with better ingredients.

High-quality vape products actually contain very little in the way of harmful substances. We’re talking about little more than pure vegetable glycerin and flavoring. You would be shocked at how great a vaping experience you can create simply by formulating with such a small handful of ingredients, but it’s the truth.

Here at Cyclone Pods, this is exactly what we specialize in. We recognize that trading one addiction for another is a no-go. That’s only going to set you up for failure down the road, as addiction to nicotine is still an addiction, regardless of whether it’s in a cigarette or a vape product. For those who recognize that their JUUL addiction is too much, we offer a powerful and effective alternative.

Can vaping actually help you quit smoking and quit nicotine entirely?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Here are some of the important benefits of using non-nicotine vape products like the kind you will find here at Cyclone Pods:

  • No headaches and the other effects of nicotine withdrawal. Fighting a nicotine addiction can be tough without the right strategy. If you are going about it halfheartedly or using vape products that still have nicotine, you are setting yourself up for more of the same. Annoying withdrawal symptoms such as headaches can get in the way of your sleep or ruin your day. By using a vape with zero nicotine, you won’t have to concern yourself with any nicotine side effects.
  • Forget about cravings for good. A high-quality vape like ours can help eliminate cravings over time. No more late-night store runs for cigarettes. Being addicted to JUUL can be annoying as well, as you will always want to vape even at inconvenient times. With a non-nicotine vape, you won’t have to think about any cravings popping up.
  • Nicotine itself isn’t all that good for you, as studies show it can lead to high blood pressure, and may even contribute to the hardening of your artery walls with prolonged use. High-quality vape juice with no nicotine will only contain a few safe and healthy ingredients. This way you can vape as much as you want without basically zero drawbacks.

So if you want to eliminate your addiction, it may come down to which products you use to reach your goal. If you want to know how to stop smoking JUUL, the answer may be to switch over to a vape product that contains zero nicotine. This way you can still get the same throat hit and benefits of feeling as though you are smoking, without the unnecessary drawbacks.

The Best Way to Stop Smoking Juul

Vaping has become popular for so many reasons. It provides many of the best aspects of smoking with few if any of the negatives. It’s up to you however to do your research and find a vape product that will actually give you a decent experience. As we have highlighted above, JUUL products contain nicotine, so if you are looking for an alternative that contains zero nicotine instead, we have what you are looking for.

Here at Cyclone Pods, we have worked hard to create products for people who just want to enjoy themselves without having to worry about addiction and the other problems that come with smoking and Juuling. To be honest, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting hooked on a dangerous habit. If you just want something satisfying to puff on, we have you covered.

Our line of specially formulated vape juices and high-quality vape products will allow you to get that satisfying feel you are looking for without any nicotine-related side effects. That’s because each and every one of our vape juices contains zero nicotine. With tasty flavors like coffee, blueberry, and mango, you won’t need any incentive to use them anyway. These products are created with the utmost quality in mind, so you can forget about cigarettes and other kinds of vape products.

It’s time to leave your nicotine addiction behind for good with the help of a better kind of vape. Check out all of the products we have listed here in our vape store, and you will see why we are outpacing the competition. We understand that the best vaping experience is one that doesn’t leave you with any unwanted side effects. Take a look at our selection today and find just what you need to drop your JUUL for good.

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