Are Melatonin Vapes Safe? - Side Effects, Safer Alternatives

Melatonin vapes have become quite a rage — promising better sleep and quick relief from any sleep problem — with just a few small puffs.

But is melatonin safe to vape?
Not really.

Melatonin vapes are unregulated products that can cause nasty side effects — like changes in mental health. They also increase the risk of overdosing, especially when paired with hormonal birth control.

Let’s dive into what vaping melatonin entails and cover some insightful FAQs about melatonin vapes.

And luckily, there are much safer vaping alternatives on the market (like Cyclone Pods nicotine free vapes.)

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What Are Melatonin Vapes?

A melatonin vape can go by many names, including a melatonin diffuser, a melatonin pen, and a melatonin e cigarette.

Simply put: It lets you inhale vaporized melatonin — a natural hormone that your brain produces to regulate your sleep wake cycle.

How exactly does melatonin work?
The body releases melatonin in dark conditions (like post-sunset) to prepare you for better sleep.

In other words: Melatonin influences your body’s natural circadian rhythm and plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

So, why do you need a melatonin supplement?

Doctors usually prescribe external melatonin supplementation to treat sleep disorders and insomnia. These melatonin supplements include a melatonin gummy, pill, or patch and are often fortified with additional vitamins.

Now, a melatonin vape may offer the same benefit as these supplements. Often marketed as “wellness vapes,” melatonin diffusers are touted to be a safe and effective way to catch some shut-eye.

But is it safe?

Scientific studies paint a different picture.

Note: A melatonin diffuser doesn’t contain any nicotine, which sets it apart from traditional vapes.

What Are the Risks of Using Melatonin Vapes?

Medical experts, including renowned specialists like Dr. Jennifer Butler and Dr. Rizwan Bashir, do not consider melatonin vaping safe.

According to Dr Bashir – an Atlanta-based neurologist – when you vape melatonin, it enters the bloodstream almost immediately.

This means that when vaping melatonin, you’ll experience its effects much faster than taking melatonin pills (which take around two hours for full effects). This is likely to do more harm than good.

Here are some melatonin vape health risks you should know:

1. Risk of Overdosing

Here’s the deal:
By taking melatonin in pill form, it gets absorbed in the body at a slow and consistent rate.

But that’s not the case with melatonin vapes.

Moreover, everyone takes a vape pen “pull” differently, making it difficult to gauge how much of the supplement you’ve ingested. This increases the risk of melatonin overdose.

Note: Generally, an adult dose of melatonin falls between 1-10 mg. Doses near the 30 mg mark are considered harmful.

While a melatonin overdose isn’t likely to kill you, it may cause side effects, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Cramps
  • Disturbed sleep cycle

2. Unregulated Products and Lack of Quality Control

Besides melatonin, manufacturers typically add many other ingredients to a melatonin vape, such as:

  • L-theanine
  • Lavender extract
  • Chamomile extract
  • Grape extract
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin

To name a few.

But here’s the kicker:
Melatonin vaporizer products are not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a dietary supplement or sleep aid. So, melatonin vapes are largely unregulated. This makes it difficult to gauge the quality of these sleep aid products and the ingredients they contain.

You could end up with a low-quality product with sub-par or even harmful ingredients. It can worsen your sleep problem and invite other side effects.

3. Melatonin Negatively Affects Birth Control

Hormonal birth control pills are known to increase melatonin levels in your body.

So vaping melatonin while on birth control pills can cause your melatonin levels to skyrocket, increasing the health risks.

And that’s not all.

Besides birth control, melatonin vaping is also known to interact with other medications, like blood thinners, diabetes medications, and immunosuppressants. This interaction could affect the efficacy of these medicines or amplify their side effects.

Disclaimer: There’s no conclusive evidence to support that a melatonin supplement can decrease the effectiveness of birth control. As a precautionary measure, consult your healthcare practitioner before you vape melatonin.

4. Other Risks and Side Effects of Melatonin Vapes

Here are some more potential side effects of using a melatonin vape:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Changes in circadian rhythm
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion & disorientation

Melatonin-based wellness vapes can severely disrupt your sleep cycle if misused. This may cause many mental health issues like mood swings and irritability.

With risks like these, why not switch to safer vaping alternatives?

A Safer Way to Enjoy Vaping: Use Nicotine Free Vapes

Vaping without unnecessary side effects or nicotine dependency may seem like a dream. But when you choose to use high-quality, non-toxic nicotine free vapes, it's a reality.

Where can you find such vaping products?
At Cyclone Pods!

Cyclone Pods is a US-based vape company specializing in high-quality vapes, which are free from harmful substances like:

  • Nicotine
  • Diacetyl
  • Vitamin E acetate
  • Formaldehyde

The best part?
Nicotine free vapes are a perfect introduction to the vaping experience and an effective aid for quitting cigarette and tobacco products.

While Cyclone vapes won’t affect your sleep directly, you’ll surely have a worry-free vaping experience — knowing you’re not exposed to substances like nicotine and vitamin E acetate.

After all, the best way to get healthy sleep is peace of mind!

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Still have questions about melatonin vapes? Let’s tackle them.

Other FAQs About Melatonin Vapes

Here are the answers to some melatonin vape questions you might still have.

1. Are Melatonin Vapes Age Restricted?

Yes — they are.
Like other vaping products, the age limit for using a melatonin diffuser is 18 years.

2. Are Melatonin Vapes Addictive?

Like a melatonin pill, there is no evidence to suggest that melatonin vaporizer products are addictive.

However, there’s limited research to assess the potential for abuse or addiction to inhaling melatonin.

3. What Other Melatonin Supplements Can I Use?

Melatonin is widely used as an effective sleep aid to combat insomnia and sleep disorder.

While it's unsafe to vape melatonin, you can still enjoy a healthy sleep by taking melatonin via other safer supplement forms — like melatonin pills or even a vitamin fortified melatonin gummy.

Did you know: According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), melatonin supplements are an effective sleep medicine for children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

4. How Long Should You Use Melatonin?

There have also been no studies to evaluate the safe duration for inhaling melatonin.

With a prescribed oral melatonin supplement, your doctor will give you a recommended timeline for their use. Moreover, most OTC melatonin supplements have usage and dosage instructions on the label.

And since a melatonin pen and a melatonin pill produce similar results, it’s safe to assume that the dosage guidelines for pills also apply to vapes.

Note: Melatonin vape pen devices are not an FDA-approved sleep medicine and can’t be prescribed like oral melatonin pills for insomnia and sleep disorder.

Vape Safe, Vape Cyclone Pods!

A melatonin vape pen will likely do more harm than its claimed benefits. So it’s best to use other safer melatonin supplements as a sleep aid.

Luckily, companies like Cyclone Pods provide much safer vaping alternatives that will improve your vaping experience — without exposing you to unnecessary or undesired side effects.

Head to Cyclone Pods and explore their wide range of incredible nicotine free vape products.

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