Is Vegetable Glycerin Safe To Vape? (Side Effects, Ideal Vapes)

Not sure if vegetable glycerin is safe to vape? Or why it’s added to vape juices?

Quick answer: Yes. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is safe for humans. It helps create those rich vapor clouds that make your vaping experience pleasurable and give you a smooth throat hit.

But, as the saying goes - too much of anything is bad. VG could have some potential side effects in unsafe quantities.

Let’s find out all about vaping vegetable glycerin. Also, discover high-quality vape products from Cyclone Pods for worry-free enjoyment - because vaping is only as safe as the quality of the product you choose!

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What is Vegetable Glycerin & Why Is It Used in Vapes?

Vegetable glycerin (aka glycerol or glycerine) is a thick, clear, and odorless liquid commonly used in industries like cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and vaping.

It’s made from vegetable fats, such as palm, coconut, or soybean oil, and has a mildly sweet taste.

Vegetable glycerine, mixed with propylene glycol (PG) in different ratios, forms the base for most vape juice brands.

In this mixture, VG is used as a thickening agent and sweetener. It also holds other ingredients together in the vape liquid. Depending on the ratio of VG to PG, you may have different vaping experiences.

How Vegetable Glycerin Affects the Vaping Experience

Having a VG-dominant vape liquid will:

  • Increase the vapor production
  • Create a smoother “throat hit” (compared to PG-dominant juice)
  • Mildly sweeten the vape juice

If large, smooth clouds of vapour sound ideal to you, then high-VG vape juice in your electronic cigarettes is the way to go!

Flaunting your zero nicotine vaping device at a party? Follow this party vaping etiquette checklist to do it like a pro.

You can always experiment with VG/PG ratios to find the one that best suits you.

The bigger question: Should you be vaping vegetable glycerin?

Is Vegetable Glycerin Safe to Vape?

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are both considered safe for human consumption by food authorities in the US, the UK, and European Union.

The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) classifies vegetable glycerine as “generally safe” for public health as long as it follows good manufacturing processes.

Not convinced yet?
Consider this:

Vegetable glycerine has been around for decades.

You will find vegetable glycerine in cosmetic, medicine, and food product items — so chances are you’re already using it in your day-to-day life.

Products you commonly find vegetable glycerine in include:

  • Frozen goods (ice cream, pizza, desserts, etc.)
  • Baked goods (cakes, pies, waffles, etc.)
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Toothpaste
  • Shaving cream
  • Moisturizers
  • Makeup
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Gelatin

Having said that, VG could result in some minor side effects, especially when consumed in very high doses through electronic cigarettes.

Let’s briefly cover the potential side effects of vegetable glycerin.

The Potential Side Effects Of Vaping Vegetable Glycerin

Vaping vegetable glycerine is very different from eating it or applying it to your skin.

For starters, VG levels in vape juice are highly concentrated, and it’s typically mixed with other harmful chemicals like nicotine.

Here are some side effects associated with vegetable glycerine:

  • Lung inflammation: In the long term, vaping vegetable glycerine can cause lung inflammation or lung injury. Common symptoms include coughing and temporary difficulty in breathing.

  • Dry mouth: High VG liquid could be the reason you feel excessively thirsty after a vaping session. However, vape juice contains other substances, like nicotine, that could cause dry mouth. Sip on a glass of water for immediate relief.

  • Upset Stomach & Nausea: Vegetable glycerine is a form of sugar alcohol, which is difficult for the body to absorb. Consuming large amounts of vegetable glycerine, either through vapour or food may lead to gas and diarrhea — which is usually followed by nausea.

  • Other Minor VG Side Effects: Vaping vegetable glycerin may cause other minor side effects like sore throat and “vapers tongue” (a coating on the tongue that lowers taste sensations.) Fortunately, these effects are temporary and will pass in no time.

Note: These VG liquid side effects are only associated with prolonged use and very high doses.

Here’s what the studies say about safe doses of VG:

Healthy humans can tolerate 2.2 grams of vegetable glycerin per kg of body weight for 50 days without any side effects.

Let’s put that into perspective:

Vaping only exposes you to around 1mg of VG per puff — which is 1650 times less than what is considered the threshold for humans!

And that’s not all.

Research shows that the breaks you take between puffs can further dilute the concentration of VG during a vaping session.

The bottom line: even with heavy vaping, you won’t inhale toxic levels of vegetable glycerine, so there’s a minimal risk of VG related lung inflammation or lung injury.

The real risks come from using low-quality vape products, which might expose you to chemicals far more harmful than vegetable glycerine, such as formaldehyde, diacetyl, and vitamin-E acetate.

Did you know?
Diacetyl is the ingredient that was responsible for the “popcorn lung” epidemic and is considered a public health hazard by experts. The condition popcorn lung got its name from diacetyl's use as a flavoring ingredient in microwave popcorn.

But worry not!

You can avoid most of these side effects and harmful chemicals by using high-quality vape products from trusted sources.

Cyclone Pods: A Safe & High-Quality Vaping Experience

Cyclone Pods is a California-based vape store specializing in high-quality, nicotine free vapes. Its entire range is designed to make the vaping experience safe, accessible, and non-addictive.

All Cyclone Pods products are free from nicotine, diacetyl, and vitamin-E acetate, ensuring a smooth throat hit and worry-free vaping experience.

Here are two show stealers in the Cyclone Pods’ range:

1. Thunder Device

The Thunder Device is Cyclone Pods’ standalone pod system. With a large battery that lasts several days and a 2ml pod capacity, it fits into any active lifestyle without holding you back!

Need an all-in-one vaping solution?

Go for a Thunder Starter Kit - which includes Thunder Device, one flavor pod, and a charging cable.

You can get additional pods in packs of three at $12 and choose from 18 delicious flavors, including:

  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Bold Tobacco
  • Coffee

2. Gust Super

Looking for something on the go?

You’re in luck!

The Gust Super is Cyclone Pod’s biggest and boldest disposable vaping device, holding up to 5000 puffs worth of e liquid! Priced at $20, the Gust Super is the perfect travel companion if you love vaping but hate the hassle of chargers.

You can pick one of these in six irresistible flavors, including Mango, Menthol, Bold Tobacco, Strawberry, Mint, and Watermelon — each providing a smooth and satisfying throat hit.

It’s clear that vaping vegetable glycerine is largely safe. But if you have more questions, let’s answer some FAQs to put your mind at ease.

Did you know?
According to the American Lung Association, nicotine inhibits proper brain development. Nicotine may cause irreversible changes to memory, attention, and learning abilities in teens and adolescents.

Other FAQs About Vaping Vegetable Glycerin

The following questions will answer any doubts you might have about vegetable glycerine.

1. Can You Vape Pure Vegetable Glycerin?

The short answer: Yes, it’s possible. In fact, some manufacturers make 100% VG vapes.

From a health perspective, vaping 100% pure vegetable glycerin would not be much different from vaping a combination of VG and PG.

The real question is — why would you want to?

Vegetable glycerine is very thick, so vaping pure VG would take a toll on your device and will be tough on your throat. Additionally, vegetable glycerin doesn't carry flavoring very well, so the overall taste of pure VG vape won’t be pleasant.

If you opt for a 100% VG vape, be prepared to replace coils frequently and do regular maintenance on your device.

We strongly recommend you stick to traditional VG/PG blends (with freebase nicotine, nicotine salts, or nicotine free) to get the best vaping experience.

2. Does Vegetable Glycerin Expire?

Yes, vegetable glycerin does expire.

Luckily, there’s no reason to worry since the shelf life of VG is a good 4-6 years.

But there’s a catch.

Your e liquid probably has other ingredients which could expire long before that!

For example, propylene glycol typically expires in two years, while flavor ingredients could go bad after about a year.

So what can you do to avoid the risk?

Take note of the “best before” date on your vape product — so you know when it's time to replace it.

3. Who Should Avoid Vaping Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin may have a laxative effect.

So, people with conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and intestinal obstruction disorders should avoid vaping it.

4. Can you Have an Allergic Reaction to Vegetable Glycerin?

Yes, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to vegetable glycerin — although it’s very rare! Vegetable glycerin is nontoxic, nonirritating, and hypoallergenic, meaning that it’s generally well tolerated.

Symptoms of reported VG-linked allergies include:

  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach

5. Is Vaping With Vegetable Glycerin Safer Than Smoking a Cigarette?

Yes, vaping with ingredients like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol is much safer than smoking a tobacco product like a traditional cigarette.

In fact, the Centre for Disease Control states that vaping is a beneficial substitute for a traditional cigarette.

A report by Public Health England revealed that vaping is 95% safer than using a tobacco product like a cigarette.

Vapes have a much shorter ingredient list and fewer harmful additives than tobacco cigarettes.

No wonder smoking tobacco cigarettes cause severe health issues like lung damage, lung disease, poor oral health (gum disease), lung cancer, and more.

Smoking cigarette could also make you dependent on asthma inhalers to cope with high levels of lung inflammation.

Prioritize Your Health With Nicotine Free Vapes!

Vegetable glycerin is a part of our daily lives, from food product items and medicine to makeup and skincare routines. Luckily, it’s not harmful to us and is considered safe by health experts.

However, your vapes may contain other nasty substances you want to avoid — like diacetyl and nicotine!

Head over to Cyclone Pods to avoid these chemicals and keep the risks of vaping to a minimum. Besides improving your vaping experience, Cyclone vapes could be the perfect cessation aid if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

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