Where to Find Nicotine-Free Juul Compatible Pods

Now more than ever, there has been an influx of people using and becoming dependent on nicotine and other nicotine products. Nearly 1 in 5 people between the ages of 18-29 use vape products and devices. From all the data that is out there surrounding the issue of nicotine dependency, it’s evident that a large majority of young adults are using vape pens, disposable vapes, or other e-cigarette devices.

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Before Juul, the once insanely popular nicotine device, the issue of nicotine dependency was mainly focused on older, more longtime smokers. Now, many organizations focused on stopping nicotine dependency in places like the U.S have pivoted their focus to young people because of devices like Juul. Due to a federal ban, it’s become hard to find many Juul devices in local gas stations and convenience stores where they used to be accessible. At least it’s harder to find those fruity nicotine pods that got teens and young adults so hooked.

However, since Juul came out as a popular nicotine device, the demand for similar or knock-off products has skyrocketed. The federal ban has banned the ever-so-popular fruity and mint tasting Juul pods, but a quick peek around any 7/11 or convenience store will show you that are some methods work more than enough knock-offs to fill that void.

Nicotine dependency is still running rampant among younger and older adults in the United States. Years ago, multiple media and television initiatives were intending to try to take down big tobacco companies and show Americans how harmful consuming nicotine is. Soon after those initiatives took place, there was a huge surge in the act of vaping.

Vaping has always been deemed as a hobby, with people trying to chase the biggest clouds, build their vape mods, and try the hottest, most outrageous vape juice flavors they could get their hands on. Vape shops opened up, making it easier than ever to obtain all the necessary vape products. Most vapes still contained nicotine though, but it was made to seem that it was a better alternative to cigarettes.

Now, these little USB look-a-like devices have become a compact way to puff on nicotine juices. You simply just buy the small device and pop in the replaceable flavored pods that are filled with a small amount of juice that contains nicotine.

Now, it’s easy enough just to look around and see teenagers grasping a Juul device or Juul alternative in their hand. Juul devices were and still are very easy to obtain, but their fun-flavored pods are a thing of the past. Recently though, there has been an outpour of deceivingly similar disposable Juul alternatives that offer even crazier flavors, but with the same amount of nicotine.

Once Juuls and similar brands were introduced, they were marketed as a way to quit cigarettes. Although, that didn’t pan out as they had hoped. Young adults and even teenagers were started to get their hands on these devices, creating a wave of young people becoming addicted to nicotine.

Now we are left with the same problem, which may be considerably worse than it was before Juuls were even invented. That’s why we are here to help solve that problem. But first, let’s talk about the best ways to potentially quit nicotine because some methods work better than others.

Best Methods to Quit Nicotine

The first step on the journey to quit nicotine is deciding that it’s time to quit. This may be harder than one might think since nicotine addiction is so invasive and hard to release yourself from its grasp. Nicotine addiction happens to many people and there’s no shame in finding yourself in the midst of one. because

Deciding it might be time to take the plunge and start the journey of quitting is the hardest part. The rest can be manageable and achievable. However, this journey is not going to be an easy one. This is going to take a lot of support and willpower but it has and can be done.

The most common yet failed method to quitting nicotine is trying to quit cold turkey. Many people assume they can just stop using nicotine out of the blue and will never touch it again. This has been proven time and time again that this is not an effective method. Nicotine addiction is a hard addiction to kick, so it’s almost impossible to do it alone.

Here are some other methods that are better than trying to quit cold-turkey.

Plan and prepare

It’s best to pick a day or time that you want to start the quitting process. This is a great way to be able to track your progress and prepare yourself for the inevitable “start date” of when to start the quitting process.
Prepare yourself with knowledge and read up on the benefits of quitting and how it may improve your life. Not only will this decision improve your way of life, but it will also drastically improve your health.
Rid yourself of any temptations before you start the quitting process, it will help you further succeed and make the process of quitting easier.
Use your support system
Quitting can get hard. You are never alone when you are trying to quit nicotine, there are always people out there to talk to and gain perspective. If you don’t have many friends or family members that truly understand what you’re going through, there are many great resources and support groups to join.
If you do have friends, roommates, or family members that still actively use nicotine products, ask them to consider keeping their products away from you. The further your distance yourself from nicotine, the better.

Find coping mechanisms

Again, this will be a tough process. This is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or try other activities to distract yourself. If you have a pile of books that have been accumulating on your nightstand, now is the perfect time to start reading those books. If you enjoy playing a sport, join a local team and get back out there! This is also a great time to enrich your mind and your body in healthy activities.

Use nicotine replacement therapy

If you find that these other coping skills aren’t working for you, there are always nicotine replacement products you can use. Whether you find nicotine patches, medications, or nasal sprays to work the best, anything is better than nothing.

Relapse can happen

The biggest risk for relapse can happen within the first 3 months. Give yourself a break, quitting is very hard, especially depending on how long the addiction has been there. If you happen to relapse, that’s ok. Pick yourself back up and try again. You already have all the tools you need, so use them. Find better ways to manage nerves and stress, which could be a determining factor in quitting.
Additionally, other methods are not quite as common but are just as effective as the ones listed above. Consider trying nicotine-free vapes as a method to quit smoking.

Benefits of Nicotine-Free Pods

Sometimes, it’s easy to form a habit of using a Juul out of the mere enjoyment of it. Many people like the fact that vapes satisfy an oral fixation. Others have incorporated the device into their routine; meaning using it when they first wake up or puffing after a meal. It’s hard to break a habit. With a nicotine-free vape device, you don’t have to break your beloved habit.

You won’t have to give up that experience if you make the switch to Cyclone Pods. Our company provides nicotine-free pods that are better than compatible with Juul pods device. If you would like to switch to a Cyclone Pods device, choose our Thunder Device. This is our very own pod system that has a long-lasting battery for several days of vaping power.

With all of our products, you can maintain your vaping experience without the harmful effects of nicotine. No matter what flavor you like to puff on, there are many options available at Cyclone Pods. We have pod systems that are better than mint Juul compatible pods, to taper kits to further ease you into a nicotine-free life.

Ingredients Matter

At Cyclone Pods, we source all of our high-quality ingredients right here in the U.S. We want to give our customers the best nicotine-free vaping experience possible, and we believe we do that with our products. All of our juices are only made with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Our flavors contain some natural and artificial flavors, but they still pack a punch.

Without the added harmful nicotine and other harsh ingredients in nicotine vape juices, we have more room for added flavors. Plus, if you enjoy blowing huge, white clouds with your vapes, there’s more room for vegetable glycerin, which is what makes those thick white clouds.

Why Cyclone Pods?

Here at Cyclone Pods, we are dedicated to helping address the nicotine dependency that is so prevalent in the U.S. We completely understand the difficulty of having a nicotine addiction. So, we have created a line of entirely nicotine-free products. Our products were specifically made with nicotine and tobacco users in mind.

Deciding to quit nicotine and tobacco products is difficult, but it’s the first big step to leading a healthier and happier life. However, we know quitting nicotine comes with its struggles. That’s why our products are designed with the idea to help get you through this tough time, without it feeling like a losing battle.

Cyclone Pods has a few distinct products that are worth trying. For smokers who are very deep into their nicotine dependency and don’t think they can stop completely, no worries. Try our taper kit. Each kit comes with six bottles of e-liquid, each with lower nicotine levels than the last. Meaning, you can slowly wean yourself off of nicotine with the help of this kit.

For the people who want to enjoy puffing a mint Juul compatible pod, we have pods that will be better. Our Thunder Pods are the perfect thing to help get you through your nicotine dependency. Plus, they’re perfectly disposable much like other vape pod systems.

We also have our Gust Disposables on deck. We understand that many people may not want to commit to a full vape device. By choosing our disposable nicotine-free vape pens, you have many options to choose from and don’t have to fully commit to one product. The beauty of disposable devices like these is that although they are single-use, they still last a long time.

On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about making that inconvenient late-night 7/11 run anymore. Constantly running to your local convenience store can get very old, very quickly. By choosing Cyclone Pods, you are now able to order our products from the comfort of your own home.

For prior Juul users, our products would be a great transition. Additionally, Cyclone Pods offers great, tasty flavors that virtually anyone will enjoy. Another thing many people enjoy about the vaping experience is trying out fun flavors to puff. Our pods and come in great flavors like watermelon, raspberry, mango, vanilla, coffee, and mint which is better than mint Juul compatible pods. We even have a tobacco flavor if you enjoy the classic flavor of tobacco.

If you are still unsure about making the necessary switch to Cyclone Pods, read some of our customer reviews. There you can see first hand what our customers have to say about our products. Reading our reviews can give you a better idea of what our products are all about. We have many customers that have successfully quit nicotine and we hope many more can come and see what we have to offer.

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