How to Quit Smoking with Vaping with Cyclone Pods

How to Quit Smoking with Vaping with Cyclone Pods

We all know that smoking is a tricky habit to kick. No matter what reasons there are as to why you started smoking, there will always be a way to get out of it. While it might be a hard decision to make, it will all be worth it in the end when you have reached a healthier and more well-rounded lifestyle without having nicotine controlling your life. When you first decide that it might be the time to quit smoking nicotine for good, whether that be to retire the cigarettes or the nicotine vape, that is the best first step to getting started.

The hardest part of the entire process of quitting is realizing that you need and want to quit. By wanting to quit rather than feeling forced or rushed into it, there will be a better chance for success because you are doing this for yourself rather than anyone else. No matter what, you will always have people there to support you through the entire journey of quitting, whether that be your friends and family or a local support group full of people in the same boat as you.

There are a plethora of methods on how to quit smoking, some of the most common ones have been passed around for many years. There’s a huge chance that you or someone you know has even tried to quit before and failed, which is not something to ashamed about. Going back to nicotine after trying to quit is a part of the quitting process, not everyone can get it perfect on the first try.

During this entire process, you need to give yourself some grace when it comes to quitting. There will be many hard times and enough trials and tribulations to get through, beating yourself up over a certain slipup isn’t going to help the situation.

Here are some commons ways that people use to try to quit smoking nicotine.

Methods to Quit

Cold Turkey

Now, this method is probably the most common reference and tried method when it comes to quitting smoking. Cold turkey refers to the method of quitting any and all nicotine products without help from any outside resources. Cold turkey is all about maintaining your willpower and fighting those urges to grab the cigarette or nicotine vape. This is probably the most difficult of the known methods since you give yourself nothing to fall back on to help you through the withdrawal process and the subsequent cravings. This method also usually has quite a low success rate, since it can be so difficult. There’s no shame in using these other methods as a way to help you stop smoking.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This method can come in many shapes and forms. Most commonly seen as the drugstore, you can find nicotine patches, nicotine gums, mouth sprays, lozenges, and even inhalers that can help you replace the nicotine from cigarettes and nicotine vapes. While these methods are a great way to replace the need for harmful cigarettes and nicotine vapes, it’s not an end-all-be-all. The main goal of quitting is to completely rid yourself of nicotine, this is only meant to be used to slow down the need for nicotine until there is no need at all.


When it comes to smoking, the habit of doing the act may be the hardest thing to change. Humans are creatures of habit, meaning that when you try to quit smoking, you’re also eliminating that habit of smoking, which is really hard to do. If you have a habit of biting your nails or twirling your hair when you get nervous, that’s a really hard habit to break. The same logic applies to smoking.

A great method to stop smoking cigarettes and nicotine vape is to replace that with a nicotine-free vape. With a nicotine-free vape, you really get the best of both worlds. You can still continue to experience vaping while cutting down on your nicotine intake. It makes the process much easier and less stressful overall. By swapping out the nicotine for virtually the same thing without nicotine, you can continue your routine without having to disrupt too much of your life.

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