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How to Stop JUULing: Tips and Advice

Every year - actually, every day, probably - tons of people get it in their heads that they need to quit JUULing. Whether you’re concerned about the potential health hazards, don’t like the effect it has on your routine, daily living, don’t like the expense, or simply don’t like feeling like you’re not in control, you’re not alone. We can help - we’ve compiled these tips and advice that will help you figure out how to stop JUULing for good.

Why Stop JUULing

There are dozens of reasons that you might want to stop JUULing in the first place, and though we can’t read your mind and ascertain your personal reasons, there are tons of potentially negative side effects of JUUL use.

Despite the fact that JUULs don’t contain all of the same harmful ingredients and additives as cigarettes, they do contain a lot of nicotine. Nicotine is addictive, and this substance alone has been implicated in several adverse health conditions.

It may have an impact on the development of the brain. It causes cravings. It raises your heart rate and your blood pressure, both of which can have trickle-down effects on other areas of your health. Nicotine consumption may also aggravate chronic bronchitis or even raise an individual’s risk of developing insulin resistance or type-2 diabetes.

Perhaps worst of all, some of the ingredients used in e-liquids and vape juices may have carcinogenic effects, adding more risk into the practice.

Taking all of this into account, here are some tips on how to stop JUULing, once and for all.

  1. Set the goal

The first thing you need to do is set the goal. Once you’ve done this, you can allow everything else to fall in line. Don’t make it a soft target, and stop telling yourself tomorrow, or next month. Pick a quit date if you must; the time is now.

  1. Realize you have a support system, and utilize it

Whether you believe it or not, you have a support system. Friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, and even medical professionals. The people in your support system all have your best interests at heart and they all want to help you. Take advantage of it when you need it - everyone needs someone to lean on, time and time again.

  1. Avoid circumstances and stressors that make you want to JUUL in the first place

This is important - if certain people or circumstances make you crave a hit off the JUUL, avoid them. This doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on friends, but if they condition you to use your JUUL, take a break.

Similarly, if you’re in the habit of rewarding yourself with a JUUL hit, or following a certain routine, shake things up. If it makes you crave, avoid it.

  1. Replace the crutch with something constructive, like exercise or a new hobby

Cravings strike at inopportune moments. You need to condition yourself to gratify yourself in other ways. Start learning something new; teach yourself a new skill or get involved with a new hobby. You might also want to consider exercising as a form of relief, or a different, healthier way to release endorphins, as opposed to vaping.

  1. Try Weaning yourself off of the JUUL

You may also find success by weaning yourself off of the JUUL with the right set of tools at your disposal. If you appreciate chasing clouds and think you can take a placebo to get yourself off of nicotine, many of our vape liquids are nicotine-free, containing only flavorings along with PG and VG. they’re also free of known harmful substances like diacetyl and vitamin E acetate.

Smoking cessation products like these may be able to help you stay on track so you can achieve your goal and stop vaping. However, you may need to step down slowly, especially if you experience the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that some face.

  1. If that fails, try going cold turkey

For those that have smoked cigarettes or are addicted to tobacco products or JUUL pods, going cold turkey might actually be the best way to quit. If you’ve tried other alternatives to help you manage the withdrawal symptoms, like nicotine gum or other vape devices that have lower nicotine content, but nothing seems to work, you may just have to try walking away one day. If it’s something you’ve never tried before, it’s worth a shot.

Contact Us for More Information

If you need help figuring out how to stop JUULing today, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for a potentially safer vape alternative or other suggestions to combat nicotine withdrawal, please feel free to contact us.

Additionally, if you have any questions about our products, what they contain, or why they are a safer JUUL alternative, please contact us and let us know how we can help.

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