The Best Juul Pod Alternative Without the Nicotine

According to reports, around 14% of adults living in the United States smoke nicotine products like cigarettes. Nearly 1 in 5 people between the ages of 18-29 use vape products and devices. From this data, it’s evident that a large majority of young adults are using vape pens, disposable vapes, or other e-cigarette devices.

Nicotine dependency is still running rampant among younger and older adults in the United States. Years ago, multiple media and television initiatives were intending to try to take down big tobacco companies and show Americans how harmful consuming nicotine is. Soon after those initiatives took place, there was a huge surge in the act of vaping.

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Vaping has always been deemed as a hobby, with people trying to chase the biggest clouds, build their vape mods, and try the hottest, most outrageous vape juice flavors they could get their hands on. Vape shops opened up, making it easier than ever to obtain all the necessary vape products. Most vapes still contained nicotine though, but it was made to seem that it was a better alternative to cigarettes.

Soon after that came the invention of the Juul device. This little USB look-a-like device is a small, compact way to puff on nicotine juices. You simply just buy the small device and pop in the replaceable Juul pods that are filled with a small amount of juice that contains nicotine.

Once Juuls were introduced, they were marketed as a way to quit cigarettes. Although, that didn’t pan out as they had hoped. Young adults and even teenagers were started to get their hands on these devices, creating a wave of young people becoming addicted to nicotine. Now, it’s easy enough just to look around and see teenagers grasping a Juul device or Juul alternative in their hand. Juul devices were and still are very easy to obtain, but their fun flavored pods are a thing of the past due to the ban of flavored vape pods in convenience stores and gas stations. Recently though, there has been an outpour of deceivingly similar disposable Juul alternatives that offer even crazier flavors, but with the same amount of nicotine.

The entire problem with the Juul and Juul alternative market is the nicotine that is contained in their products, only adding to the nicotine dependency issue Americans are facing. Now, there is a device and matching pods out there that looks and acts just like a Juul but contains no amounts of harmful nicotine. The best Juul pod alternative on the market is from Cyclone Pods.

Similar Vaping Experience

Sometimes, it’s easy to form a habit of using a Juul out of the mere enjoyment of it. Many people like the fact that satisfies any oral fixation. Others have incorporated the device into their routine; meaning using it when they first wake up or puffing after a meal.

Our company provides nicotine-free pods that are better than Juul compatible pods. However, if you would like to switch to a Cyclone Pods device, choose our Thunder Device. This is our very own pod system that has a long-lasting battery for several days of vaping power.

With all of their products, you can maintain your vaping experience without the harmful effects of nicotine.

Better Ingredients, None of the Nicotine

Skipping out on the nicotine means there is more room for better ingredients and more flavor. Also, no more nicotine means you won’t have that nagging feeling and urge to avoid running out of your favorite pods. This way, you won’t have to make any more late night or unnecessary gas station runs to replenish your stash of pods.

At Cyclone Pods, all of our juices are made in the US, meaning only the best ingredients go into our pods. Our juices contain only PG/VG with additional natural and some artificial flavors. We also skip out on any harmful additives like Vitamin E Acetate or Diacetyl.

If you’re an avid vaper that enjoys trying to make the biggest, whitest clouds, you are still able to do that with our pods. Since there’s no nicotine, there’s more room for vegetable glycerin, which is the ingredient that produces those white, fluffy vape clouds.

Plus, we have better flavor options such as vanilla, raspberry, mango, coffee, and much more! Because of products are very affordable, you can try all of your flavors at a smaller price.

Check out all of our products at We are fully committed to helping stop nicotine dependency in the U.S and we supply the best Juul pod alternative out there.

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