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Of the many people around the country who vape are many who use vape devices and vape liquids that have nicotine in them. Some of these vapers use them as a way to reduce their intake of nicotine over time, whereas others enjoy the rush they get from nicotine without some of the more worrisome effects of smoking cigarettes.

However, not all vapers use e-liquids that have nicotine in them. Granted, these are some of the most popular blends in the country, and demand for them is high, but at the same time, if you really enjoy the vaping experience for what it offers you might want to try out a nicotine-free vape juice.

Here at Cyclone Pods, high-quality nicotine-free vape juices are our specialty, and we’ve been getting better at it ever since we started. In this article, we’ll go over what we can offer, and give you some great reasons to try out our vape pen juice without nicotine.

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Why Try It

If you’ve never had any sort of experience with these types of products, you might be wondering why anyone would want to try them in the first place. Well, there are some really unique benefits of enjoying vape pen juice without nicotine. Learn more about some of the unique features and benefits of nicotine-free vape juice below, and make sure you give us a call if you want to learn more about any of them in more detail!

  • It might help to get away from the negative health effects of smoking (you’ll even save money)

The harmful effects of cigarettes and tobacco products are well attested in scientific literature, and you probably don’t need any convincing to show you that tobacco use is detrimental to your health. It would take more room than we have space to elaborate on some of the negative effects that cigarettes can have on your health.

However, while the negative effects of tobacco use are well known and convincingly recorded, nicotine’s effect on the body is not as widely known. However, while it can convincingly be said that tobacco products like cigarettes contain harmful chemicals in addition to nicotine, nicotine itself is not particularly good for you either.

Even without the other harmful effects of tobacco, nicotine is a known vasoconstrictor. It raises your blood pressure and raises your heart rate. In addition, it may even be implicated in atherosclerosis and long term kidney damage.

On top of that, nicotine is addictive, and there are plenty of people out there who don’t like it for just that reason. Plus, cigarettes are remarkably expensive. If a nicotine-free vape juice has the potential to get you away from all of that, why not give it a try? They’re addiction-free!

While some users report that nicotine-free vape liquids have helped them to reduce their nicotine intake and ultimately kick the habit, there’s no debating that nicotine-free vape liquids are completely addiction free. As they contain no nicotine, there’s nothing to get you hooked. That is unless you can become addicted to powerful, delicious flavors and big billowing clouds of smoke.

If you want to turn over a new stone in your vaping experience and get away from the addictive component, nicotine-free vape liquids are a great way to do it. You don’t need to give up vaping, and in fact, you might even learn to love the things about vaping that make it so enjoyable even more, and you’ll see further along in this article.

Some vapers really get as much of a rush from powerful flavor and from bigger, thicker clouds than they do from the nicotine. That’s where the term ‘cloud chaser’ came from. If you’re one of those vapers, then nicotine free e liquids might just be perfect for you.

Due to the ingredients that make up our nicotine free e liquids, they are more flavorful than many competitors and will allow you to relax with better, stronger flavors without fear of getting addicted.

Try out a vape pen juice without nicotine if you don’t want to give up the habit entirely or if you want to try something new.

  • They might help you complete the process of quitting smoking

Aside from the explanation we offer above about how nicotine has harmful effects of its own that you might very well want to get away from, some users have reported success in using vapes, including nicotine-free vapes, to help wean themselves off of the use of tobacco.

Typically the way that some smokers would go about it would be to stop smoking cigarettes and start using vaping products that contain nicotine. Some quit smoking entirely and start vaping with nicotine e liquids, whereas others might slowly quit smoking.

Over time, these vapers would get away from smoking and slowly diminish their intake of tobacco, switching over to e liquids that had smaller concentrations of nicotine. For example, one of the products available on our website, our Taper Kit comes with 6 bottles of e liquids, each with a lower concentration of nicotine than the one before. Some users report that as they cut back on their usage, their cravings diminish as well.

At a certain point, some users will get to the point that they are vaping without using nicotine at all, enjoying only the flavors and clouds of nicotine free e liquids. At that point, those vapers would have achieved their goals of quitting cigarettes and nicotine use as well.

If you want to learn more about how our products are formulated and why we use what we use, read below under “Traits to Look for,” or get in touch with a member of our team.

  • You can keep vaping if you enjoy it, worry-free

Another reason that some people try our vape pen juices without nicotine is because it will allow them to continue vaping without worrying about developing an addition or even because it will free them from worrying about the harmful effects of nicotine in the first place.

Plus, sometimes it’s easier to come by nicotine-free vape juices, adding an incentive for people to try them. Either way, if any of these reasons appeal to you, then it might be time for you to try one of them out to see if you like it.

About the Cyclone Thunder Device

Those are some of the reasons to try out our nicotine-free vape juices, but we also offer kits and devices here at Cyclone Pods that have everything you need all in one place.

Try out one of our Cyclone Thunder Kits, that will come not only with some of our nicotine-free liquids but everything you need to get started including a Cyclone Thunder Device.

Our unique system comes with a number of different features that make them competitively situated to become your next favorite vape pen. For one thing, the Cyclone Thunder has its own pod system with longer battery life and double the liquid capacity of normal Juul pods.

Like other vape pens, they’re also conveniently sized and discrete, and our Thunder vape pens are easy to charge with the USB to micro USB cable that comes with them.

Easy to use, easy to charge, and offering up a great experience, many other vape pens just can’t hold a candle to the Cyclone Thunder, and that doesn’t even make a mention of our collection of nicotine-free vape juices.

About Our Nicotine Free Vape Juices

Our nicotine-free vape juices are amazing for all of the reasons mentioned above, but the matter of fact is that they come along with a lot of other benefits that you’ll love if you try them. Whether you are a fan of big fruity flavors like you can find in our mango or blueberry liquids or you are more a fan of the soothing, cooling effect of mint, there is a flavor in our collection for you. We even have tobacco flavored pods for those vapers who enjoy the flavor of smoking but not the effects.

Most importantly are the traits that make up our vape juices, though. As you’ll find out, they affect the flavor and more.

Traits to Look for

Here are some of the things that you should look for in nicotine-free vape juices. Our vape liquids and our pods offer up some of the following traits that will improve your vaping experience in more ways than one.

  • No nicotine means more flavor - The fact that no ‘space’ is spent on the inclusion of nicotine means that there’s more room to include flavors in the vape juice. Our vape juices are made with natural and artificial flavors, but more of them, so they’re much more powerful than comparable vape juices. For you, that means if you enjoy the punch of a coffee-flavored juice or a cool, minty experience, nicotine-free also means better, stronger flavor.
  • No nicotine means bigger, puffier, more enjoyable clouds - The lack of nicotine in our vape juice also gives us the ability to add more vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which along with our flavorings, are the only ingredients in our vape liquids.

Because we have more room in our vape juices for more vegetable glycerin (VG), our vape liquids create larger, more voluminous clouds, which is something that cloud chasers will love. This is something that you’ll probably notice across the board with nicotine-free vape juices if you ever try them out. Those that are made without nicotine are just better at producing bigger, thicker, richer clouds and flavors.

  • No harmful additives besides nicotine - Unfortunately, nicotine is not the only harmful additive that is sometimes including in e liquids. Some other producers include harmful substances like vitamin E acetate and diacetyl in their e liquids. However, we do not. As we stated already, the only ingredients in our e liquids are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and some natural and artificial flavorings, and nothing else. Bigger clouds and better flavor, with no worries!
  • A high level of quality, even made in America - Here at Cyclone Pods we also pride ourselves on the high level of quality that we offer in the products we produce, which includes nicotine-free vape juices with nothing but quality ingredients, as mentioned above.

All of our vape juices are also made in America, and we’re proud of that. It lets us keep a strict degree of quality control over what we offer our customers.

About Us

Now that you know a little more about our products, you can learn a little more about our mission and vision. Our purpose is to help people kick the habit of tobacco use and, ideally, to make that process easier for them. It can seem like everything is working against you when you’re in that situation, and we want at least some of it to work out more in your favor.

If you want to learn more about what we do, you can also get in touch with us. We know you might have questions, and we love to hear from our customers, so get in touch with us today and let us know more about your questions. We’d be happy to help out in any way that we could.

Alternatively, you could check out our page of “frequently asked questions,” where you can learn more about the answers to questions that other customers and interested parties have asked.

Also, don’t miss out on a chance to read up on our reviews. Sometimes there’s nothing like seeing what actual users think of a product before getting more familiar with it. You can read reviews right here on our website to see what our actual customers are thinking and saying. You can learn more about our devices and e liquids, and reach out to us if you still have any questions afterward. Otherwise, you might be well on your way to greater flavor and bigger clouds.

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